Ledertasche | Etui für Rasierer und Rasierpinsel Ledertasche sober

Leather bag | Case for razors and shaving brushes

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The stylish accessory for storing shaving utensils and for traveling: the sober leather bag. The leather case is made of natural leather, which has been recognized for its allergy and environmental friendliness and is unique in the world, and is made by hand in a Berlin factory. With two compartments, it offers space for storing the right razor blades and keeps the safety razor and shaving brush safely in the case thanks to an elastic band. The protective case is easily closed with a black brass push button. In addition, we have incorporated a practical storage option in case the leather case should get wet. Handmade in Germany.nd.

  • Tanned IVN natural leather Bio-Kreiss)
  • Handmade in a Berlin leather factory
  • Suitable for all safety razors / wet razors and brushes
  • 2 additional compartments for razor blades
  • Length x width: 23 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Elegant design in matt black
€89.00 inkl. MwSt
Due to the material used, the vegetable, heavy metal-free and gentle tanning through to the selection of local raw hides, the leather bag is entirely geared towards natural and sustainable production. The production of our cases requires many hours of craftsmanship and sensitivity from start to finish. The natural beauty of this made-to-measure leather product acquires an additional patina with permanent use, the traces of its owner and his experiences. Suitable for all standard safety razors / wet razors and brushesl

care instructions

The soft cowhide is frugal in its care requirements. In the first years of use, it is sufficient to remove dust and light dirt with a damp cloth. With normal use, the leather only needs the first “food” in the form of a refreshing agent after about 2-4 years. After that, it should be treated sparingly once or twice a year.

leather information

The leather we use is an environmentally and health-friendly leather from industrial production. Harmlessness, skin tolerance and allergy friendliness have been proven by tests with the natural leather used. The leather used is IVN natural leather (bio-circle) and certified by ECARF as allergy-friendly.
Ledertasche | Etui für Rasierer und Rasierpinsel Ledertasche sober
Leather bag | Case for razors and shaving brushes
● Lieferbar

Craftsmanship from Berlin

The picture shows an excerpt from the production process:From the carefully processed leather, the fixed seams to the branded logo. Many hours of manual labor go into every leather case. Therefore, each of the leather bags produced for us in a Berlin factory is unique. Slight variations in the coloring and smaller scars are characteristics of the natural material tanned in Germany and enhance its masculine aesthetic.

Ledertasche für Rasierer

Natural leather - a special material

The natural material is durable, resilient and develops an individual patina in the course of use, which underlines its natural characteristics. It is vegetable tanned IVN natural leather (bio-Kreis), which has been certified as allergy-friendly by ECARF.