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Another gift this year? Whether for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, wedding, anniversary or as a birthday present:our gifts are an appropriate and original choice for every occasion.


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If a product does not meet expectations, we take it back - uncomplicated, for 30 days and even after use.

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Our products are the result of our own research and can be completely broken down by skin and nature. We test on friends, not on animals.

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Gift ideas and sets

There are many gift ideas for men, but there is often a lack of style. Because men only want socks, alcohol or new headphones as gifts. Our gift ideas for men are always the right choice. The men's gifts fit every occasion and are perfect as a gift for your own partner, father, son, grandpa, uncle or as a gift idea for a good friend or just for yourself. The masculine design of the gift sets and gift boxes includes our skin care and shaving products that every man can use. The men's sober are not only a nice gesture of attention, they also impress with their quality, style and benefits. Quite simply, stylish gift sets for discerning men. And for those who are undecided, the sober for men is a good choice: Simply choose your own gift and make yourself or others happy. Gift ideas for men or those who want to become one: What flowers are for women, gifts for men are for men. We have gift ideas for men who are probably a bit more masculine than roses. Gift ideas and birthday presents for the real heroes in our everyday life, because they too deserve a nice gift for men. But don't worry - we've already packed the real men's gift. This is how you can easily find the right gift for your men.r.
Gift ideas for men from 30 to 50: Whether a present for a friend or a husband or the superhero next door, our gifts for men have everything for every type of man and big child. Because making a man happy on his birthday can be very easy - with our men's gifts. And of course for all those who are somewhere in between in terms of age. Our gift sets are useful and practical at the same time and therefore an extraordinary design item for the well-groomed lifestyle man. No matter who you want to give a gift for men, we would be happy if we can help you a little, for example with birthday presents for your round or 18th birthday. Hopefully the search for a suitable men's gift for the men in your life will soon come to an end. Speaking of men in your life, the first thing you think automatically is your boyfriend. Or the husband. But when it comes to gifts for men, it's easy to forget about dad, grandpa, uncle, cousins or brother. And how can you give men a personal pleasure? With unusual gifts for men, of course. So you need gift ideas again and again and in very different forms. After all, it makes a difference whether it is a present for a brother, friend or dad. ist.