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We do our best every day to create an even better version of yourself together with you. Our high-performance high-tech natural cosmetics not only combine the best active ingredients from nature and science, but can also be used vegan and without any worries as we do not use any harmful additives. As a climate-positive cosmetics brand, we deliver CO2-neutrally and plant a tree with every product sold. By the way: We only test on friends, not on animals.

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We offer what are probably the purest care products you have ever put on your skin


Our nature is not only unique, but also offers us a wide range of highly effective substances: Powerful botanical ingredients and extracts such as aloe vera, green tea and oils from organic cultivation with a proven effect ensure effective results of our care according to the highest standards of purity and without questionable additives.


We use ingredients from the latest skin research such as highly effective peptides, hyaluronic acid or panthenol for immediately visible results with every application. Researchers, doctors and dermatologists develop and test what are probably the best cosmetic products of their kind according to scientific standards. Naturally without animal testing and made in Germany.


100% satisfaction

If a product does not meet expectations, we will take it back - uncomplicated, for 30 days and even after use.

Good for people & the environment

Our products are the result of our own research and can be completely degraded by the skin and nature. We test on friends, not animals.

Delivery free of charge

We cover the shipping costs from as little as 30 and often deliver climate-neutrally directly to your front door (or office) the next day..


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Why natural cosmetics?

sober high-tech natural cosmetics from Berlin are so-called "unisex organic cosmetics" and therefore suitable for all skin types. Depending on the needs of your skin, you can put together your own personal care series from our wide range of products. We use biological raw materials for our cosmetics and pay attention to sustainability in the form of compatibility of our recipes for your skin, our nature - but also by avoiding plastic by using glass bottles or recycled cardboard. In our online shop you can conveniently buy natural cosmetics such as our moisturizing cream "Hydra Defense Cream" online and thus develop a care routine that is perfectly tailored to your skin. What is natural cosmetics? Our organic cosmetics use the best raw materials from nature and science in order not only to be kind to the skin, but also particularly effective. This is how we achieve results that you can see and that make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Probably the best organic cosmetics require the best raw materials from organic and fair cultivation - this is how we get a quality that you can feel and see. Buying natural cosmetics is safe and easy at sober: We offer you numerous payment methods through to sober purchase on account and installment payments, shipping is carried out with DHL, which brings you our best natural cosmetics directly to your home or office. Without a long wait. By the way: All of our products are vegan. This means that we completely do without substances of animal origin such as silk proteins or honey in our recipes. Since animals are so important to us, our products are of course not tested on them and are not sold in any country that requires animal testing.

Natural cosmetics online shop

Browse through our selection of care products and matching accessories. There are suitable natural cosmetics for hair that not only clean your hair, but also stimulate its growth or prevent and stop hair loss. All of our products do not contain alcohol, microplastics and silicones - and many other bad substances that have no place in our environment and on our skin. Visit our research page for more information on our scientific approach to care, which treats the cause, not the symptoms. Ordering natural cosmetics doesn't have to be complicated, so you can easily choose the products you like in our shop, put them in your shopping cart and order them within a few seconds. Safe, of course, and with advice on your desired care or application ideas by e-mail and Facebook Messenger if you wish. We are at your disposal personally before and after your purchase.

Which natural cosmetics are the best A question that cannot be answered quickly. But we think that natural cosmetics should also be as effective as "classic" cosmetics and at the same time good for people and the environment, so that you can use them without hesitation and maybe use natural make-up to emphasize your beauty even more. Natural cosmetics, men - dare. Our products are designed for all identities and are based on the needs of your individual skin and not your gender. So you can find the right natural cosmetics face cream in our facial care range - no matter whether you want to combat your skin with more moisture or signs of aging. We have the right solutions. By the way, the simplest way to keep your skin young is good protection against UV rays, a balanced lifestyle with sport and not smoking and plenty of water.

Natural cosmetics Berlin

We believe that good natural cosmetics should be available to everyone. So that everyone can enjoy it, you can buy our natural cosmetics online and have them on site in just a few days. Natural cosmetics for impure skin such as our "Gentle Facial Cleanser" gently cleanse your skin and unclog the pores. Pimples and acne disappear and the complexion is permanently stabilized. With the right care, the natural skin protection barrier is also strengthened and sebum production normalized so that your skin can regenerate and improve its natural renewal process. A natural preservative for cosmetics is often alcohol. We rely on gentler variants to make our products durable, because alcohol dries out the skin and does not belong in any care cosmetics. You can find the shelf life of our care on every product and we guarantee it from the moment it is opened. This is usually 12 months, with some products six months.

We love the combination of natural cosmetics and science, because it is our aim to provide you with the best products. Our nature provides a variety of botanical active ingredients and valuable oils which are so much better for our skin than cheaper mineral oils or silicones, which bring short-term effects but do not let your skin breathe. Natural medicinal plants have been known for thousands of years for their nourishing properties and healing effects on our skin. We use this knowledge and combine these natural substances with scientific knowledge and thus create our unique high-tech natural cosmetics: We offer you products that simply make you shine. Organic cosmetics whose quality you can experience for yourself and a sustainability that is more than a few nice words. Visit our page about our commitment to nature.