Hautkiller Weihnachtszeit? Mit frischer Haut durch die Feiertage!

Skin killer Christmas time? With fresh skin through the holidays!

Have you ever looked in the mirror around Christmas? Better not, because hardly ever does our men's skin look less festive than on the holidays. Christmas is pure stress for the skin! Do not deliver yourself inactive: We will show you what you can do to combat the skin-killer Christmas season.

Why is Christmas bad for the skin?

Christmas is stressful

The feared and feared Christmas dispute with the siblings is just waiting to give your skin a rash. The sleepless nights - "What do I give ... ???" - make you wake up with dark circles. The race from celebration to celebration, from appointment to appointment, let pimples shine in the finest Christmas tree light.

Christmas is unhealthy

The cookies. The cakes. Your skin smells the roast! And we don't even want to know what percentage your alcohol consumption will increase in December. To make matters worse, the cold air pollutes your skin and the dry heating air leaches it out.

Christmas wants to get on your skin

Christmas hits your skin and neatly on your face: pimples and a stress rash can be found on your dry and tired skin. Perfect basis for wrinkles, unhealthy looks and a bad mood. Don't let Christmas look like your skin!

The duty: Cared for the holidays with good face cream

Are you a connoisseur and don't like to do without the deserved schnitzel, cookies and mulled wine at the end of the year? Then you should make sure that you take good care of your skin!

Due to the increased environmental influences, the stress and your festive diet, you wear your skin more than normal: do something good for yourself (and yourself) and take care of it with a face cream that hydrates it particularly well , forms a protective film and provides plenty of important nutrients , This is the only way your skin can revitalize from your holiday feasts. In addition: no one will notice the many parties so quickly when properly cared for and you prevent wrinkles.

We have developed the Hydra Defense Cream under scientific supervision especially for men's skin, so that it provides you with important moisture and has all the important weapons ready so that harmful substances and Christmas stress can not affect your face as much. You order the cream from us in the shop - and by the way, it is also a perfect Christmas gift. Just saying.

Face cream for men

Note: Care is mandatory, especially on the holidays! However, if you are really serious about your skin, pay attention to the following tips in the free program:

The free program: Celebrate Christmas in a skin-friendly way

We admit that doing without is about as fun as writing a tax return. Nevertheless, both are important. Suggestion: Only take the tips that you really can or want to implement.

1. Celebrate civilized

For your healthy skin, make sure you drink little to no alcohol. Especially at Christmas there is a lot going on at company celebrations, meetings with friends and family (not to mention New Year's Eve!) In the upper alcohol range. That may be funny - aside from the slips at the company party - but your skin can't laugh about it: after all, it looks very old due to the alcohol and the parties. And so do you.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drink enough water or unsweetened tea regularly! By adding liquid, you arm your skin from the stresses such as dry air and the extra glass of wine that you may have drunk after all.

3. Avoid sugar

Try alternatives to Christmas cookies that contain less sugar and whole grain flour instead of wheat. With chocolate, it is more difficult with alternatives that are reasonably equivalent: maybe you will try mandarins instead? After all, they contain plenty of vitamin C, which your skin will thank you for!

4. Eat healthy

Have you ever noticed that at Christmas we stuff so much fat and heavy food into us as if we had to go hungry all year round? So take it slow and see if you really want to eat more than you usually do. And don't let everything put in front of you: Instead of greasy roasts and heavy dumplings, it can sometimes be fish, vegetables and salad.

5. Stay relaxed

Avoiding stress is the best precaution! So that Christmas is completely stress-free, you would have to do away with Christmas Eve and Co. Admittedly, this is somewhat difficult or undesirable. Instead:

  • Do not like every prank. Only go to the events that are really important to you .
  • Try to recognize stressful situations in good time and counteract them: Take balancing walks to clear your head. Or even better sport !
  • Do your Christmas shopping right away rather than at the last minute. Don't forget: The closer Christmas is, the more people in the shops, the more stress. Shopping online is a stress-free alternative: Here we have tips for good Christmas gifts .

Come clean through the holidays, happy holidays and #staysober!



Bewertung sober


Außergewöhnlich und klasse.

Bekommen, ausgepackt und sofort getestet; Einfach ein Traum. Ich liebe das Konzept. Super Qualität, eine Creme die genau auf meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist und dazu sehr ergiebig. Habe schon nach einer Woche erste Verbesserungen gemerkt: Weichere glatte Haut, morgens weniger Knitterfältchen und weniger Pickelchen im Stirnbereich. Danke, werde definitiv wieder bestellen.


Sichtbarer Erfolg

Mein Hautarzt hat mir geraten, mehr für meine reife Haut zu tun. Über das Internet bin ich auf Sober gestoßen. Seit 2 Monaten benutze ich die Hydra Defence Gesichtscreme. Mit Erfolg! Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Danke!


Hochwertige Ware

Timeshift Anti-Aging Serum - Ein tolles Produkt zur täglichen Hautpflege. Das Serum hat einen angenehmen Geruch, vielleicht durch den Grünteeextrakt der dort enthalten ist. Ich habe es täglich aufgetragen und es fühlt sich sehr angenehm auf der Haut an. Tolles Produkt und gerne wieder..


Best facewash I have ever used

Risking to sound too overexcited, this is really the best i've tried! My skin feels very soft already after the first use, and the effect never disappoints. Redness has considerably improved; pores, too. Additionally to daily cleaning, once a week i leave it on my skin for some minutes, and i can feel a good but gentle peeling effect. Simply everything is nice about it, including packaging, look, smell etc. One small space for improvement: the dispenser sometimes chokes or gives out very little, but it recovers after another push.


Begleitet meinen Alltag

Top Produkte zu einem fairen Preis, wenn man Menge und Individualität mit einbezieht. Schön das natürliche Inhaltsstoffe verwendet werden. Lieferung ging fix, Beratung war super und sehr freundlich. Definitiv empfehlenswert.