Mittel gegen Augenringe, Tränensäcke & Falten: Was tun Männer ab 30?

Remedies for dark circles, eye bags & wrinkles: what do men over 30 do?

According to your ID you are young, but looking at your skin you look around 5 years older. We take a closer look at the phases a skin goes through over time and tell you how you might look more than 5 years younger in the end!t!

Puberty: No more baby skin

We've all been through it: the hormonal balance changes the entire body. The voice gets deeper, the back wider, the penis bigger and hair pops up in places where we as pre-thugs didn't necessarily expect it. Welcome to the club, you are a man now!

Because everything is still under construction, the skin must be nice and strong. As a result, it is no longer baby-tender, but it can also take a lot: Increased growth is a challenge, as are pimples or acne. For the latter there isgood facial cleansers for men, which rid your face of impurities, make pimples less likely and at the same time moisturize the skin. So it stays fresh and supple longer.

Small drop in defense: As a reminder of puberty, some have growth streaks or pimple scars at a later age. There is little that can be done about the long-term effects except to take them with dignity and interpret them as a sign of masculinity. At least that would be an attempt.

Ideally, you should deal intensively with exercise and healthy nutrition at a young age. Of course, you didn't even startto smoke! Because if you develop good habits for your skin early on, you will benefit significantly in the later decades. A healthy anti-aging lifestyle can start now: What it looks likewe explain here.

It is similar with the adequate shave: You will have to find your preferred beard type yourself, but you can prove your style with the right shaving equipment. In concrete terms this means:Safety razor instead of silly system razors and oneintensive moisturizing care after the shave. This takes a little practice, but pays off with bonus points in terms of professionalism. Same goes for thatIntimate shave.

In the 20s, extend the youth

Ironically, when you find yourself in what is probably the wildest phase of life, independence, parties, sex and so on, your body will play the more conservative counterpart and look at youn remember the finiteness: The first wrinkles appear in the twenties and the thin skin under the eyes can make for dark circles to care. Not catastrophically strong, but still. 

This is because your body's development has reached its peak from around your mid-20s: The collagen framework that holds your skin is no longer as stable as it was a few years ago. The blood circulation is also no longer as perfect as before and tends to reveal dark circles under the eyes. We described tips for remedies against dark circleshere in our care routine.

What you should definitely do is keep your skin youthful with a moisturizing facial care and counteract the first wrinkles. We have developed the Hydra Defense Cream on a scientific basis so that it is precisely tailored to the needs of men's skin and provides noticeable moisture. You get the moisturizer for menhere in the shop.

Fight the first wrinkles from the age of 30

It's getting serious. From around 30 you will notice that youth is ephemeral. The elasticity of your skin is reduced and new wrinkles appear again and again. Bags under the eyes are also beginning to form, which will tell others your age. Antiaging is definitely a keyword now.

Your skin needs more indulgence and moisture as it ages. You will both in the fight against the bags under the eyes need as well as to prevent further wrinkles. The good news is that you don't have to completely change your skin care routine: The Hydra Defense Cream ensures pure skin from 30 with various ingredients for an effective natural moisturizing factor. This includeshyaluronan,urea,vitamin C and E as well as valuable oils and nutrients.

The goal of a good care program is to give male skin what it can no longer give itself so well in old age. This means that you should have planned your facial care: With us it consists of the Gentle Facial Cleanser for cleaning and the Hydra Defense Cream for moisture. You get bothonline here.

At 50, intensively care for and strengthen the skin

If you have taken good care of yourself and your skin from a young age, you will be fully rewarded as you mature: It is very likely that you appear, and actually are, significantly younger and healthier compared to your peers! Because in addition to the anti-aging care for your face, you have continuously exercised and paid attention to your diet. That deserves respect!!

It couldn't be better: you've reached the full maturity of a man and retained your youthful charm. However, that does not mean that you should let yourself go now! Use this perfect starting point to keep yourself younghold and the To continue enjoying the beautiful side of life: Continue your healthy style and share your secret for your crisp appearance with others. After all, you're a gentleman now.

Of course, it is clear that at the age of 50 you too will have wrinkles here and there. This cannot be completely avoided by any care routine, but at least you were able to counteract aging. You are aware of this, you have remained honest with yourself in this regard and you accept yourself as you are. This serenity gives your appearance something that no care product can give you: charisma and character..

Stay young at heart & amp; #staysober