Probleme mit fettiger Haut, Mitessern, Akne oder Pickeln? Was wirklich hilft.

Problems with oily skin, blackheads, acne or pimples? Which really helps.

Do you have oily skin? Then we have good news and bad news. The bad: An unclean shine, pimples and blackheads are your daily companions. The good thing: You can do something about it - if you follow our tips on facial care for men.

Among the various skin types , oily skin (for smarties: seborrhea) is probably the most unpopular alongside dry skin. Because …

... oily skin shines excessively.

… Large pores shape the skin. These are particularly noticeable due to the additional shine.

... the impure skin looks uneven overall.

... pimples, acne and blackheads are the visible consequences of oily skin.

But why is it like that?

The causes of oily and large-pored skin: hormones, genes, lifestyle

Small consolation in advance: Many men have oily skin. First, compared to women, we have thicker skin with larger pores and a higher percentage of skin fat. Second, the real reason for oily skin hangs between our legs, namely the production site of our sex hormones (bragging rights say "androgens"). Because:

In puberty, we owe the hormones not only beard growth, penis and fun in sex, but also an overactivity of the sebaceous glands. In addition to tallow (last technical term for today: sebum), they also produce fat. However, if our sebaceous glands become overactive, we have a problem: the excess fat spreads over the skin and clogs the pores as well as the innumerable follicular channels that we men have. This leads to impurities, blackheads and pimples and - especially during puberty - acne.

In many men, the overactivity of the sebum glands subsides with the end of puberty and the skin normalizes. However, the cause of oily skin may be inherited or predisposed.

In addition to puberty and genes, there are several other factors associated with oily skin:

  • Wrong care: This is especially the case if you use products with a high fat content or with questionable ingredients such as bad alcohols or silicones . Care products that dry your skin are also unsuitable, because this stimulates the sebum glands.
  • Environmental influences: Cigarette smoke or smog stress the skin and are responsible for excessive sebum production.
  • "Points of contact": Do you never change your pillowcase, do you fiddle with your face or let others do it? Then you can just as well put a piece of butter on your skin.
  • Bad lifestyle: junk food, industrial sugar and alcohol consumption are closely related to oily skin. By the way, stress too.

What can I do? This helps against oily skin:

Now that we know the causes, we can talk about specific solutions and help against oily skin. Because there are:

1. Healthy lifestyle to prevent oily skin

If you are good to yourself and your body, you avoid large-pored skin. Specifically, this means:

  • Stay away from alcohol
  • Eat a balanced and reduced sugar diet
  • Avoid unclean environments such as smoking bars
  • Do not touch your face with your fat fingers
  • Change your bed linen more than once a year (your date will also be happy about that)
  • Keep harmful stress away, for example with physical exercise (plus: sport has other benefits for your skin )

2. Put on the right care program against oily skin, pimples and blackheads

First step: facial cleansing. Remove excess sebum (and other impurities) from your skin by cleaning your face and clogged pores. You should use a mild facial cleanser for this. Make absolutely sure that this cleanser does not dry out your skin!

With a clear conscience we can recommend the Gentle Facial Cleanser for facial cleansing. It cleans intensively with activated carbon and kaolin sludge, and at the same time it hydrates. Give it a try: You can get the Gentle Facial Cleanser here in the shop .

Second step: moisturizing. After cleaning, you want to give your face more moisture and thus avoid greasing the skin. With the right facial care for men you mattify your skin and get a young, fresh look.

When it comes to moisturizing, it is absolutely important that it does not contain any bad alcohols or silicones. With such ingredients you only aggravate the problem with oily skin. Take good facial care that has been specially developed for men's skin: without harmful ingredients, but with valuable vitamins and moisturizers.

This is exactly what we developed the Hydra Defense Cream for. You can find them in our shop .  

Do something good for your skin: facial steam bath. Every now and then it's worth the effort! The steam cleanses your face deep into the pores and clarifies the complexion. Ideally, you take a chamomile supplement. With the steam bath for the face, you also prevent skin blemishes. Remember to apply a moisturizer like the Hydra Defense Cream after the steam bath - especially for sensitive skin.

Success in the fight for pure skin ...

... depends on how good you are to yourself:

Live healthy, take good care of yourself and #staysobers