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5 tips for beautiful, youthful and pure skin in men

At some point we all reach the point where we look in the mirror an...
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At some point we all reach the point where we look in the mirror and secretly wish to turn the time back a little to where we still had particularly youthful skin. In fact, there are good and, above all, everyday possibilities to have young skin even from 30. We have summarized the 5 best beauty tips for you.. 

Tip 1: 120 minutes of exercise per week 

Sport is the means of choice when it comes to beautiful skin: By exercising, you stimulate your circulation and blood circulation and thus activate metabolic processes that have a positive effect on the youthfulness of your skin.. 

Studies show that people of old age stillthe skin of 30 year olds can have. There should be around 120 minutes of light exercise per week: running, swimming, or gymnastics are absolutely recommended. Even better: meet up with your favorite people twice a week to play Frisbee with them in the park or to run a round. This way you stay young together and have a good time together. 

Tip 2: renounce sugar and alcohol 

Your diet has a direct effect on the complexion of your skin. You have probably already noticed that after consuming alcohol or sugar you have more skin blemishes such as blackheads, pimples or acne. 

Ahealthy eating with little sugar, fat and white flour, however, keeps you and your skin healthy. Use vegetables instead of meat, whole grains instead of ready-made meals, and fruit instead of sweets. In this way, you firstly give your skin important nutrients, vitamins and trace elements and, secondly, do not let harmful substances into your organism. And by the way, you keep your body fitter overall with a balanced diet.g. 

Plays a special role in nutritionalcohol. It not only makes you swell, but also dries out your skin and makes it inflammatory. These are the foundations for skin aging and wrinkles. Therefore: avoid alcohol altogether or enjoy it in a healthy amount.n. 

Tip 3: stay wrinkle-free under the parasol 

Sun, especially UV radiation, makes your skin age particularly quickly. The rays penetrate deep into the skin and unleash free radicals that attack your collagen structure. The consequences are weak connective tissue, leathery skin and wrinkles. In the worst case, even skin diseases such as skin cancer. 

If you want to keep your skin young, let as little sun as possible get to it: stay in the shade and never in the sun, use enough sunscreen and carry arounda care program after the sunny day for the skin. 

Tip 4: Moisturize the skin 

Every day your skin is exposed to countless influences that affect the substance and damage it. Above all arefree radicalsthat take away the elasticity of your skin and dry it out. By properly caring for your skin, you can avoid wrinkles and keep your skin young. 

Moisture is a crucial criterion for the skin here: you need a lot of it to stay young. When choosing your moisturizing cream, make sure that it is specially tailored to the needs of sensitive, demanding skin and that, in addition to moisturizing substances urea and hyaluron, it also contains essential vitamins C and E in the fight against free radicals as well as valuable trace elements.ält. 

The right formulation of a skin cream determines whether it makes a good contribution to your anti-aging program. Accordingly, we have at theHydra Defense Cream made sure that it is rich in active ingredients and therefore good for the moisture balance and the health of your skin. 

Tip 5: smooth away wrinkles 

As soon as wrinkles are there, there are only a few options to deal with them: Accept them, spray them away or, and many do not know thatt Acetyl hexapeptide to treat. The latter is a gentle way of smoothing out wrinkles without damaging the skin and walking around with a mask-like botox face with no harmful retinol.n. 

Serums with acetyl hexapeptide work similarly to Botox, but they are harmless to health and only active on the surface of the skin: They do not paralyze the muscle nerves as is the case with Botox, but only weaken the muscle activity so that the skin wrinkles less. Many of sober have had good experiences with the Time Shift Anti-Aging Serum made in order to gain a younger complexion. 

Young skin is also possible with little effort 

It is a question of your attitude towards yourself and towards life: If you pay attention to your health, you keep your skin young and fresh. With small aids you can even get rid of wrinkles without harming yourself. 

So: stay good to yourself, stay young and #staysober


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