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Anti-aging tips for healthy skin against aging? 5 facts for more clarity

Fact 1. Looking old is not always looking old. We will all! older....
Anti-Aging Tipps

Fact 1. Looking old is not always looking old.

We will all! older. It would be silly to pretend that the signs of the times are only visible in our relatives and friends. I still have time is a typical thought that you've probably had before. Do we know. But honestly: if you hold your hands in front of your eyes like a small child and think that everything will be fine, you are missing out on the chance to do something for your good looks. tun.

For many of us, it's not about our age at allNot looks at. Quite the opposite: with maturity, dignity and wisdom we can easily score points in the second half of life and remain people who enjoy life and cut a good figure.

For this we don't need a young one, we need ahealthy Look. So let's do it!

Fact 2. A healthy appearance is not just superficial.

Your friends perceive you differently when you look healthy. You are more interesting, more handsome and possibly more successful. Yes, that may be a sad truth, but looking healthy has an even more important aspect:t:

A healthy appearance without wrinkles or dark circles should be of interest to us because our external health is also related to our internal health. Keyword well-being. And that is an essential factor for an overall healthy and long life.

That is why we explain to you in the following facts what you can do for your healthy appearance.

Fact 3. Your skin is the number 1 indicator of your healthy appearance.

Obviously. But what does healthy skin look like? There are five signs::

  1. Tight texture
  2. Few wrinkles
  3. Healthy color
  4. Fine pores
  5. No blackheads or pimples

Those who treat themselves and their skin well will look healthier in old age. In addition to the tips from the next fact, the right skin care for men or women is important.n.

With the right skin care you can

  • Over aAnti aging face cream give your skin new elasticity with hyaluron,
  • Give your skin important moisture with urea and with the right oneDay cream stop wrinkling,
  • Supply your skin from 20 with important nutrients via vitamin packages and valuable oils and thus support a healthy color
  • Your skin effectively with sophisticated formulasclean and thus prevent blackheads and pimples and counteract the enlargement of pores.

Your skin has its own needs. That's why you should use brands such as sober to skin cleansing and care: They are developed under pharmacological advice and contain the important substances mentioned above. So take a look at our shop forCosmetic products: There you will find a moisturizing face cream or a mild one, among other thingsFacial cleanser the one with everyoneSkin types gets along well. Try it!!

Fact 4. Cosmetic skin care isn't everything.

Becausehealthy skin is strongly related to the way you live. Pay attention to your surroundings: You may see people who have enlarged pores and reddened skin from excessive alcohol consumption. Or people who have more pimples because they eat an unhealthy diet.

You know what we're getting at: a healthy diet and lots of exercise are anti-aging factors.

What we eat and how we move have a major impact on our appearance. Therefore, you should check your meal plan. Basically good are: lots of vegetables, legumes and plenty of water. Basically less good: alcohol, sugar and an excessive amount of red meat in particular.h.

A balanced diet is half the battle. The other part comes from exercise: doctors recommend half an hour of exercise a day. Sounds like a lot. Then try cycling to work for a soft start, meeting your friends for a volleyball match or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator and escalator.e.

Fact 5. Growing old with dignity means being at peace with yourself.

We all think we have to be perfect. But that's bullshit. If we all looked perfect, we would all look the same. How great.

Accept yourself for who you are. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't care about your skin from now on, but rather: When the first wrinkles appear, they will appear and you will greet them with dignity. They belong to you like the color of your eyes, a birthmark or a scar. And that's a good thing, because it makes you unique.

If you bring this self-confidence with you, you will gain charisma and thus the fight against old age.

Relax and don't make getting old your enemy. And: #staysober


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