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Shaving is unisex:the professional shaving tools and care products from our wet shaving range offer a first-class, gentle experience. Targeted care before and after shaving helps against skin irritation, unpleasant razor burn and a well-groomed appearance.


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Our products are the result of our own research and can be completely degraded by the skin and nature. We test on friends, not animals.

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Shaving accessories, grooming and utensils

A beard only becomes masculine through targeted care and a perfect shave. In our shave shop you will find shave care products for men: everything men need for a well-groomed wet shave. So safety razors and shaving brushes of the best quality and exclusive design as well as the matching Astra razor blades for an irritation-free shave. With our highly effective after shave (vegan) we set standards in skin care for men. Also note our other facial care products such as our day cream for men in our men's care shop. Preparation for a successful wet shave: Regardless of whether the beard should be completely removed, trimmed, trimmed or the contours cut: So that the wet shave can be done without permanent damage, skin irritation or unpleasant razor burn, the beard and men's skin must be optimally prepared for the following hair removal. With just a few minutes of preparation for shaving, most shaving problems can be avoided or at least alleviated. Shaving preparation is an important element for irritation-free shaving with our shaving tools such as shaving brushes, safety razors (wet razors) and shaving soap or our shaving foam. An aftershave afterwards nourishes and soothes the skin after a successful session. Shaving: No matter whether the preference for personal shaving is shaving cream, shaving cream, shaving soap or shaving gel: It is important to use a high-quality product for a gentle and thorough shaving, which like our shaving cream supports the lubricity of the skin. Shaving cream or shaving soap are particularly suitable for use with a shaving brush, even on the whole body. But shaving foam or shaving gel are also very helpful if you want to be particularly quick.
Our shaving tool is a real “men's tool” for a successful shave. The shaving of the beard is the very own terrain of men and is a ritual as well as applying fresh shaving cream with a shaving brush. A whole craft guild, the barber profession, deals with the correct opening of the shaving foam and the perfect cut of the beard. In contrast to system razors with blade heads, a safety razor is not only a noticeably higher quality shaving product, but due to the cheaper blades, it is in the long run much more cost-effective for hair removal on the beard or chest. High-quality shaving sets for men shave complete the shaving program from sober with shaving articles for professionals, old-school and retro lovers as well as fans of premium shaving solutions such as our travel brush. The shaving accessories: Utensils such as shaving brushes should be stored open and upside down on a shaving stand. For optimal shaving results and successful foaming of a shaving cream, the use of special wiping techniques is recommended to apply the shaving cream evenly. Shaving soap can be stored in a so-called "mug". No matter how: Shaving should not become a daily compulsory exercise for a man, but a relaxed male ritual with the right tools.

Beard oil is one of the most important and effective care products for the beard. It ensures smooth hair and a fragrant fragrance. High-quality oil is able to have a lasting effect and prevent matting and dry hair. Men who value a beautiful beard benefit from regular use of the oil. The use of beard oil is self-explanatory: the beard oil works best when it is applied to damp whiskers . In this case, it traps moisture and has a particularly nourishing effect. However, it can also be applied directly to dry hair - for example, when they are difficult to comb or are intended to smell particularly pleasant.