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Facial care for you at an advanced age:when skin and time are ripe

At some point he will be there. The moment when we look each other ...
Gesichtspflege im Alter

At some point he will be there. The moment when we look each other in the face and realize that we are no longer 20 or 30. However, with the right skin care we don't get older, we get more mature. We tell you with which facial care from the age of 50 you radiate a youthful dignity. 

We could tell you now that it's not that bad to get older. Because every laugh line tells a story, the gray hair would make you wise and George Clooney, Demi Moore and so on. That may all be true, but we occasionally miss our youth and the extraordinary freshness that we once broadcast (and which our sex life immensely enriched).. 

We have one goal and that means: a natural, youthful appearance. But before we tell you which care tips you need for your face, a little digression: 

Why does skin actually age?? 

It's a gradual process. With each passing year, some things no longer work as naturally as they used to: mobility decreases, every now and then small ailments and the skin no longer copes quite as well. 

All in all, our body becomes a little slower. The immune system, the sebum glands, the regenerative capacity of our cells. This is also visible on the skin: Due to the lower sebum production, the skin is less oiled, i.e. less supple and also less protected from external hazards. These dangers are calledn free radicals and come from environmental influences, UV radiation, shaving stress and more. 

At the same time the tendsSkin is more prone to dryness and dry skin, in turn, is more prone to wrinklesn. All the more so when the dermis lacks elasticity and resilience with age. 

The factors for wrinkles increase with age. Some people are more likely to look at it, others less so. This is partly determined by the genes, but also by yourself: How did you live before and how well did you take care of your skin. Did you eat healthily and used moisturizers, or did you smoke a lot and eat fast food?t? 

Young skin in old age: anti-aging day cream for facial care 

The factors of skin aging or wrinkling include dryness and defenselessness of the skin. A good face cream starts right there: 

Use an anti-aging day cream that contains moisturizing substances to effectively support dry skin. Two words to look out for when buying arehyaluronan andurea. The two form an excellent team to bind moisture in the skin and at the same time to help the skin to become more elastic. 

In addition, the face cream should protect your skin so that it is not defenselessly exposed to free radicals: There are substances that neutralize the skin killers, so-called antioxidants. The best representatives of this category are theVitamins C and E: They render free radicals harmless and also take care of your skin. 

One more thing: make sure that you have aAnti aging face cream using thatwithout questionable ingredients gets by! You want to take care of your skin and not harm it.

To use: 

Before you apply the face cream, clean your face with a mild facial cleanser. Then apply a nut-sized amount of the day cream to your forehead, eye area and cheeks. Because this is where wrinkles are most likely to form and you also take action against dark circles and bags under the eyes. 

We recommend this process in the morning and in the evening, especially for older people. 

Our tips for facial cleansers and face creams: Of theGentle Facial Cleanser and theYouth Infusion Cream.

Less wrinkles in an hour: Serums with acetyl hexapeptide

Getting rid of wrinkles completely (at least temporarily) requires either a lifting or botox. But: We are not in favor of these methods, because they are invasive, aggressive and often lead to undesirable results such as a mask-like, rigid face or skin damage. Hollywood sends its regards.. 

The ingredient acetyl hexapeptide, on the other hand, is absolutely harmless and effective: its function is similar to botox, but is not injected into the skin, it is simply applied. As a result, on the one hand, it does not cause any skin damage from the needle and, on the other hand, only acts on the surface of the skin. So he doesn't cause pitiful, frozen facial expressions. 

Serums with acetyl hexapeptide ensure that wrinkles become invisible after about an hour of exposure. Ideally, they are designed in such a way that they provide the skin with additional nourishing ingredients. 

Our tip: 

Apply small amounts of a serum like Timeshift Serum in the morning after your facial (or in the evening when you go out). The pleasant thing aboutTimeshift serum is that you will feel a minty freshness on your skin. Several satisfied customers have already enthusiastically reported to us about the effect. 

It's never too late for a young and healthy lifestyle

When you use an anti-aging face cream and serum like Timeshift, you are addressing the factors of skin aging from the outside. Foran optimal result you should also plan a rejuvenation from the inside: 

The way you eat contributes significantly to how your skin looks. And with an adequate sports program, you can do the extra round for particularly young skin. Check out our posts to see what askin-friendly nutrition heard and like youwith sport a young skin even in old age can have.

So: Have fun in your young skin and #staysober


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