Exclusive fragrance creations from Berlin

The selected perfume from sober Fragrances is developed exclusively in eau de parfum quality. Our fragrance compositions ensure a long-lasting and unique fragrance experience.
100% satisfaction

If a product does not meet expectations, we take it back - uncomplicated, for 30 days and even after use.

Good for people & the environment

Our products are the result of our own research and can be completely broken down by skin and nature. We test on friends, not on animals.

Delivery free of charge

We take on the shipping costs from € 25 and often deliver directly to the front door (or to the office) in a climate-neutral manner the next day.

Perfume (women's fragrances & men's fragrances)

There are a variety of different fragrances for men's fragrances. These range from woody and aromatic scents to sweet, floral aromas. Every man has his own taste and should choose his men's perfume accordingly. We leave a certain impression with perfume. The first few seconds of each other literally decide whether we can “smell” the person we are talking to - there are a multitude of different men's fragrances so that everyone can find their favorite fragrance. Perfumes come in different intensities. So here is generally between Eau de Cologne (EdC) - little fragrance and quickly evaporates - via cheap Eau de Toilette (EdT) - medium fragrance oil content and quickly evaporates - and high-quality Eau de Parfum (EdP), due to their intense and long-lasting perfume fragrance also called Intense Fragrances. Therefore, when buying a perfume, you should always pay attention to its quality.
A perfume is made up of different head, heart and base fragrance notes - whether as a women's or men's fragrance. In their composition, these result in the characteristic fragrance of the men's perfume and consist of a large number of possible fragrances which set accents, which can underline the personality or underline your mood to the outfit. The sober men's fragrances accompany you through the day for a long time and exclusively. Perfume bestsellers from Berlin for men with different character and intensity offer the right olfactory background for every character - from powerful and adventurous to light and elegant to fresh and seductive. Our offer includes a selection of high-quality perfumes for every taste and every man: to match a well-groomed, masculine appearance.