Mission sober

The sober mission

Care that is good for people and the environment

Natural, effective and affordable skin and hair care products.


We develop care products that are natural, effective and well tolerated - and always at least as effective as their conventional counterparts. sober wants to solve the problems people have with their skin, their care and shaving. Driven by the search for excellent care for our own skin, we therefore began researching and developing our own highly effective recipes and formulas for cell renewal and for reducing oxidative stress in the skin. In order to meet our own high standards and be able to influence the entire development process, we only deliver quality made in Germany. We not only want to create the best care, but also to make it as affordable as possible.

Our Clean Care philosophy means concentrating on the essentials. The volume applied during daily skin care is small and spread over a large surface. We therefore consciously concentrate on a few ingredients that are proven to be effective.

Without parabens, petrochemicals, nanoparticles, silicones, artificial fragrances, synthetic colors and many other pollutants, Prof. Dr. Schirner and his team of active ingredient cosmetics specially tailored to different skin types. Our products are developed to regenerate, protect and counteract skin aging on a daily basis. We are very pleased that many people have already accompanied us on the way to make luxury care natural, effective and tolerable.

Made for you.

We all sometimes look in the mirror and secretly wish to go back in time - to where we still had particularly youthful skin or full hair. We have been contributing to this with our care products that are visibly effective and without any questionable ingredient since 2017.


  • 01 | 2017 sober is founded
    We start with care products for the modern man.
  • Made for you.

    We all sometimes look in the mirror and secretly wish to go back in time - to where we still had particularly youthful skin or full hair. We have been contributing to this with our care products that are visibly effective and without any questionable ingredient since 2017.

  • 10 | 2017 First product launch
    Premiere of the Hydra Defense Cream with revolutionary D5 Cell Complex.
  • 03 | 2018 Acquisition & integration of "KingOfGents"
    Introduction of classic shaving products for men.
  • 08 | 2018 PopUp-Store in Berlin
    The first sober pop-up store celebrates its opening in Bikini Berlin.
  • 03 | 2019 A complete success after only 2 years
    Thousands of people have already placed their trust in us.
  • 03 | 2020 Further brand ambassadors in retail
    Large brands such as Douglas, Flaconi, OTTO and Zalando are already selling.


Simon Schier

Born in Koblenz in the mid-80s, Simon was an entrepreneur from the very beginning and founded a successful company at the age of 16. In addition to his soft spot for retro computing, he is an unsuccessful hobby gardener and is particularly interested in politics.

Philipp Roth

Born in the early 80s, Philipp grew up in the heart of the Ruhr area, in Essen. He is a trained graphic artist and worked for well-known German global companies. As a self-confessed digital native and series founder, he devotes his free time to family, sports and the construction of houses (Lego).

Our values


    We stand for the value of good design. We consistently follow the path of responsible, ecological and conscious design of our products. Form and function stand for high quality and focus on the essentials. Our goal is timeless design, simple and practical to use.


    Our aim is to manufacture effective and safe products for care. We want to make skin, hair care and shaving as simple as effective and at the same time unobtrusive in shape and style. We stand for maximum satisfaction and an extraordinary experience in daily care.


    We call the concept for optimal, gentle skin care Clean Care: more powerful than natural cosmetics and without harmful conventional ingredients in the cosmetics industry. Clean Care combines the best of both worlds: optimal skin tolerance and maximum effect.

  • 04 OUR BRAND

    Founded in Berlin in 2017 as an independent provider of care products for men, our products meet the highest standards of form and effect. We are aimed at people who create space for self-realization. Who are strong enough to be different and courageously shape their own future.


    We guarantee that our products are free from petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, silicones, synthetic colors, PEG-based polymers, sodium lauryl sulfate, nitrosamine sources, parabens, glycols, paraffins, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, polycyanoacrylates and are of course produced without animal testing.

  • 06 OUR TEAM

    We prefer to work in teams rather than deep hierarchies. We welcome people from all over the world who share our values. We think globally and act locally. Together we work in research, product development and design on the diverse tasks that we face. We believe in progress through diversity.


European Design Award

The European Design Awards ( ED Awards ) are organized and awarded annually and since 2007 by a network of European specialist magazines. Representatives of the competition partners sit on the jury.

if design award sober

Our product design won the IF Design Award in early 2020. The award has been given annually by an independent jury for outstanding achievements in the field of product design in Hamburg.

plus x award sober

At the world's largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle - the Plus X Award - our products were recognized by the specialist jury in 2020 for their head start in quality and innovation.

german design award 2020
German Design Award 2020

Our products were awarded the German Design Award 2020. The award recognizes innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, who are pioneers in the German and international design landscape.

amazon best choise
Amazon Best Choice

Many of our products on Amazon.de have been awarded the "Amazon's Choice" seal. The badge is awarded if there is high customer satisfaction with a low response rate and is dispatched on the same day (Prime).

Best summer fragrance 2018

"The love of freedom - that expresses this perfume with its woody amber notes. What more do you want in long summer nights?" GQ Germany ranks our Thorium perfume among the best.