Urea: Wundermittel für trockene und strapazierte Männerhaut?

Urea: miracle cure for dry and stressed men's skin?

Doesn't smell, is white and looks unobtrusive. Nevertheless: This substance is really tough when it comes to well-groomed and well-hydrated skin. We're talking about urea, also known as urea. We wanted to know what it is good for and what this substance is actually made of.

What is urea?

The word urea comes from the Greek ouron and means urine. So the German equivalent is urea. However, the English urea sounds more pleasant, which is why the cosmetics industry - including us - likes to fall back on this variant.

But what is urine looking for in your cosmetics? First of all, urea is a metabolic product that our body produces in the urea cycle and transports through urine and sweat. It is indispensable for important biological processes because it is indispensable for the formation of proteins. But it is also one of the most commonly used substances in medical and industrial areas: Urea makes many ointments and creams effective, but the substance can also be used to produce fertilizers, adhesives or impregnants.

In fact, the substance was previously obtained from urine, namely that of horses. However, nobody does that anymore today: Synthetically produced urea is chemically identical and more hygienic - after all, it no longer has anything to do with horse excretions. Synthetic, pure urea is white and crystalline, has no smell and is also a non-toxic, hygienic solid - after all, it is also called carbonic acid diamide or carbamide.

Incidentally, urea plays a crucial role in the history of science. In the 19th century, researchers succeeded for the first time in using urea to artificially manufacture a metabolic product exclusively from inorganic substances in the laboratory. Urea thus marks the beginning of biochemistry.

Perfect for the skin: urea binds moisture

Normal, healthy skin forms its own moisture barrier on the upper layer of skin with water and fats. The body's own urea is also involved here, because sweat reaches the skin and develops its hygroscopic effect : urea binds moisture and stores it in the skin! Urea has a 7 percent share in the natural moisture factor of the horny layer.

Many people suffer from dry skin. One possible reason is that the skin itself cannot build or maintain this moisture barrier correctly. Changing environmental influences such as in winter can also be involved. The result: the skin is rough and dry, brittle and tends to wrinkle faster.

With Urea in creams you have the perfect moisturizer

Urea is particularly well tolerated by the skin and is considered to be free of side effects, after all, it is an endogenous substance in the human hydration system. The moisture-binding function can also be applied to the skin using creams. Urea thus supports and boosts the body's hydration process: it binds water in the tissue of the horny layer and reduces the overproduction of skin cells. In this context, another effect of urea shows its benefits: urea is keratolytic , which means that it loosens the connections between dead skin cells (cornea). If you use products with urea, you will improve your own natural desquamation and favor smoother skin.

Products with a balanced urea content (up to five percent) hydrate, counteract dry skin and thus prevent wrinkles. Pharmaceuticals use higher concentrations than ten percent to treat acute skin diseases such as ichthyosis, psoriasis or neurodermatitis. However, a higher dosage is an exception, because if used permanently, it can cause skin irritation.

For good reason, high-quality cosmetic products rely on a moderate proportion of urea: it is an effective, antibacterial and also well-tolerated moisture storage - perfect for dry skin! Due to its properties and its function, it is also referred to as a natural moisturizing factor.

But: Urea does not appear in every care product! Many manufacturers save costs by omitting this effective substance.

The Hydra Defense Cream relies on urea for moisturizing

For daily facial care, you should use a care cream that has a balanced proportion of urea. This way you keep the hydration of your sensitive facial skin in balance and fight against tired skin and wrinkles.

Under scientific supervision, we developed the formulation of the Hydra Defense Cream especially for men. In addition to other moisturizing substances, we use a two percent urea so that you can keep your skin's moisture balance at a good level. Try it out: The Hydra Defense Cream is available in our shop .

Do something against dry skin! And as always: #staysober