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6 reasons for konjac:This is why the konjac sponge is so good for your skin

Please do not confuse it with the strongly alcoholic drink: Konjac ...
Konjakschwamm günstig

Please do not confuse it with the strongly alcoholic drink: Konjac or Konjak sponges have wonderful properties in cosmetics and are more popular than ever. At least 6 good reasons speak for theKonjac sponge and we also tell you how to use it correctly. (Spoiler: It's super easy!)

What is a konjac sponge 

A konjak sponge is a fine-pored, structured skin care sponge that is particularly popular due to its hydrating and gently cleansing properties.

The Konjak root is the substance that Konjak Sponge is made of, and has been popular in Japanese cuisine for ages. The tuber is exceptionally rich in glucomannans (polysaccharides), which can store a lot of fluid and have a hydrating effect. This makes konjac particularly suitable for preparing jelly-like dishes, but for us it is even better as a cosmetic cleaning sponge.m.

The konjac root comes from the type of plant called devil's tongue, which is particularly widespread in the East Asian region due to the (sub-) tropical location conditions. In order to produce konjak sponges, the flour of the konjac tuber is mixed with water, shaped and strengthened by steam baths.

Seen in this way, the konjac sponge is pretty simple: All it needs is konjac flour, no additives, a little steam and you're done. It is all the more surprising that the effect of the sponge is so extraordinarily complex!

What are the benefits of konjas sponges 

With facial cleansing and skin care with a konjac sponge, you can successfully remove dirt and sweat from your skin without having to resort to additional cleansing products. This is what makes cleaning the skin with a sponge so sensitive. In addition, the massaging peeling effect also removes dead skin cells from the pores.

The konjac sponge is particularly moisturizing, which makes it all the more interesting for facial care. Due to the slightly alkaline pH value, the sponge regulates the protective acid mantle of the skin and is suitable for all skin types due to its mild properties.

Sounds too good to be true 

We have listed the arguments for the konjac sponge in more detail:

Why exactly is the konjac sponge good for the skin? The 6 most important reasons: 

1. Moisturizing

Konjac sponges contain a lot of glucomannan. This is a carbohydrate that, due to its high water-binding capacityespecially a lot of moisture saves.

2. Regulatory

The sponge naturally has an alkaline pH value and thus manages to cleanse the skin andthe skin's own protective acid mantle to regulate.

3. Effective

Cleaning with a konjac sponge is very gentle and natural, because the sponge alone is often enough to remove dirt, sweat or other deposits. So you only need something for stubborn dirt or makeupFacial cleanser – and here a small amount is enough, as the sponge foams particularly well.

4. Exfoliating and massaging

A konjac sponge is perfect for exfoliating! Due to its fine structural properties, it is particularly suitable for gently removing dead skin cells. The massage effect gives your skin even better blood circulation, which is why it feels pleasantly soft and looks nice and fresh afterwards.

5. Particularly compatible

Konjac sponges are forall skin types suitable because they are particularly soft and gentle on the skin. As a result, they do not cause skin irritation even on sensitive skin.

6. Environmentally friendly

theEnvironmental friendliness or neutrality Konja sponges are great: They are vegan and you can use them for up to three months before you dispose of them on the compost or organic waste without leaving any residue (Zero waste). So these are big pluses!

If you want to keep the ecological footprint of your konja sponge as small as possible, you should make sure that it comes without additional ingredients:

Many producers are increasingly mixing activated charcoal, clay or green tea with it in order to differentiate themselves from others. The only difference is that they only waste resources with unnecessary additives 

How does it work with a konjac sponge? 

theFacial cleansing and facial care With the konjac sponge it is more than simple with a maximum of five steps:

  1. Soak your konjac sponge in lukewarm water. If you are using it for the first time, give it a few minutes to soften.
  2. Squeeze the sponge to squeeze out the water so it's just damp.
  3. You don't need a facial cleanser for the next step, unless you are struggling with stubborn dirt (e.g. from makeup). In this case you are wearing oneFacial cleanser in only small amounts on the skin beforehand.
  4. Now use the sponge to gently massage your skin in circular movements.
  5. Complete. Finally, all you have to do is clean the sponge.

How do you clean your konjac sponge 

Cleaning the konjac sponge is also super easy. All you have to do is rinse it with clear water after use, then carefully squeeze it out and let it dry. For this purpose, konjac sponges usually have a cord on which you can hang them.

By the way: A konjac sponge lasts two to three months before it loses its good peeling properties. You can then simply compost it or dispose of it in the organic trash.

Where to buy konjac sponges

Such a konjac sponge is a clean affair for you and your skin: gentle, hydrating and compatible with all skin types and the environment. We are so enthusiastic about the concept that we ourselves have an inexpensive oneKonjac sponge for 9€ have included in our offer.

Try it out and #TreatYourself


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