Schlafprobleme? Mit 11 Tipps besser ein- und durchschlafen

Sleep problems? Sleep and sleep better with 11 tips

Dark circles under the eyes because you slept badly? Then be careful now, because a healthy sleep and a healthy complexion are closely related. Here we show you 11 foolproof tips for a wake-up look through better sleep.  

Tip 1: If you realize you can not fall asleep, ...

... ask yourself why you are lying awake. What is preventing you from falling asleep? Possible answers can be:  

  • You and your body, you are not tired.  
  • You ponder.  
  • The area is not suitable for sleeping.  

Are there any other reasons you can think of?  

The following tips tell you what you can do acutely when you have sleep problems and how you can prevent difficulties in falling asleep and staying asleep.  

Tip 2: Train a sleep rhythm  

Six to eight hours of sleep is what we need on average. More than that is usually not recommended, as the cycle does not start properly with too much sleep the following day. The result is dark circles and a feeling of tiredness - at worst all day long.  

A rhythm of sleep is important so that your body "knows" when to be tired and when not.  

So how do you get the six to eight hours of sleep? Obvious answer: Set up fixed bed times. For example, if you get up at 7 a.m. each morning, you should be in bed at 11 p.m. the night before.  

Tip 3: help rituals  

Just like fixed bed times, rituals also help to tell the body: Now the time has come.  

Sleeping rituals can be very different. Some read a (relaxed) book for half an hour or an hour or drink a cup of mild tea to herald bedtime. Some also take a warm shower so that the body temperature rises and the body becomes a little tired. If the latter is a suitable remedy for you, please do not forget the skin care after the shower to prevent dry skin.  

So what would be a suitable ritual for you?

Tip 4: Find inner peace  

Everyday stress, worries and fears can give you sleepless nights - brooding prevents us from sleeping. For those affected, the painful experience is a vicious cycle: If you are nervous at night and do not sleep, you will suffer more the next day due to tiredness and will be unbalanced during the day. The next night, you roll around awake and worried in bed and start over.  

How do people find inner peace in everyday life, also to be able to sleep more peacefully?  

Relaxation aids such as meditation have helped many people. However, we men in particular often refuse to do relaxation exercises. Too uncomfortable, too soft, not masculine enough or, or, or ... But that's nonsense.  

You have an easy introduction to the topic of meditation exercises with apps such as Headspace : You can use it to do short sessions every day, e.g. for 5 or 10 minutes, and learn very easily how to relax your head and body. Do the exercises in a quiet room where nobody is bothering you or where you feel watched.  

Tip 5: reduce excitement factors in the evening  

Fierce discussions, challenging topics or a small series marathon mean that your head is still very busy in bed and is more difficult to switch off. Schedule such things for the day or early evening to give your body a chance to relax.  

Tip 6: sport yes or no?  

We are big fans of sports. Hardly anything is better for the body and skin .  

But: If your sports program takes place late in the evening, your circulation will be strongly stimulated. And you wide awake.  

Ideally, you sleep like a master at night to be fit for your sports program in the morning. But if you feel like exercising in the evening, just do a small, relaxed workout. Maybe it's a walk in the fresh air?  

Tip 7: alcohol and heavy food ...

... are the arch enemies of healthy sleep. The food will be in your stomach and ask to be digested. Depending on the dose, the alcohol will help you fall asleep quickly, but it is not a good night's sleep because:  

Numerous studies have shown that alcohol and sleep do not go well together. If you go to bed intimately with a few beers, the alcohol will reduce and ruin your REM sleep phases. The REM phases are the dream phases of your sleep and important because you are more concentrated with them the next day and have better memory and motor skills. On top of that, alcohol prevents you from sleeping through the night, because your thirst and urge to urinate increase with alcohol.  

It is better to drink a mild tea before going to bed. See also tip 3 on the rituals.  

Tip 8: cell phone off  

Not only to reduce excitement factors (see tip 5): You should not use your smartphone in bed because it emits a blue light that stimulates the production of the sleep hormone melatonin in your brain. Please do not misunderstand: It is called sleep hormone, but in this case it leads to your body waking up.  

Actually, the simplest tip for better sleep: use your cell phone less in the evening and not at all in bed.  

Tip 9: Make the surroundings sleep-appropriate  

Do you have a mattress that is good for your back - not too hard and not too soft? Is your duvet appropriate for the season? Can you influence the room temperature so that you have the recommended 18 degrees Celsius? Can you reduce disruptive factors such as noise and light? Is your bedroom tidy enough that the mess doesn't keep you from sleeping?  

Arrange yourself and your surroundings so that you can sleep well. It is often little things that can keep us from sleeping.  

Tip 10: make your body tired  

There are a few techniques that people can use to make them sleepy when they are in bed. Maybe one fits you?  

  • Reverse blinking: Your eyes are closed, but you open them for a fraction of a second and do a reverse blink. After a few repetitions you will notice that this makes you tired.
  • Looking through the eyelids: Try to look through the eyelids with your eyes closed. Of course you can't, but trying hard will get you tired pretty quickly.  
  • The day backwards: It helps some people to review the day again, but in reverse order.  

Tip 11: Don't torture yourself  

If you can't fall asleep, you shouldn't stay in bed and force yourself. This leads to nothing but more stress and discomfort. If you find yourself lying awake in bed and unable to fall asleep, do something different:  

A simple, perhaps monotonous activity can lead to the fact that, firstly, you are not lying in bed helplessly and, secondly, you are slowly getting tired.  

The classics: reading a book, ironing it or simply writing down the thoughts that occupy you.  

Good sleep is good skin care  

Healthy sleep is absolutely important not only for beautiful skin and fewer dark circles, but also for your physical and mental health. That's why we hope that one or the other tip will help you here.  

However: There are cases where no tip really wants to help. If you notice that you have a chronic sleep disorder, you should definitely speak to a doctor.  

So sleep well and #staysober