Detox Tipps für Männer

Forget Detox: 3 tips to really keep your body and skin healthy

"After eating, morality comes", it is so beautiful and it is no coincidence that after a fatty, alcohol-rich "diet" there is a radical fasting, detoxification and detoxification over the holidays. It's just nonsense. We tell you what you can do for your body and your skin for the long term.  

What is detox and what are the problems?  

There are numerous different approaches and measures with which people purify or detoxify their bodies. They range from therapeutic fasting to base fasting to detox therapy and usually last one to four weeks. During this time, certain luxury foods and foods are taboo (coffee, black tea, alcohol, tobacco, meat, etc.); instead, various teas (or detox tea) or detox powder should be taken.  

These special diets usually drop a pound or two (until it comes back thanks to the yo-yo effect), but that's not the reason for the detoxification cure:  

These measures are designed to rid the body of toxins. The small intestine in particular is to be flushed out and cleaned of deposits (slag), which the human body absorbs and produces through an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. The clarification is intended to alleviate symptoms such as headaches, a weakened immune system, sleep or concentration problems. But fans of the cures also want to treat skin problems such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis.  

So much for the theory behind detox. Now for the trouble with it:  

The three problems with fasting cures  

  1. Our small intestine cleanses itself.  

Due to the constant metabolic activity and the own mucus production in the intestine, healthy people do not get the deposits that the advocates of detoxification treatments want to get rid of.  

Conventional medicine looks at detoxification or detox cures with the eyebrows raised accordingly: For them, this is nonsense.  

  1. There is no fixed medical definition for detox, detoxification or purification.  

Those who offer detox tea or detox powder only make empty marketing promises with such terms - and lots of money with the desire of the consumers for a healthier life.  

  1. Fasting, detoxification or detoxification can make an unhealthy lifestyle a habit.  

Especially in January, many people want to fast alcohol and detoxify their bodies. This is obvious after the excesses over Christmas and New Year's Eve, but also a little self-deception:  

The body and skin do not forget the damage caused by an unhealthy lifestyle - especially not if the same thing happens after fasting as before. As a result, fasting is not a free ticket to deal with yourself badly .  

It is different if you really plan to change your lifestyle and eating habits in the long term. Here a detox or fasting cure can ceremoniously begin and possibly make the change easier.  

But what is the change towards healthier lifestyle and eating habits?  

Instead of detox: the three foundations for a sustainably healthy lifestyle  

In our experience, good nutrition, exercise and care are essential if you want to keep your body and skin healthy in the long term. The three pillars of a good life:  

  1. Right nutrition  

Everything you eat gets into your body and thus into a complicated and sensitive system of organs, bones, mucous membranes, hair cells, skin cells and more. The quality of your diet and the health of your body are therefore closely related.  

With a balanced and healthy diet you will find vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, herbs and nuts. Occasionally fish and always plenty of water.  

What is not part of a healthy diet is sometimes sugar, trans fats, alcohol, additives.  

This overview shows you which foods have which meaning for your skin and why you should definitely avoid ready meals and fast food.  

  1. Regular exercise  

Exercise stimulates the metabolism and cell renewal, so it contributes significantly to detoxification and also ensures a younger complexion . A positive side effect: the movement strengthens your muscles, burns calories and does something good for your general well-being.  

So the question shouldn't be whether you do sports, but:  

Which sport or what kind of physical exercise do you enjoy?  

If you count yourself among the sports muffle, don't overdo it: light training sessions such as a lap on the bike, a quick walk or the way to the office via the stairs instead of the elevator can mark the beginning of a healthier life. Ideally, you'll find an average of 30 minutes a day to give your body some exercise.  

Check out our tips here on how to get more exercise into your everyday life.  

  1. Comprehensive care  

Every day, numerous external influences confront your skin health: These include, in particular, exhaust gases, fine dust, UV rays, environmental toxins, heat and cold - but also the hot water in the shower.  

The problem with these environmental influences is that they can damage your skin by drying them out, irritating them and causing inflammation. Free radicals are a key keyword here and here we explain in more detail what it is all about .  

After all: To protect against external harmful factors, the body already produces its own protective film of fats and tallows on the skin. However, this protective barrier reaches its limits in terms of the amount of environmental influences - unless it has already been “cleaned away” by the face wash in the morning.  

To support the body's own protection and to defend the skin against environmental toxins, you can use a well-formulated moisturizer. This should be designed for male skin and have a balance between valuable oils, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In particular, moisturizing substances such as urea and hyaluron are also included.  

With a facial care such as the Hydra Defense Cream, you help your skin to stabilize the body's protective barrier and to keep harmful substances away. This is how you effectively prevent wrinkles and skin aging. Here we explain how you can best integrate the moisturizer into your care routine.  

Detox only effective as an attitude to life  

We hold on to the fact that occasionally fasting, detoxifying or detoxing does nothing if it only helps   Sham compensation to be a continuous excess.  

What really helps you is to shape your habits so that they enable you to live a healthy life overall. With a healthy diet, regular exercise and extensive care, you are on the best way - and we think that is not that difficult.  

For you and your skin: stay healthy and #staysober