Nachhaltigkeit sober


Not someday, but today.

As a climate-positive company, we show responsibility for flora and fauna.

Good for you. And the environment.

We believe that people expect more from companies today. Therefore, our products are not only good for their users, but also for our environment. Our Clean Beauty concept for care products is powerful and has been developed without any ingredients that are also harmful to our environment.

We ensure that our entire activity, from production to shipping, is not only environmentally friendly and climate-neutral, but goes beyond that: With every product manufactured, more is given back to our planet than we took from its production.


Carbon and plastic neutrality

We have implemented our shipping not only CO2-free but also completely plastic-free. The shipping boxes are made of FSC-certified, recycled corrugated cardboard. We only use recyclable materials to secure and cushion our products in transit. The shipping of our packages is always CO2-neutral. As compensation for the transport of our goods to our customers, our shipping partners support, for example, reforestation projects which at least offset the equivalent of the emissions released during the transport route. sober whenever possible.

Our products are therefore shipped without plastic film and of course contain no microplastics, either in the form of silicones or nanoplastics. If the use of plastic cannot yet be avoided or if no alternatives made from 100% recyclate are available, such as with the dispensers we use, the material we use is always recyclable. In addition, together with our partner plasticbank, we ensure the recycling and neutralization of the quantities placed on the market, so that they are additionally removed from the environment..

New forest with every package.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide impoverished villagers with fair wage labor as part of global forest reforestation. Eden Projects supports the poorest of the poor to cultivate, plant and monitor en masse native forest species. By keeping their overhead costs low, the Eden Project is recognized as one of the most cost-effective reforestation projects on the planet today. Their activity leads to a multiplication of positive socio-economic and environmental actions on the ground.

In addition to offsetting our co2 emissions, we plant a tree for every delivery, giving back more to our planet than we took from it. As a result, we as a company are not only climate-positive thanks to the additional binding of co2 in reforested forests, but also concretely support local communities in their lives. New forests not only help create new jobs, they also improve the ecosystem by preventing land or coastal erosion, increasing local rainfall and generally improving soil quality for growing food.


regional production. Supreme perfection.

Short delivery routes ensure less carbon emissions and underline our high quality standard. We obtain the flacons of our perfumes from one of the world's oldest glassworks, which was founded in Bavaria in 1622 and is still family-owned. For almost 400 years, they have focused on perfecting the production of glass, providing us with the excellent quality we want to protect our products. The subsequent refinement of the bottles is carried out by a specialist based there who, as a technology leader in the refinement of glass, implements our requirements for permanent glass direct printing with unique brilliance. If we cannot obtain a product of the required quality in Germany, such as the cosmetic dispensers we use, we receive them directly from the production facility in France according to our specifications from the European market leader for innovative spray and dosing solutions.

All our cosmetics and perfumes are made in family businesses in southern Germany, our accessories are made by hand locally in Berlin manufactories. The development of our recipes as well as the design of the products take place in Berlin.


Good for people, animals and our planet

First-class products are more than the effect of their application. With our Clean Care philosophy, we not only avoid ingredients that may be harmful to humans, but also substances that do not endanger our water bodies and are biodegradable, because clean water is the basis of our life. We test our products on friends, not animals. That's why we support peta's Beauty without Bunnys initiative, which confirms that our products are not tested on animals.en.

We will also never sell our products in countries that require us to carry out animal testing to prove their safety. Unless at the expense of their effectiveness, all of our products are also vegan. With tree planting campaigns, we not only bind the carbon released during production, but also give nature back the water we use. Trees not only absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide, but also emit valuable oxygen. A single tree can absorb up to 5 kg of air pollutants year after year and produce up to 130 kg of oxygen and 200 liters of drinking water in the same period.


Our path to a circular economy

We take responsibility and act ecologically and ethically conscientiously. The way we do business today should not have a negative impact on our environment or the lives of future generations. Sustainability is therefore particularly important to us. Our technical infrastructure is powered by electricity from 100% renewable energies and hosted in one of the greenest data centers in Europe. The use of the latest technologies leads to 25% higher energy efficiency compared to conventional data centers. If we do need to print something, we use paper that is 100% recycled and protects our forests. All types of paper we use, including packaging, bear the FSC seal. FSC stands for wood from well-managed forests.n.

As a participant in the dual system and licensee of the Green Dot, our glass, plastic and paper packaging can be returned and recycled. We also want to support our suppliers in achieving our own high goals. Therefore, we encourage and oblige them, if not already the case, to comply with or achieve the standards we set ourselves.

Certifications & Memberships

We are members of - or certified by - organizations from different countries around the world for our animal and environmental protection efforts.

The GreenPoint®
Eden Project
Eden Reforestation Projects
GLS KlimaProtect
GLS ClimateProtect
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