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Stress and skin: how does the psyche affect our appearance?

It's not just Christmas that is stressful: Stress factors await us all year roundAnd our skin? It suffersWe explain how the psyche and skin are connected and what you can do for yourself and your skin.

If you now expect an article that comes with platitudes like ...

  • The skin is a reflection of the soul
  • Our skin is our second self
  • It is more than just a shell
  • Stress that gets under your skin
  • Or any other blah blah blah

... then we recommend magazines like the Apotheken Umschau.

But let's take you on a little mental game.

Introduce yourself:

One day before Christmas Eve, you worked hard all year round and on the last few meters before the big party you find that you forgot the roast promised for big banquetsWhat is happening with you?

Sweat is on your foreheadYour throat turns redYou get stains on the neckAnd out of nowhere a stress pimple sticks to your nose.

Not only their own experience, but also scientific studies show:

Our skin reacts to stressful situations

Medical doctors' explanation for psychosomatics and psychotherapy explain that the skin and the central nervous system have the same developmental historyThey form the same systems in humans.

This is also shown by studies: These show that psychological reasons are involved in 30 to 60 percent of skin diseases.

These are psychosomatic dermatoses - skin diseases that are somatic but are influenced psychologicallyThese include neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne, herpes, contact eczema and hives.

But let's not come to wrong conclusionsTwo important things in advance:

  1. Just because you have one more pimple doesn't have to be a profound psychological problem.
  2. A skin disease and not every skin problem must have a psychological basis.

Acne can be a result of stress, but it doesn't have to beAs you know (or you can imagine), skin health and psyche are complex issues and depend on your diet, your daily physical activity, environmental influences, your drug use and much, much more.

How does our psyche affect skin health?

As I said, our skin and our central nervous system have a lot in common, since they come from the same cell tissue.

For this reason, hormonal changes, in particular stress hormones, have a greater impact on the skinThe messenger substances, for example, ensure that important vessels constrict and therefore provide the skin cells with poor nutritionAs a result, the skin lacks important nutrients and is more susceptible to damage.

Research has also found that stress hormones can lead to more inflammation, which favors itching and rash.

Another factor: when we are nervous, we tend to touch and scratch our faceAs a result, we distribute fundamentally more bacteria on our skin and promote further skin damage.

In addition to the psychosomatic dermatoses mentioned above, the following skin problems can be the result of psychological stress:

So what can you do to protect yourself and your health?

How you can reconcile skin and psyche

The calculation is: A healthy psyche favors healthy skinAnd there we are almost at the end of our Latin, because now you are the expert:

How healthy do you feel Which situations cause you stress, fear, anger or grief? Which of these situations do you want and can you reduce?

But also:

What helps you to relax? Is it a sporty balance, a visit to the sauna or just a walk with the dog? What can you do to enjoy these wonderful moments?

There are countless ways to relaxEven apps can help you with that. Headspace is one of them that we like to use personally and that can be tried out quickly.

However, if you really do not feel comfortable in your skin (and we mean both: psyche and skin) and the situation seems more serious to you, then we have a requestNamely: Talk to your doctor about it and get help.

To compensate for possible skin symptoms from normal stress, we recommend the following:

The anti-stress care program for male skin in two steps

Daily skin care is important so that you can feel comfortable as a manA good skin feeling and a radiant appearance contribute significantly to your own self-confidenceThis way you get through the week in a good mood and minimize the risk of stress-related skin problems.

The good thing about the care program: it is absurdly simple.

  1. Cleanse your skin deep into the pores: with a mild washing lotion and lukewarm water, you wash impurities off your faceUse a good facial cleanser for men that provides your skin with valuable nutrients that it needs especially under the influence of stress.
  2. Give your skin extra care: With a well-formulated moisturizer, you give your skin the moisture it needs in stressful timesThis not only helps you fight wrinkles: if your skin care cream contains vitamin C and zinc, it will keep pimples and acne in check.

Give yourself and your skin the attention it deserves

You only have one life and one skinMake the most of it: Enjoy both!