Squalan für Haut und Haar: Perfekter Ersatz für Silikone in Shampoo oder Conditioner

Squalane for skin and hair: perfect replacement for silicones in shampoo or conditioner

Sounds a bit like Pocahontas in name, but has something to do with sharks: Squalane plays a very special role for skin and hair and turns out to be an excellent replacement for harmful silicone. Why?

In its pure form, squalane is a colorless oil and also occurs in chemistry as hexamethyltetracosane, cosbiol, vitabiosol or roban. Our body already knows the substance: 15 percent of our skin tallow consists of squalane, and it also occurs in blood serum. Squalane plays an important role in sebum: it makes the skin silky and is a component of the skin lipids, thus ensuring that our skin does not dry out. More on that later..

Squalane, squalene, squalane or photosqualan?

There are many terms around this substance and in fact they have a few key differences.

Squalene, with emphasis on the last syllable, is the name for the substance as it occurs in nature. On the one hand, this includes our skin sebum. We also find squalene in vegetable oils such as wheat germ, rice germ, avocado, amaranth and olive oil. However, the best-known origin of squalene is that of fish liver oil: For a long time, the substance was mainly obtained from shark liver, because here it occurs in a particularly high concentration of around 30 percent. Hence the name:Squalusis the Latin term for shark the philologists among us nod in agreement..

The problem with squalene with e: It is an unsaturated fatty acid that is easily oxidized and therefore quickly becomes unusable. Therefore squalene is hydrated and becomes squalane with a.

Squalaneis more durable than squalene and serves as the basis for cosmetic products. Because of its good properties as an oil, it is often used as a lubricant. With the INCI information ingredients, the substance already sounds a bit more English:: Squalanehis name is here. And because many consumers prefer vegan, fish-free squalane, we often speak of pure vegetable squalanPhotosqualan– at least if the fish-free origin is to be emphasized.

Squalane in cosmetics instead of silicones

We have already spoken extensively about the fact that silicone does not belong in cosmetics. We cannot deny the smoothing effect of the mineral oil, but they arenegative effects of silicone more serious. All the better that squalane, as the body's own natural substance, has similar effects without harming the body or nature..

Squalane contributes to smooth, soft skin:

  • As a liquid component, it supports the hydro lipid film of the skin and prevents dehydration. It also protects against wrinkles!
  • As a quickly absorbed oil, it makes the skin pleasantly soft, smoothes it and thus ensures a good feeling on the skin.
  • Squalane is also an antioxidant: howvitamin C or vitamin E, it fights free radicals and prevents them from causing damage to the skin.
  • It can be distributed very well as an oil. We also speak of a good spreadability of English. to spread, to distribute..
  • It is particularly well absorbed and transports active ingredients deep into the skin.

Why is squalane so good for your hair?

Some would say that squalane in theShampoo without silicone as ahair conditioner works. So far that's not wrong; however, squalane can do much more for hair:

  • As with the skin, squalane prevents the hair from drying out and prevents brittle and split ends of the hair.
  • If your hair is lackluster or brittle, squalane will help you get started: thanks to its oily properties, it will make your hair supple and smooth again. You also get a fresh, healthy shine.
  • Squalan has its full effect when used regularly: it can improve the hair structure sustainably. You can also notice that the hair is easier to comb.

The good ingredients are the natural ones

We are convinced that foreign, artificial ingredients have no place in good cosmetics. That is why we only use natural components in our care products for men, for which we have confirmed the compatibility with the skin. Silicones have no place there and the example of squalane shows that it works well without harmful ingredients.

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