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Treating Blemished Skin:What Care Will Help With Pimples and Acne

The common thing about pimples and acne is that skin problems do no...
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The common thing about pimples and acne is that skin problems do not only exist during puberty. Even as an adult you have blackheads, occasionally pimples and sometimes even acne. At least you can do something about it: We'll tell you how to care for blemished skin and how to fight and prevent pimples! 

How do pimples arise 

Actually, it all starts with the increased sebum production around the hair follicles: If the skin is unable to secrete excess sebum, it has formed blackheads. However, when these blackheads become infected, pimples develop.

Whether we call it a pimple, papule, pustule or focus of inflammation, it is not pleasant: The pimple can itch or be painful and for many it is also visually painful.. 

What is the difference between pimples and acne 

It gets particularly bad when blackheads and pimples occur more often and keep coming back. In this case we speak of acne and almost every person (70 to 95 percent) had the skin problem in their youth. 

The inflammation of the sebum gland system and the hair follicles is more persistent in the case of acne than in common pimples, for this reason the visible pustules also appear more regularly. 

There are different degrees of hardness in acne. There are mild courses in which acne heals without leaving scars. With more severe findings, the inflammation is really painful and protracted: It is possible that the inflammation nodes under the skin form fistulas.

If you suffer from acne, be sure to talk to your: n dermatologist: in and get dermatological advice: In particularly bad cases, only medicinal treatment with medicinal ointments or tablets can help.

4 Tips To Treat Pimples And Acne

With conventional pimples and mild acne, you can do a lot yourself. Follow these four tips to get a grip on pimples. The result is a clearer, fresher complexion.

1. Do not touch, do not press, do not squeeze

Understand that pimples are inflammation of the skin. To get rid of this, you urgently need to avoid further inflammation:

Stay away from the pimples.

You want to keep dirt particles, bacteria, and more away from your skin as much as possible. This means that you shouldn't touch your face unnecessarily.

It is absolutely taboo to squeeze out the pimples or blackheads!

When you physically act on inflamed areas of the skin, you not only damage your skin, worsen the pimple and provoke scars, you can even cause further inflammation in other areas. 

If you think a pimple or blackhead is ripe for violence, always have it done by trained, professional beauticians. People just know better how to cleanly remove pimples and blackheads without adding to the problem.

2. Gently cleanse the skin

Skin cleansing has different functions in the fight against pimples: You remove excess sebum from the skin as well as harmful bacteria and reduce the total number of particles that can lead to skin inflammation.

There are different ways to gently cleansed skin.

  1. AFacial steam bath is a mild way of widening pores so that excess sebum and dirt can get out.
  2. Agentle peeling leads to a similar effect: you can gently apply a paste made of baking soda and distilled water (ratio 1 to 1) to your skin to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt.
  3. Much easier in everyday life is amild, low-surfactant facial cleanser againGentle Facial Cleanser. You can easily use the care product in your daily skin care routine.

3. Build skin protection: Strengthen the skin's protective barrier

With the facial cleansing you have removed a lot of bacteria and dirt from your skin, but also at the expense of your skin's own protective film. This shields your skin cells from external hazards and also keeps the moisture in the skin that would otherwise evaporate. As soon as it is damaged, it can no longer optimally protect your skin. 

To prevent pimples and acne (and also the formation of wrinkles), you have to rebuild this protective barrier.

Use a moisturizer that provides the skin with valuable nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. We take the Hydra Defense Cream for this because it is with usurea andHyaluronic acid an optimal moisturizer is and withvitamin C andzinc additionally protects against inflammation (i.e. pimples).

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Smoking, alcohol, sugar, animal fats There are things that are fun for a while, but can be seen for longer on the skin: 

For the body, they are poisons that are sometimes to blame for inflammation and which must be avoided for clean skin. 

If you have pimples frequently, it is worth asking: Is my sugar consumption, smoking or something else related to the pimples? 

Then it is entirely up to you to completely do without one of the vices for about one to two weeks. This makes it easier for you to see whether there is a connection to your skin.

A healthy lifestyle isn't just about not doing unhealthy things - it's also about doing the right things. We have one here List of healthy foods and nutrition tips for good complexion.

5. Don't do ill-considered experiments

Really, don't blindly buy any skin care products that make big promises. There are too many cosmetics manufacturers who use questionable substances in their care products.. 

Some of these substances may have a short-term positive effect, but lead to problems afterwards. Take silicone, for example: The mineral oil-containing substance has a skin-smoothing effect, but seals the skin and helps prevent excess sebum from dissolving in the skin's pores. One of the factors that cause pimples.

We havehere is a list of questionable ingredients that you should have read at least once to know. But it is also clear that you don't necessarily want to memorize this list. That is why we always advise our customers to take cosmetic products with them before buying to consider.

Ideally, you should use a code check to check your care products in the bathroom. If you suffer from pimples or acne, it could be related to pollutants in your current cosmetics.

Good luck in the fight against pimples and acne

You see: With conventional pimples and mild acne, you can achieve a clearer complexion even with simple means. If you notice that you cannot get the problem under control or the acne is worse, seek additional medical advice. Better safe than sorry.

I wish you all the best on your way to healthy skin! #TreatYourself


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