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Spilanthol:Why the organic botox is the revolution for anti-aging

This trendy active ingredient has what it takes to revolutionize yo...
Spilanthol Bio Botox

This trendy active ingredient has what it takes to revolutionize your anti-aging care: Spilanthol is a botox-like, but natural and more useful wrinkle blocker. We'll show you what paracress can do and how it keeps your skin young.. 

What is spilanthol 

Spilanthol is an oily and yellowish liquid that has an anesthetic effect. The active ingredient is plant-based and is obtained from the Brazilian jambu plant, among other things:Acmella oleracea – for the botanists among us.

Spilanthol is also found in the flowering plantHeliopsis longpipeswhich, however, is less common, which is why Jambu is the better spilanthol supplier.

In case you want to shine with unnecessary knowledge: Here in Germany we like to (and wrongly!) Call the jambu plant paracress, because thanks to the spilanthol it has a very pungent taste. However, Jambu belongs to the family ofComposites and not to theCruciferous plantsas the name cress would suggest.. 

Whether it's a jambu or a paracress, it depends on the content of the yellow flower heads: 

The flower heads of the jambu plant contain 1.2 percent spilanthol, enough for a gentle, local anesthetic effect!


Traditional medicine has therefore used the active ingredient for a long time to relieve pain. Among other things for headaches, asthma, rheumatism and toothache. In England, jambu or paracress is therefore also known in the vernacular asToothache Plant known.

If you like to cook, the leaves of the jambu plant should be of interest to you:

They contain plentyvitamin C and folic acid (which is also said to have anti-inflammatory effects) and are a delicious ingredient in salads, soups or vegetable dishes. And when you get hold of the leaves, it's worth chewing them raw: after a few seconds they tingle like a fizzy spice on the tongue and spread an aromatic taste of herbs.

Today we are more interested in the flower head of the paracress, from which we obtain spilanthol:

In anti-aging creams, Spilanthol has an excellent rejuvenating effect!

Real anti-aging or just a trend: How does Spilanthol work in cosmetics? 

If you apply Spilanthol to your face using a suitable cosmetic skin cream, it relaxes the skin muscles there, including those muscles that are responsible for wrinkling. 

This is only possible thanks to the compact design of the spilanthol molecule: it can penetrate the cornea, thereby accumulating in the skin and inhibiting contractions.

The good thing, however, is that Spilanthol is your facenot paralyzes. So you can still visibly laugh, grin or grimace without forming fine, permanent wrinkles. 

We hang on to:

Spilanthol reduces muscle activity on the face, tightens the skin and thereby prevents wrinkles.

Due to its gentle effect, in our opinion, Spilanthol is clearly superior to the more aggressive wrinkle killer Botox:

What are the benefits of spilanthol compared to a facelift with botox 

You know the frozen, mask-like faces of prominent actors who exaggerated at the last botox party. That would not have happened to them with Spilanthol.

The 3 main advantages of Spilanthol over Botox are:

  1. Botox paralyzes the nerves for a long time. Spilanthol only inhibits muscle contraction. 
  2. Botox has a more aggressive effect and paralyzes the facial expressions Spilanthol, on the other hand, reduces the muscle activity in the face, which means that your natural facial expressions are retained. 
  3. Spilanthol can penetrate the top layer of skin and can therefore be applied with a face cream, but you have to use botox invasive squirt with a needle.


A facelift with Spilanthol is much more sustainable and skin-friendly than with Botox. It's the better alternative to botox and it's very reminiscent of usAcetyl hexapeptideobtained through synthesis. Spilanthol, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring active ingredient with an anesthetic effect, which is why many people call it todayOrganic botox describe.

Which anti-aging cream uses Spilanthol as an organic botox 

In cosmetics, more and more manufacturers are using spilanthol as an anti-aging booster. The active ingredient has absolute trend potential because it visibly improves the complexion of the skin after a short time.

We at sober recently got a new oneAnti aging face cream brought out with Spilanthol and optimized this for a high level of effectiveness. theYouth Infusion Cream contains the extract of Spilanthes Acmella and combines the Bio-Botox with, among other things

With this tested combination, you smooth wrinkles with a completely new level of effectiveness and give your skin valuable moisture.

In short: this is how you keep your skin young and healthy, botox-free! #TreatYourself


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