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Protection from sunburn and wrinkles on the face: Why facial cleansing and moisturizing cream are so important for men

First of all: I myself am not the type who always wants to go out in the sun to tan. This is mainly because sun is the number one reason for wrinkles. However, I also do not want to do without fresh air and a walk and that means that my skin is also exposed to a few UV rays. In order to counteract wrinkles as effectively as possible, I put on men's grooming products in the evening just after a sunny day - and that's what it's about today.

Why your facial skin needs care after the sun despite sunscreen

It goes without saying that the way to the sun must not bypass the sunscreen. The rule is: if you go out into the sun for just a few minutes, apply sunscreen . A few minutes in the sun are enough for the ultraviolet rays to cause damage to the skin. But it's not just about sunburn or oily and blemished skin!

UV rays dry out the skin on the one hand and thus provide an essential factor for skin aging. On the other hand, they also ensure that free radicals are generated , which can cause further damage to the cells and the collagen structure. UV rays not only cause wrinkles, but also flaccid connective tissue, inflammation and skin diseases such as skin cancer.

In summary, UV rays do this:

  • UV rays dry out the skin.
  • UV rays cause free radicals on the skin.
  • UV rays ensure that our skin wrinkles faster.
  • UV rays damage the genome and can cause skin cancer.

But it gets even better, because the air that we let on our skin is not that fresh: dust and fine dust, smog and other environmental influences reach our skin cells and intensify the effect of UV rays. The skin is dry, irritated and covered with fine harmful particles.

I recently took a long walk through the forest on the weekend, where I had all of the following: On the way into the forest, my skin came into contact with UV rays, environmental toxins, fine dust and smog. In the forest itself, dry dust came from the ground as well as additional sun rays.

Because my skin was really stressed in the evening after the sunny day, I used a simple but effective facial care program:

Skin care after the sun in two steps

Even after a walk on a sunny day, the face went through a lot: Those who do not take part in a care program are likely to face further potential consequential damage. The procedure, however, is as simple as it is effective:

1st step: clean face and remove pimples or blackheads

The first step is to clean the facial skin. We remove dirt, dust, smog and other environmental influences and prevent free radicals from causing trouble. When cleaning the face, it is important that the skin's own protective barrier is attacked as little as possible. This means that normal soaps or shower gel are not suitable here - you need a facial cleanser that responds to the needs of men's skin that requires care.

I myself use the Gentle Facial Cleanser . Why? The cleaning effect is based on oils and clay. This makes the facial cleanser very gentle and at the same time particularly thorough. The recipe also contains vitamin E and panthenol, which is why cleaning already combats free radicals (vitamin E) and activates the formation of new cells (panthenol). This is especially important after the UV rays and environmental influences in order to counteract wrinkles.

When I have finished cleaning my face, I dry my face with a clean towel. Although "drying" does not mean that I run the towel over my face like sandpaper! "Dabbing" is better: I don't damage the skin barrier and put less physical pressure on the skin.

You can also order the Gentle Facial Cleanser online here and try it out at home.

Step 2: Give the skin moisture, important nutrients and antioxidants

The facial skin has suffered a lot from the UV rays and environmental influences. To do something good for her, I use the Hydra Defense Cream for facial care . The reasons are as follows:

  • The cream provides plenty of moisture, more than usual moisturizers. This is because it contains urea and hyaluron - two excellent moisturizers.
  • The Hydra Defense Cream provides a lot of vitamins C and E. It effectively combats free radicals on the skin, because the two vitamins are potent antioxidants. Vitamin C also supports the reconstruction of the collagen structure, making it an important contribution to firm, wrinkle-free skin!
  • In addition to various relevant nutrients for skin regeneration, the Hydra Defense Cream also produces an occlusive cell protection. This barrier enables the care substances to develop their effects and also protects the skin from further dehydration and external influences.

If you want to test the Hydra Defense Cream, you can get it here in the shop .

The result: a fresh look and protection against wrinkles

The skin cleansing and face care take a total of less than 10 minutes for me and the effect lasts a long time: I was able to counteract the causes of wrinkles from the sun. And the positive side effect is that my face looks young again and has a healthy freshness without dark circles. That is why facial care not only makes sense after a sunny day, but also when you want to do something good for yourself.

Sounds good? Then take good care of your skin and #staysober