Hautpflege im Winter

The right skin care in winter for men: 15 tips against wrinkles, dark circles and Co.

Hello winter time, hello skin problems! The temperatures go down, the heating goes on, the mulled wine suddenly tastes really good and the food is significantly greasierAt the same time, the couch becomes cozy, the bathroom hotter and the wool sweater scratchyFor you we have the most important 15 skin care tips for the winter and Christmas season, with which you protect your skin from dryness, pimples and other skin problems.


You won't be surprised: Adequate exercise is important for healthy skin .

The problem is, however, that in winter we tend to prefer the couch to the sports programGood blood circulation is particularly important for your skin, especially in the cold season, so that it stays fresh and less wrinkled - not to mention dark circles.

Our tip: Hold on to your fitness program even in winterSet fixed appointments, set up reminders on your cell phone and if the inner bastard would rather stay at home: remember that without your sports program you risk a lot of dark shadows under your eyes and pale skin.

2Intensify your moisturizer against dry skin

With the lower temperatures, the sebum glands of your skin fall into a kind of hibernation: they provide your skin less with the body's own fats, which form a protective defense layerThis barrier defends your skin against external environmental influences - but also avoids dry skin.

For this reason, you should rely on a rich moisturizer, especially in winter, which nourishes and strengthens your skin with moisturizing ingredients ( urea , hyaluronic acid ) and valuable oils.

An intensive moisturizer is the right skin care in winterWe strongly recommend that you use a skin care product like the Hydra Defense Cream , which is specially formulated for men's skin.

3Supply your body and skin with vitamin C.

Especially in winter we eat fewer vitamins, even though our body and skin urgently need them: Vitamin C helps against wrinkles, pimples and skin irritation .

In order to be well supplied with vitamin C around Christmas, you don't even have to rely on food supplements: mandarins and clementines are seasonal fruit in winter, a hot lemon is particularly good in the cold and even a dinner with sauerkraut can compensate ,

And if your face cream already contains vitamin C, you are on the safe side against pimples.

4Pay particular attention to a balanced diet in winter

When winter and Christmas are not almost synonymous with fat, heavy food and lots of sweets ... Perhaps that's the best thing about the season - and a real nightmare for the skin:

The typical winter eating plan can be the cause of pimples, blackheads, skin irritation and inflammation.

It would be absolutely consistent to do without anything that is funBut you don't have to be that radical: enjoy in moderation and take our tips for a balanced, skin-friendly diet into account .

5Keep away from mulled wine, sparkling wine, beer and Co.

Alcohol is a real skin killer and that means that the time around Christmas with thousands of parties can cause real problems: the Christmas party at work, with the family, with friends, New Year's Eve and then the occasional occasion ...

If you are one of the types who can hardly stop after a glass, we actually recommend that you stay away from alcohol: Radical alcohol avoidance is the only solution to avoid intense skin irritation, dark circles and tissue damage caused by the drug.

6Warm blanket instead of hot bath tub or shower

What could be nicer than a hot bath in winter? Maybe it's healthy skin?

Long baths or hot showers leach out - dry skin and the resulting wrinkles are the resultTherefore, you should only treat yourself to the hot bath on special occasions and for no more than twenty minutes.

To spice up the drained skin after the bath, you should then use a nutrient-rich body lotion and a good moisturizer for men .

But if you just want to warm up, you get that much more skin-friendly with a nice, warm blanket and a pot of teaOr even better: you go to the sauna!

7Do something good with the sauna in the skin

Saunas are great for your immune system, for the heart and also for the skin: the heat widens the pores and the sweat cleanses themFor example, if you suffer badly from blackheads, after the sauna you will see that it has decreased.

However, always take two things into account in the sauna:

  1. After the sauna bath, apply a moisturizing face cream to plump up the skin.
  2. Do not shave right before or after a sauna sessionThe skin irritation caused by shaving does not go well with sweating, so you would only irritate and redden the skin.

8thEnjoy relaxing moments

Winter in general, but especially Christmas time , can cause pure stressTo make matters worse, we get less light in winter, which depresses the mood.

Stress and winter depression damage the immune system and therefore the skinSo the question for you is: what can you do yourself good to get through the winter more relaxed? Maybe not agree to all appointments? Read a book or meditate? Maybe it's a walk in the fresh air?

9Walking with sunscreen

A walk in winter is twice as good for you: it relaxes you and provides you with important vitamin D (if it is not completely dark).

Make sure that you have cream on your face in the cold air, as this will prevent dry skin.

And you should also apply sunscreen in winter : The UV rays damage your skin even when it is coldThe sun protection factor should therefore be at least 30.

10Do not fall completely into hibernation

Sluggishness can sometimes be nice and the extra long sleep is especially tempting in winterHowever, too much sleep is not healthy and leads to the fact that you look tired, wrinkled and shady under the eyes.

In order to avoid dark circles and a tired appearance, you should not fall into a deep hibernation and hold on to your healthy sleeping rhythmTake a look at our tips for a good night's sleep .

11Don't let your beard down

Maybe you dressed up nicely for the Christmas party, but then laziness sets in and your shave or beard care is more hop than top?

Don't let winter neglect you on shaving issues:

  1. Take the right approach for a clean and safe shave .
  2. Always use (!) Sharp razor blades.
  3. Use a nourishing and repairing after shave after shaving.

12Wear soft clothes instead of scratchy clothes

Collars can contribute to pustules and redness, especially in the sensitive neck regionWool sweaters, for example, are at the top of the listTherefore, make sure that the wool does not scratch and feel good - or put on the matching turtleneck if it fits the style.

13Hit it and drink (water)!

Nothing works without waterOnly well hydrated can your body function well, flush out toxins and ensure healthy skin.

However, in winter we rarely feel thirsty, which is why we tend to drink less.

So take good care of your fluid balance and drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. If you belong to the species of man who tend to forget drinking water: There are apps that remind you of it.

14Say what you really want

Cosmetics for men have now arrived in societyAnd it is good that we take care of our skin and can now buy a range of care products that suit our needs.

If you know that friends and family want to give you something for your skin for Christmas, kindly point out one important thing:

The cosmetics that you get as a gift must not contain parabens, silicones or bad alcoholsHere is a list of harmful ingredients that have no place in a care product .

Sad fact:

Far too many manufacturers use numerous harmful ingredients and call their products mild or sensitiveWe find this incomprehensible and irresponsible to consumersSo take a close look!

15Out with the heating air

Heating turned to level 3000 so that it is nice and warm? Too bad that heating air leaches your skin: The natural moisture evaporates from your skin and dries it outWrinkles and irritation can result.

What helps: surge ventilation!

You should provide fresh air at home twice a day and open the windows for about ten minutesThis allows you and your skin to breathe much better (and you get the muff out of the booth).

Save your skin through winter!

There are a few dangers for your skin in the cold season, but if you pay attention to the right nutrition, sufficient exercise and one or two tips from above, you will be fresh in spring.

Have a good time and #staysober