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Dehydrated skin

what is dehydrated skin?

As with dry skin, dehydrated skin lacks moisture. It feels dry and cracked. This is often due to the fact that theDamaged skin barrier and moisture evaporates from the skin more easily.

Unlikedry skin Dehydrated skin is more a skin condition than a skin type. This means that dehydrated skin is less genetic, but depends on various internal and external factors:UV radiation and environmental toxins as well as your diet orimproper skin care can lead to dehydrated skin.

Dehydrierte Haut


Your skin is a sensory organ and as such it can signal to you that it is not doing well. Sensitive or sensitive skin is a subjectively perceived condition, which, however, can often be accompanied by redness, flaking, itching and / or a feeling of tension. Perhaps you also know that touching feels uncomfortable or that it causes the skin to redden more quickly.

Sensitive and delicate skin does not always have a clear medical cause. However, it can be related to the fact that the skin suffers from dryness and is under-greasy in the truest sense of the word because the nerves can be bare. 

If you suffer from sensitive or sensitive skin, your skin's own protective film can also be damaged. You should get this under control as far as possible, because without this protective film your skin can dry out faster and pollutants get into the skin more quickly to cause inflammation or skin damage.


  • Tip 1:skin dehydration

    What are the possible causes of dry skin in you? Is it due to dry air, leaching shower baths, intense solar radiation or do you drink too little water? As soon as you know your individual reasons for dehydrated skin, you can prevent better.n.

  • Tip 2:moisturizer

    Dried out skin urgently needs moisture and you have to bind it directly into the skin. The best way to do this is to use a special one Moisturizerwho employs Urea and Hyaluron. In combination, the two active ingredients do an excellent job of hydrating and plumping the skin.

  • Tip 3:protective barrier

    To treat dehydrated skin, you need to repair the damaged protective film on the skin. Because if this protective film is missing, moisture in the skin evaporates more easily to the outside and your skin is at the same time defenseless against external environmental influences. A vitamin and nutrient richAnti aging cream helps you to build up the protective film again.

  • Tip 4:diet

    To prevent dehydrated skin, you have to supply your body with sufficient water from the inside. After all, it consists of 80 to 85 percent water. Remember that alcohol and sugary drinks are poisonous to dehydrated skin. So it is better to drink enough water, unsweetened teas or highly diluted juices.


The optimal care for dehydrated skin

Learn more about your skin

If you suffer from dehydrated skin, you need to act quickly! We recommend that you take a closer look and check whether you really have dehydrated skin or whether there is more to it than that! You can find out more with our free skin consultation..


Learn more about your skin type

Normale Haut
Normal skin

Typical characteristics: 
hardly any blemishes or skin problems

Skin texture:
good blood circulation and hydration, fine pores, good skin's own protective acid mantle

even complexion with a healthy appearance

trockene haut
Dry skin

Typical characteristics: 
rough skin condition, skin cracks, wrinkling, skin irritation

Skin texture:
Dehydration and reduced sebum production, possible damage to the collagen structure

pale with a dry appearance, characterized by fine cracks in the skin

Sensible Haut
Sensitive skin

Skin texture:
Redness, flaking, itching possible, sensitivity

Skin texture:
different, dehydration and damage to the skin's own protective acid mantal are possible

uneven, redness and dryness

reife haut
Mature skin

Skin texture:
Wrinkles, pigment spots, lack of elasticity

Skin texture:
Collagen structure damaged, insufficient supply of nutrients, higher susceptibility to skin damage

irregular, pigment spots and circulatory disorders