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Annoying razor burn: tips for protection against shaving pimples

Do you remember your first time? Shortly after the first hair in th...
Lästiger Rasurbrand: Tipps zum Schutz vor Rasierpickeln

Do you remember your first time? Shortly after the first hair in the genital area and under the armpits came the desire to do what men and women do: shave..

The handle for a standard system razor with as many blades as possible, a little shaving foam on and away with it. The pubic hair was gone, but there was something else: small razor blisters, reddened skin and irritation loosened your first oneen Razor burn from thepseudofolliculitis barbae. Nobody has worn it with pride and dignity.

Over time we have become a little more cautious and have discovered techniques with which we produce fewer shaving pustules. But: They don't stay that far away. Maybe it's because we're not doing everything right yet?

Time to take a look at how razor burn develops and what you can do about it..

They itch, burn and look nasty: How do razor bumps develop?

Whether dry shave or wet shave, whether in the genital area, on the chest or on the face: the razor burn doesn't really care how and where you shave. Because with every shave you expose your skin to the risk of igniting and forming razor papules.

Why is that? First of all, one of the shaving facts is that you cut your hair close to its roots. Especially with system razors with multiple blades, you lift the hair with the first cut before you cut it off with the following blades. The problem is that the direction of hair growth is influenced by it: it is no longer in its original position in the hair growth channel, the skin pore closes and the hair continues to grow underneath in a different direction. The curly or frizzy your hair, the more likely it is to grow together..

Your skin, of course, does not like this: It creates a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle, which also feeds on dirt particles and germs. A razor pimple has emerged.

Was hilft gegen Rasurbrand Hautbild Pickel

Razor burn not only looks ugly, it also feels uncomfortable after all, the pimples are RasurBRAND. Its consequences can persist: the painful itching makes you scratch yourself more often and thereby pour additional oil into the fire, the inflammation worsens..

Everaccompanies you according to severity the razor infection from a few hours to several days.

What to do against razor burn These tips will help!!

The safest way would be: do not shave. But that would be silly.

Make sure your shavegentle, safe and caring is. The following tips will help you prevent razor burn:

1. The right equipment against razor bumps

razor blade: It has to be hot, absolutely! Avoid using dull razor blades as they could pluck and tear the hair instead of cutting it. You can find really sharp razor bladesin our shop.

Razor: We advise against system razors with multiple blades and recommend oneadequate safety razor to grab. The reasons are obvious and in this post.

Shaving brush: You should not smear shaving soap on your skin with your hands.A good shaving brush ensures that the stubble straighten up and can be easily cut by the blade.

Pre-Shave Oil: This is particularly interesting for shaving your face. The shaving oil is not a substitute for shaving foam or shaving soap, but it does make for soft beard hair that is easier to straighten and easier to cut.

Shaving foam or shaving soap: Mild and for sensitive skin should the foam or thenatural soap his. Their job is to take care of your skin and to make the hair soft. So agents that provide a lot of moisture are also good.

2. The shave: Here, too, you can avoid razor burn

Cleanse your skin before you shave: Take warm water and rinse germs and dirt off your skin with a mild washing lotion.

soaking: Put a damp, warm shaving towel on your skin for one to two minutes, especially when shaving your face. This softens the hair and opens the pores.

With the line: The hair is fixed in its direction of growth as if it were memorizing the path. If it goes astray, inflammation is likely. Therefore: Before you shave, check in which directions your hair is growing and go with the grain.

No pressure: You want to avoid micro-injuries. You don't have to use force to get a clean cut, because you have very sharp razor blades. It is completely sufficient if you slide the blade over your skin.

Step by step: Shave short areas, no more than two inches. In this way you work more carefully and avoid unnecessary repetitions that damage your skin.

3. After the shave: The pustules don't stand a chance

Clean: Wash your skin or face thoroughly so that there are no soap residues. Use cold water to finish: it closes the pores so germs and contaminants stay outside.

After shave: Take a nursing oneAfter shavecontaining no alcohol if possible. Alcohol may disinfect, but it doesn't help you much if it irritates your skin.

Protect skin:You shouldn't wear tight clothing after shaving, especially in the intimate area. The friction irritates and irritates the already stressed skin. Likewise, you shouldn't let yourself be held in the face after shaving, even if the men in the advertising like to do it.n.

Facial care: Shaving is a burden on the skin. You expose them to irritation and stress them mechanically. Then you should give it nutrients as possible to revitalize it and give it new moisture. We have formulated the Hydra Defense Cream so that it can take on this job after shaving, has an antibacterial effect and also provides cell protection on the skin. You can find the facial carein our shop.

For a good shave and against razor burn

If you just start shaving, you do yoursBodyshave a source of fire for the skin. It's good that you now know!

So: Shave yourself safe and #staysober


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