Rasierhobel Edelstahl schwarz matt

Safety razor stainless steel black matt

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The giant among razors including 5 extra sharp razor blades to start immediately. With a length of 10cm and a fighting weight of 88g made of sturdy stainless steel, die-cast zinc head can easily be fooled by this weapon. With this safety razor, we are handing you a well thought-out and ergonomic tool that makes wet shaving easier and more thorough than ever before. Our razor impresses with its casual elegance, easy handling and elegant design in matt black. Thanks to the long handle, the slicer can be guided perfectly around the face and ensures clean results and a pleasant feeling on the skin after shaving.r.

  • Stainless steel safety razor handmade in Solingen
  • Including 5 extra sharp Astra razor blades
  • Closed comb
  • 10cm long and 88g in weight
  • Well thought out and ergonomic tool
  • Elegant design in matt black
€69.00 inkl. MwSt
Safety razors have been stylish classics for generations and are particularly thorough. Also practical when traveling: The classic, extra sharp safety blades are available all over the world or directly from us in our shop and can be changed by unscrewing the lid. Closed comb. The low price of the blades and the professional shave make the safety razor a superior alternative to conventional system razors. Handcrafted in Solingen. Made in Germany.any.

Material & dimensions

Stainless steel. Dimensions: 10 cm long, 4 cm wide, 2.5 cm high; Weight: 88 grams
Rasierhobel Edelstahl schwarz matt
Safety razor stainless steel black matt
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Closed comb systems: Skin-friendly and precise

The sober razor is equipped with a closed comb and has a practical screw cap - which makes it durable and robust. In contrast to safety razors with an open comb, a possible risk of injury from cuts is significantly reduced when using safety razors with a closed comb, as the razor blade does not rest directly and offers less contact surface. In addition, the wet shave with a closed comb is significantly more skin-friendly and is also suitable for sensitive skin of men due to its comparatively smaller gap. A safety razor always makes the male shave a special, intimate and, compared to conventional system razors, permanently cheaper and more thorough shaving experience.

Rasierhobel Solingen

Made in Solingen. Developed in Berlin.

The sober razor was created in the world-famous city of blades, Solingen, in Cooperation with our development and design team. With its handle made of pure noble town and its closed comb made of die-cast zinc, it offers a perfect grip and gap size even for the most demanding wet shave. The sober razor was painted black-matt in a process used exclusively for us, in order to make every shave a particularly exclusive ritual.

Rasierhobel schwarz

A safety razor - many advantages

1. The elegant sober razor from sober combines the advantages of a tried and tested principle with the aesthetics of a classic design. The system of the safety razor with interchangeable blades has remained almost unchanged until today. Safe to use, precise in the cut and easy to use. This safety razor delivers thorough and precise results both for a full shave and for contouring the beard.

2. Traditional shaving in tune with the times - sober has the right equipment for an individual style. The easy-to-use system is designed for the use of commercially available razor blades. The blades can be changed quickly and easily in just a few steps.

3. Disposable blades from the well-known manufacturers of system razors are usually very expensive and make the mountain of rubbish grow unnecessarily. The use of razor blades reduces costs and environmental impact.