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A different present this year? Whether it's for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday present, our luxurious gifts are an appropriate and original choice for every occasion.


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If a product does not meet expectations, we will take it back - uncomplicated, for 100 days and even after use.

Good for people & the environment

Our products are the result of our own research and can be completely degraded by the skin and nature. We test on friends, not animals.

Delivery free of charge

We cover the shipping costs from as little as 30 and often deliver climate-neutrally directly to your front door (or office) the next day..

Cosmetic set and gift ideas

You are still looking for great gift ideas for yourself or others No matter if mom, dad, grandma, grandpa - and we could expand the list endlessly - sister, brother, girlfriend or friend - or for yourself is often not that easy. We have prepared a selection of high quality gift sets and gift ideas for you, which are always a good and exclusive choice for a gift. There are many occasions for which you can need a gift idea or a souvenir. New neighbors who invite you, a birthday and of course Easter or Christmas. But also surprise your favorite colleague with a small present and make the recipient happy! In addition to classic gift sets, which we have already selected for you, there are gift cards or vouchers for our shop. The recipients can choose which gift you give them. Gift care sets or cosmetics Gifts for him and her are not only useful for the recipients but also care for them so that they can do something good for themselves - and who doesn't like such a gift The stylish design of the gift sets and gift boxes includes our skin care or shaving products, that everyone can use. sober are not just a nice touch and gesture, they also impress with their quality, style and benefit. Gift ideas and birthday presents for the real heroines and heroes in our everyday life: because they haveaben  deserves a nice gift. And don't worry - we've already packed the right gift.

But even a classic gift is always a great gift idea: Our perfumes with fragrances for women and men - or whatever gender, are a sensual experience, for example on a birthday or name day. You can of course also enclose a sample with your gift, then the recipient will have something to sniff and can think about whether they want to give the scent as a gift. If there is nothing for you in our gift sets, you can also put together various products to make your own gift set and package them yourself. This gives the gift a personal touch. You need gift ideas again and again and in very different forms. Incidentally, cosmetic gifts are popular for all genders. Gone are the days of gifts for men and gifts for women. For men, the gift can classically have something to do with shaving and for women with care, but why not be unconventional and also give a man useful care and a woman with a fragrance as a gift There are many gift ideas for women and men, but there is often a lack of style. Hopefully the search for a suitable present for your loved one or husband in your life will soon come to an end with the sober gift sets . Because sober gifts for men and gifts for women - and those who don't want to decide are always a good choice. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with our sober gift sober and presents for your loved ones!!