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Healthy, vital skin is not just the product of a balanced lifestyle, but of gentle cleansing and adequate hydration. With their formulations, our high-tech natural cosmetics take into account that our facial care products are suitable for all skin types.


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Facial care from the age of 30 The production of collagen and hyaluronic acid reduces from the age of 25, but there are cosmetic options to reduce the visible aging of the skin. Our high-quality facial care ensures vital skin that radiates attractiveness and health even with skin problems - regardless of your age. Care products against impurities, such as our Gentle Facial Cleanser, a facial care product for impure skin, help to cleanse and refine enlarged pores, so that your skin appears more even and finer and active ingredients can be optimally absorbed. We have different products up to a serum to satisfy different skin needs and enable everyone to have a good complexion. Facial care for men - Quo vadis A facial care for men differs primarily in a higher proportion of moisturizing ingredients and a reduced proportion of oils. The pores of male skin often produce more sebum and therefore need - as with a facial care against pimples - regular cleaning and a facial care for oily skin which provides more moisture but contains fewer oils. Men's skin is often thicker, so signs of skin aging often show up later, but then often more clearly than in women. Good facial care solves skin problems: It is therefore important to use skin care products that supply the skin with missing nutrients and moisture from the outside. The use of a moisturizing cream as night care for dry or mature skin is also ideal for this purpose in order to support the skin in its regeneration phase at night and to supply it with micronutrients. In its resting phase, our skin is particularly receptive and, like the rest of our body, can regenerate particularly well. Impure skin is not just a problem for men, it affects many people, regardless of gender or age..

Facial care for women - always taking into account sustainability through the use of recyclable materials - requires a routine tailored to every skin type. Natural cosmetics care products offer perfect facial care, especially for sensitive skin, as the ingredients are often less irritating and the products are sensitively formulated. It doesn't matter whether it's organic face care or clean beauty: A face cream should have a pleasant scent, ideally be natural cosmetics and of course avoid harmful additives, serve impure skin or help against acne. The first successes of an application can be seen after just a few weeks, short-term effects are also immediately visible depending on the product. We combine both approaches in our care - so that the skin can regenerate and is strengthened in the long run, but you can experience and see visibly rejuvenated skin after just a few applications.

Through the use of high doses of vitamins and micronutrients, our facial care products give you a fresh and healthy look in every situation. Our facial care products are suitable for dry, oily, greasy, normal, sensitive or combination skin and also against acne. The Clean Beauty formulations support the skin's natural ability to regenerate and help to permanently regulate the skin's own fat and sebum production over the course of the week. They support the sustainability of our line by avoiding environmentally harmful substances such as microplastics (and also nanoparticles and liquid plastic) and thus make our facial care particularly gentle. It is often the ingredients of conventional cosmetics that lead to skin problems or irritations, even though they are supposed to prevent them. This can be the result of the substances used in the preservatives or because the skin can no longer breathe due to the use of mineral oils and silicones and the pores are clogged. Too much care can also lead to blemishes. But there is also help for facial care with acne: the right cream in combination with regular cleansing of the skin help to get rid of excess sebum and achieve a more even complexion. Our facial care is tailored to treat exactly such skin problems and thus improve its appearance in the long term. Well-groomed skin is possible with our products and acne is not a fate that is irreversible.t.

Face care women: With a natural cosmetic face cream it is not absolutely necessary to use a special moisturizing cream, day cream, night cream, eye cream, anti-aging or skin care cream: our products are formulated in such a way that the application is simple, safe and effective. However, depending on the desired application, it can make sense to use an additional moisturizer as a night cream, e.g. for mature skin. It is also possible to use a product specifically for the eye area for people who suffer from shadows or bags under the eyes or under the eyes. These products are then particularly highly concentrated or have special ingredients that respond precisely to these specific characteristics or problems and can also treat them successfully. Cream face is a common question and input, in addition to a facial care for dry skin. We have the perfect moisturizer for this with the Hydra Defense Cream and multiple moisturizers for irritated and dry skin as well as hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, our facial care is alcohol-free, because natural cosmetics can be more than just biological ingredients in facial care - and alcohol dries out the skin. Alcohol therefore has no right to be used in facial care and there are caring, skin-friendly and safe alternatives to it as a preservative. The use of a simple moisturizer makes sense from an early age in order to preserve the youthful complexion for as long as possible. But what actually is anti-aging facial care This means that our facial care not only moisturizes, but we use many active ingredients, such as spilanthol, which have a skin-tightening effect or immediately visible effects. Our skin looks rejuvenated, radiant and beautiful immediately after using the facial care product. schön.

Our facial care products are produced exclusively in Germany and by natural cosmetic family businesses. Because not only the maximum effectiveness of our facial care is extremely important to us, but also the high quality of the content and good conditions of its production. We call this clean beauty - or: beauty without compromise. Face care made easy: We use biological active ingredients for our high-quality face care, which not only have a high proportion of essential fatty acids and amino acids, but also many useful antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts. An additional skin care of the eye area is not necessary, since our facial care was designed for the entire face, but possible for an extra facial cosmetic. In addition, the facial skin can be cleaned of environmental influences and dirt with a facial cleanser. After facial cleansing, our anti-aging moisturizing cream can be applied as a care cream if required. Facial care not only protects the face and skin, but also the environment - without water-polluting substances and microplastics. This makes skin care easy, unclogging pores, beautiful for men, women and everyone else, and making buying the right facial care products easy.

We work every day to make facial care easy and efficient. With effective products, fair prices and the best active ingredients on botany and science. For this we work together with our scientific advisory board and have our products dermatologically tested in order to achieve well-groomed facial skin. Ordering facial care online is very easy in our online shop. We offer a wide variety of payment methods and delivery is often the next day. Many thousands of customers are enthusiastic about our care products.