by Simon Schier

Wrinkles?! When is your skin ready for anti-aging?

You will hardly believe it, but you too will inevitably get older. ...
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You will hardly believe it, but you too will inevitably get older. Why you should care? Your clock starts ticking faster from the age of 25: Your body no longer regenerates as naturally, your skin begins to wrinkle and at some point you will go to bed before the party..

There is no recipe or panacea for eternal youth, but you can delay and slow down the aging process with a few life hacks and changes in your lifestyle. Because: Not everyone ages naturally as gracefully as Demi Moore or George Clooney. And who knows how well he must have prepared for it?

Anti-aging is the keyword. Admittedly, this is a marketing term, but that does not mean that there is little to it: With the right measures and appropriate care, you will stay young and fresh longer.

But before we explain to you how you influence your skin aging, first a few basics:

What happens to the skin that it ages? 

That is the central question: what happens with thenatural aging of the skin? The focus is on the dermis, which is located between the upper skin (epidermis) and the subcutaneous tissue (subcutis). The connective tissue of this dermis consists of tear-resistant collagen fibers and elastic fibers. The problem: the older we get, the slower the cells in our body renew themselves, only half as often as in young people. As a result, the connective tissue of our dermis is weaker because it contains less collagen and elastin. In addition, the fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue thins and the water content decreases..

Less stability and elasticity, less fatty tissue and moisture: Your skin is drier, does not regenerate as well as it used to and, quite apart from that, it wrinkles from pseudo scars caused by cracks in the skin! Even more: Due to the decreasing muscle tension, your skin is less well filled, which means that it continues to sag..

Skin aging in deceleration mode: How to keep yourself young

But there are also external factors that aggravate or accelerate natural skin aging:Cold influences and stress are just as much a part of it as an unhealthy diet, an unhealthy lifestyle and the consumption ofAlcohol and cigarettes. The first of the 7 tips for skin that stays young can be derived from the latter, namely the consumption of drugs:

  1. Refrain from alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs : They contribute to the dehydration of the skin, disrupt the blood circulation in your skin and bring your body out of rhythm as a whole.
  2. Eat healthy : It is important that you get the nutrients that a healthy body and fresh skin need. This of course includes vitamins, especially the antioxidants vitamin A, C and E as well as polyunsaturated or essential fatty acids. Basically: vegetables, legumes, olive oil and fish instead of meat and animal fats.e.
  3. Save calories : Most people over 100 years of age are either slim or even tend to be underweight. Accordingly, it should be worthwhile to use calories sparingly. However, starvation is not a good idea, after all, you want to absorb important nutrients and be fit for the next tip:
  4. Exercise yourself: Not only are you in better shape, but your skin is also getting fitter. Sport has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. We explain exactly howhere and advise you: keep yourself young with thirty minutes of exercise every day!
  5. Protect yourself from the sun and UV light : The UV rays can penetrate deep into the skin and damage the collagen so that your skin loses its firmness. The rays also damage the skin cells on the epidermis and can cause skin cancer.
  6. Take care of yourself properly: For more moisture and nutrients on the skin, you should also help out externally. Face creams can be effective here if they are put together correctly! In our experience, hyaluronic acid and urea are ideal as anti-aging components, because they are the body's own active ingredients that are excellent at binding moisture. With the Youth Infusion Cream, we have taken these two ingredients into account in the recipe, so that you can optimally care for your skin even in old age. the Anti aging cream you can get it directly from us in the shop.
  7. Relax yourself: A team of researchers from the Cleveland Institute for Cosmetic Surgery found that stress causes your skin to age faster. To do this, the scientists compared twins and found that divorcees already looked two years older. The stress of the divorce in this case has caused wrinkles.t.

When do you start with your anti-aging measures??

Every person is different. We do not judge that you insist on your beer after work or that you like to smoke on the weekend. But be aware that your diet, your lifestyle and your care have an impact on your skin and its age.

In this regard, anti-aging already begins in childhood: If you learned as a youngster to eat healthily, do sports and not let yourself be stressed by everything, you have important basics. From the age of 25 at the latest, you should consciously treat yourself more carefully if you want to keep your young appearance for as long as possible. This means that in addition to the healthy lifestyle, you also have thecomplementary skin care should consider for the face.

Stay young and #TreatYourself


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ich glaube die tips kommen für mich ein wenig zu spät auf das nur noch der chirug helfen kann.

ich bin 36, habe die geheimratsecken eines 60 jährigen und das haut/faltenbild eines 50jährigen.

angefangen zu rauchen hab ich mit 13 und war schon mit 14 starker raucher, eine schachtel am tag. mit 18 dann bei 1,5 schachteln am tag bis ich 25 war. also 12 jahre lang sehr stark geraucht und seit ende meiner ausbildung dauerhaft beruflichen stress.. regelmäßig sonnenstudio ab 18 bis 23j + eltern die auch beide recht früh, recht alt aussahen.
mit u20 hat man mich immer für jünger gehalten als ich wirklich war, mit ende 20 kehrte sich das um. wenn leute mich heute schätzen höre ich oft “vom verschleiß würde ich dich auf ende 40 tippen”


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