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We advise you:Which care suits you and your skin?

No question, skin is a science in itself. It is all the more important that you get professional help if you are concerned about your skin health. We make it easy and uncomplicated for you with the skin consultation:

  • Free skin consultation in a few minutes 20 questions will guide you to your skin type Find out about your skin condition Find the right products for your skin type Get a 10% voucher from us for free


Find your skin type that suits you

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Find the right care with our skin advice.

Every person is different. His skin and needs are also very individual, depending on genetics and many other factors. We therefore offer an analysis of your skin and its needs as part of our online skin consultation. Free of charge and with just a few questions.

With the result you not only get a valuable insight into your skin, but we also recommend suitable products to optimally care for your skin. Because no matter how good a product is, it should fit the needs of your skin and your wishes and goals.