Von Kopf bis Fuß: Klartext zum Thema Körperbehaarung und wo Du Dich (nicht) rasieren solltest.

From head to toe: plain text on the subject of body hair and where you should (not) shave.

Body shaving in men is - depending on the region of the body - a question of belief: Should I shave or not? Every guy is different and every tasteDo you prefer to look the way your bed partner (s) expect it - or rather how you feel good? Maybe you can do both?

We have drawn up a list for body shaving and are working systematically from top to bottom: where and when does a wet shave make sense? When is it better to use hair clippers or trimmers? How can you avoid shaving pimples? And anyway: is that even necessary?

Shave what grows on your head?

Head hair and hairstyle

Who is washing their hair is well cared for? Not everyone likes greasy manes, some make a face with proud, long mats and others celebrate the out of bed lookWhat should we say Hair on the head is a broad field and very subjective as a matter of tasteAs long as the hair loss does not bother you and if you are unsure about style, a hairdresser and / or good friend will help you.


Check what is growing on and in your ears at regular intervals - about once a weekWith increasing age, some men particularly like small hairs to appear hereIf you belong to this type, it is worthwhile to use tweezers for the hair on the edge of the ears and an ear hair trimmer, which you can usually use for the following areas:


Most people will certainly perceive the herb that comes out of your nose as unappetizingWith small scissors and a little caution, you can quickly remove the hair; You can get really reliable and long-lasting results with a nasal hair trimmerPractical: You can also use it for the ears, see above.


Beards have been hip for quite a while and many guys who are serious about themselves have a full beard or mustache or wear a three-day beard all the timeIt is no surprise that such guys can manage without a razor or trim their beards with dry razorsThe real professionals in this series maintain their gorgeous growth with oils and we admit: the difference is impressive!

However, do you belong to the noble category of men who present their excellent face by shaving? Then we have a few important tips for you, with which you can achieve particularly reliable shaving results and avoid pimples after shaving:

  • Take the safety razor. Men who shave wet avoid the 4, 6 or 15 blade system razor for style and efficiency; instead, they rely on the safety razor, also known as a safety razorThe reasons cannot be denied: it is more economical (no plastic and the cheap razor blades are available on every corner), looks ten times better (black, heavy stainless steel; at least with our safety razor here in the shop ), shaved around many times more precise and you provoke less shaving pimples on your face, because with the super sharp blades you get a super smooth result with just a few strokes.
  • Use an aftershave that means well with your skinMany men think that an aftershave has to burn and stink for it to work and be masculineBut that's not trueAn aftershave is supposed to do two thingsFirst, take care of your sensitive men's skin so that it is well strengthened against environmental influences after shavingSecondly, it is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect so that bacteria do not harm your skin in the form of shaving pimples - which, incidentally, is the most important task of a good after shave if you want to do something about pimples after shaving
    In the sober range we have an after-shave repair fluid that fulfills its duties 1aTry it out: You can find it here in the shop .

Topless or with: Where hair belongs on the upper body

Shoulders and back

Unfortunately, it is like this: hair on the shoulders and back was in all likelihood never been trendy in modern timesExcept maybe for men who call themselves bears - and here we suspect that they have made a virtue of necessity, because: Getting rid of the fur requires either incredible skill or a really good friend at your side who (or of course) has been through a lot with youThe person may even help you apply an after shave body lotion to prevent shaving pimples and take care of your skin.


Armpit shaving is popular in summer when our sweat glands are working at top performance and we are wearing an armpit shirtBut is not a must: for some men, armpit hair is pure virility, so that often only slight cuts with scissors or trimmers are necessaryBut a good deodorant all the more.

There are two things you should consider when shaving:

  1. Be careful because the area under the arms is not flatWith a slightly narrower body groomer, men are well advised here.
  2. Do not apply deodorant immediately after shaving - especially none with alcohol! It is better if you apply a nourishing cream under your arms to avoid pimples and to supply the skin with important nutrientsYou can use the after shave body lotion from sober for this area.


Do you wear your chest hair with pride? Then it will be the greatest of emotions to occasionally use the long hair trimmer to measure the length of the growthIf you prefer it to be smooth, you should note when shaving your chest hair that the skin is also very sensitive there and that the sweat glands there are some bacteria just waiting to cause shaving pimples.

Therefore our tip for a careful and gentle shave: First, take a safety razor so that you glide smoothly over your skin with sharp bladesSecond, use an after shave body lotion that has a disinfectant effect and moisturizesWe recommend the after shave lotion from sober, which you can get here in the shop .


Similar to the chest, your personal taste is also important for the stomach - although of course some bed stories particularly appeal to the notorious Road to JoyIf you use wet shaving to remove the road to Down Under, you should avoid all the more pimples: As with the breast, the after shave body lotion is important.

When there is a lot going on below: hair in the genital area


Hairy bum? It's a bit like a hairy back: Not many like it and unfortunately it's not too easy to handleSmall advantage: the bottom is easier to hide on the beach than the back.

pubic area

How to shave your genital area is almost a science in itselfWe have already collected some tips for shaving penis, testicles and the like in the magazine and summarize the most important things:

  • It's completely ok if you, as a man, depilate the genital area or experiment with itEveryone has to find their style here, but should be particularly careful - after all, you are handling your holy sanctuary with sharp guns.
  • When it comes to size, you can skilfully make a pillemann into something bigger - a penis, for exampleDo not expect a handle or a meat whip right away, a shave cannot do magic, but at least add some length.
  • Wash yourself beforehand.
  • The safety razor is the king for the crown jewels because it is safe and precise.
  • After shaving in the genital area, care is the most important part, in addition to careful preparation and shaving, to avoid inflammation after shavingFor the finale, you should definitely use an after-shave body lotion that maintains and disinfects the area - and thus protects against love-destroying shaving pimples.

What is left at the bottom?


Not without controversy, depending on taste a bit strange and more popular with athletes: shaved legs are not the trend in men and due to the amount of hair is not a breezeThat's why: Are you one of those guys who always expect shaved legs in women? Then be a man, go through the ordeal for a while and maybe you will change your attitude again.


If you shave your legs, you shouldn't have stopped with your feetFor everyone else, the rule is: if your toes hang on what the vernacular calls hobbit feet, then don't be annoyedOnly Frodo ran around the area barefootJust put on socks.

And of course: #staysober