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Why the natural moisturizing factor and a good moisturizer lead to well-groomed skin

How nice it would be if we just turn on the tap when the skin is dr...
Warum der Natural Moisturising Factor und eine gute Feuchtigkeitscreme zu gepflegter Männerhaut führen

How nice it would be if we just turn on the tap when the skin is dry and refill it like a sponge. Unfortunately, it's not that simple: Our skin regulates the moisture balance at cell level and is subject to various factors. A relevant component of hydration is a protective acid layer on the skin, the Natural Moisturizing Factor NMF. We take a closer look at the natural moisturizing factors and explain how you can positively influence the NMF with a moisturizing

What is the Natural Moisturizing Factor?

The natural moisturizing factors are an acid mantle on the skin, a kind of barrier on the epidermis. It keeps the moisture on your upper skin layer from evaporating prematurely. The NMF regulate the moisture content of the skin by protecting against dehydration, and are important players in the fight against the unpleasant symptoms of dry skin wrinkles, dark circles, weakened connective tissue and reduced elasticity..

The protective film of the NMF is a mixture of different hydrophilic, i.e. water-loving substances. They include:

  • Lactic acid
  • various amino acids
  • Urea or urea and ammonia
  • Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium inorganic ionsn)

However, if the hydrophilic components are not sufficiently present, the skin loses moisture more quickly and dries out. That stands by environmental factors likedry heating air in the winter,smog, long times in the sun, baths that are too hot or wrong care products are the order of the day: they all reduce the effectiveness of the protective acid layer.

So we are interested in how we keep our skin young and wrinkle-free. That's why we want to know how we can use the NMF as aAnti-aging agents can influence positively.

Which factors influence the NMF?

The NMF play a critical role in effective moisturizing. Because the more easily the moisture escapes from the skin, the less beneficial moisturizing cosmetic products are. The best moisturizers therefore support the NMF and thus contribute to a young complexion.

To do this, they have to do two things:

  1. The moisturizer should include moisturizers that support the NMF. These are above all the active ingredients hyaluronic acid and urea, but also what we call good alcohols such as panthenol or glycerine.n.
  2. Strengthening your own skin barrier is another function that a good NMF-supporting moisturizer should have. This includes an occlusive cell protection on the skin that keeps moisture from evaporating too quickly.

When formulating the Hydra Defense Cream, we take the NMF into account and have incorporated the active ingredients that will help you with your own moisturizing care.

Support the NMF with the right face cream for men and women

The first thing to consider when choosing the best moisturizer is that most cosmetic product manufacturers continue to do soSilicones and Parabens deploy. The substances only show a short-term optically positive effect, but in the long term they damage your skin.

If you are unsure about the ingredients of your cream, it is worth taking a look at Codecheck. The page tells you whether your product contains substances of concern that you want to avoid. We can recommend our Hydra Defense Cream without hesitation, because theTest at Codecheck she passed.

To bind the moisture are at theHydra Defense Cream two substances are decisive:Hyaluronic acid andurea. They store plenty of moisture on the skin and thus contribute to the first important function of a good moisturizer. The second function, namely the strengthening of the skin barrier, is performed by a balanced combination of different substances in the Hydra Defense Cream. This part consists of:

If you use the Hydra Defense Cream regularly, you contribute significantly to the moisturizing of your skinSkin with not only the moisture-binding substances urea and hyaluronn contribute to this, but also the protective components for the acid mantle.

Try it out: You get the Hydra Defense Creamin our shop.

And one last tip, even if it doesn't directly benefit the NMF: Always drink plenty of water. #staysober


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