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Sensitive and sensitive skin

what is sensitive or sensitive skin?

As with dry skin, dehydrated skin lacks moisture. It feels dry and cracked. This is often due to the fact that theDamaged skin barrier and moisture evaporates from the skin more easily.

Unlikedry skin Dehydrated skin is more a skin condition than a skin type. This means that dehydrated skin is less genetic, but depends on various internal and external factors:UV radiation and environmental toxins as well as your diet orimproper skin care can lead to dehydrated skin.

empfindliche haut


With sensitive skin, it is important that you support your body's own protective skin film and reduce skin irritation. Basically, that means that care products contain irritatingAlcohols are taboo. Likewise all products thatSilicones, parabens or mineral oils and contain questionable preservatives.

In order to stabilize the body's own protective skin barrier, a mild facial cleansing is suitable, which only removes the dirt from your skin, but not the protective fats and oils. You also need a moisturizer that hydrates your skin well and supplies it with essential nutrients so that it stays intact and can strengthen itself from within.


  • Tip 1:sensitive care

    Your skin is sensitive to irritation, so this is exactly what you should avoid. In skin care products there are often ingredients that do more harm than good to your skin. It is therefore all the more important that you avoid products that have a questionable formulation and cause irritation.

  • Tip 2:protective film

    The more intact the protective acid layer on your skin, the more armed it is against external irritation. Therefore, make sure that your care program is low in surfactants and maintains the pH value. The care after theFacial cleansing should give your skin high-quality oils back to support its own protective functions.

  • Tip 3:moisturize

    Dry skin can often lead to sensitivities. Care is therefore necessary to restore sufficient moisture to the skin. Urea and hyaluronic acid have proven to be compatible and effective active ingredients. Basically make sure that yourMoisturizeris tailored to the needs of sensitive skin. This means: It does not contain any parabens, silicone or other harmful ingredients.

  • Tip 4:UV rays

    UV rays not only cause dry skin, but penetrate so deeply into the skin cells that they cause damage and irritation. With sensitive and sensitive skin, this is more than uncomfortable and also with serious consequences. Therefore, you should pay attention to effective, skin-friendly sun protection and ideally avoid direct sunlight as far as possible.


The optimal care for sensitive skin

Learn more about your skin condition

Sensitive and sensitive skin is not without it. The unpleasant irritation can be quite a burden. It is all the more important that you analyze your skin correctly and find the right care for it. We recommend the free skin consultation for this.


Learn more about your skin type

Normale Haut
Normal skin

Typical characteristics: 
hardly any blemishes or skin problems

Skin texture:
good blood circulation and hydration, fine pores, good skin's own protective acid mantle

even complexion with a healthy appearance

unreine haut
Blemished skin

Typical characteristics: 
increased blackheads and pimples or acne, skin inflammation

Skin texture:
increased sebum production, sometimes enlarged pores, scarred skin tissue possible

irregular, looks unclean from blackheads and pimples

trockene haut
Dry skin

Typical characteristics: 
rough skin condition, skin cracks, wrinkling, skin irritation

Skin texture:
Dehydration and reduced sebum production, possible damage to the collagen structure

pale with a dry appearance, characterized by fine cracks in the skin

Combination skin

Typical characteristics: 
Tendency to have oily skin around the nose, dry skin on the cheeks

Skin texture:
oily skin areas with higher bacterial load, dry skin areas, wrinkles

irregular and possible pale appearance on the edge of the face