Weihnachtsgeschenke 2019 für Männer

Christmas gifts for men 2019: 10 gift ideas for him

It is not easy for someone who wants to give something to a man: the guy already has everything, he wants nothing and anyway it is difficult to inspire. What surprise for Christmas can you give him joy? We propose 10 gift ideas. 

Christmas gift for man # 1: The fine drop

Actually, we do not like to recommend giving away alcohol as it is Suff not good for the skin.

But: First of all, it is a question of dripping in honor, secondly, it depends on the dose and thirdly, it is about theen enjoyment, not for the high!

Bothselected spirits from sturbock are you giving away alcoholic drinks for himgood Occasion. The range brings together various manufacturers with a love for detail and unusual varieties:

In addition to first-class gin and vodka, you can also find delicacies such as raspberry brandy and cucumber spirit at sturbock. And because the eye drinks too, the design of the bottles is made for men, the taste buds on the tongueand on the optic nerve. Bottom up!

The Wolf Weissbrand

This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Connoisseurs and connoisseurs
  • Handmade fans
  • Design connoisseur
  • Men who already have everything

Cost: varies from 15 to 53 euros

Men's gift under the Christmas tree # 2: dry skin thanks to waterproof clothing) 

With Christmas, winter is here and we predict: January and February are getting wet.

Only one thing helps against rain, wind and slush: waterproof clothing. And if you give him something out ofsturbock range not only do you treat him to dry feet, but you also show a good sense of style.

The design of the coats, shoes, scarves and bags is simple, timeless and functional. In other words, you can't go wrong with this. We find it particularly chicParker Lauryn and theBackpack zack with the super many pockets.

SANDQVIST Rucksack schwarz

This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Guys who need new clothes
  • Men who like simple and practical design
  • Guys who are afraid of rain

For men for Christmas, tip # 3: the perfume

No, we do not mean the book and a good gift idea, but:n: 

A beautiful bottle with an excellent fragrance for men.

The nice thing about an eau de parfum as a gift is that it is of high quality Not a simple eau de toilette or a cheap eau de cologne.

As a gift, a real perfume is a piece of quality of life and excellence for men.

Thorium Duft sober 

But which fragrance fits well? We have three perfume suggestions for different types of men: 

  1. Thorium No 90 is an aromatic-woody fragrance with amber notes and is suitable for self-confident men who stand with both legs in life.
  2. Krypton No. 36 is a sensual, very seductive fragrance with notes of cardamom and cedarwood. If you give it to your partner, this eau de parfum is a real win-win present Knick Knack, you know.. 
  3. Mercury No. 80 is a fresh, woody fragrance with a warm composition of grapefruit, jasmine and laurel. Perfect for life-affirming types of winners who go their own way and know what they want.

Cost: 59 euros each

What you can give him for Christmas # 4: The collector's item

Brian Donelly's characters combine pop culture with postmodernism and express an artistic approach that transports youth memories into our world today:

Under the stage nameKAWS Brian Donelly uses characters like Snoopy, Bibo or Mickey Mouse for his characters. He dissects them, sometimes shows their bowels and always gives them crossed eyes. Crazy, contemporary and extraordinary.


This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Pop culture fans
  • Art collector
  • Fans of Star Wars, cartoons
  • Minimalists who already have everything

Cost: the plush figures start at 75 euros, but you can also quickly reach the four-digit range for other pieces.

Christmas gift idea for men # 5: the analog-digital writing set

When it comes to stylish notebooks, Moleskine sets the tone: greats like Picasso or Van Gogh have used writing tools of this type to capture their ideas. Hemingway is also said to have used Moleskine's notebooks, although it was an invented marketing story, but with great success. 

The Italian notebooks are cult and firmly anchored in the analog world. It is all the more surprising and excitings Smart Writing Set from Moleskine: The recipient can work in a classic Moleskine notebook with a digital pen and the sketches appear simultaneously on the smartphone or tablet.

Moleskine Smart Writing System

This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Digital creatives with a penchant for the analog
  • Copywriter and graphic designer with the courage to innovate
  • Men who need to fix their sucking claw

Cost: from 229 euros

What men want for Christmas # 6: Good sound throughout the apartment

Wireless speakers are a hit when it comes to providing sound to your home from all corners. The speakers can be connected so that you can hear the same music in the kitchen, bathroom and living room or put together your sound system for your home cinema.

TheWiFi boxes from Teufel have an exceptionally good reputation for rich sound, are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and many other technologies and have a timelessly modern design. Boom!

teufel wlan box

This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Music freak with a love for permanent sound
  • Men who value extraordinary living atmosphere
  • Digital home fans

Cost: from 199 euros

Christmas gift idea # 7: The classic game

With the many Playstations and X-Boxes, the good old analogue game is almost forgotten. A board game like Scrabble can ensure that people drink a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss impossible words.

Manufactum has an anniversary edition of the famous classic game in the shop that will make nostalgic hearts beat faster: the box and game board are in retro design and the stones and benches are made of wood. TherealSo scrabble.


This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Playful, sociable types
  • Intellectual nostalgic
  • Men with ambition and types of winners

Cost: 43 euros

What man is happy about for Christmas # 8: The weekend trip for two

If the gift recipient is your partner or the best buddy, hardly a gift is as valuable as time spent together:

Plan a weekend trip to a city or region you haven't shared yet. Don't make it unnecessarily stressful or complicated: good destinations don't necessarily have to be more than two hours away by car or train.

Plan the trip, for example Getaround) and a great accommodation classic: Airbnb) and think about what you want to do together in this place: sport, partying, culture You know best what connects you. 

This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Men who love to travel and enterprising
  • The guy who really likes to spend time with you
  • The person you rarely see

Cost: it depends on the destination, accommodation and program

Christmas present for men # 9: water for healtht 

Drinking plenty of water is important to keep the body healthy and the skin young Water is a real anti-aging agent! The catch with our water cone is, however, that we buy it too often in plastic bottles and thus create a real waste problem. The much better alternative: tap water.

With theStainless steel bottle made of bamboo from Klean Kanteenen you are giving away a stylish and sustainable gift that fits well in your backpack and is also easy to clean and this is important so that no bacteria accumulate over the months and years.. 

The gift is therefore healthy in two ways: the recipient does something for skin and body and at the same time something for the environment.


This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Environmentally conscious types with a design claim
  • Men who care about health
  • Guys who like sustainable gifts

Cost: 37 euros

Gift idea for him # 10: The digital door lock

The manufacturerNuki has launched a digital door lock that can be opened and closed using a smartphone. The highlight: you don't even have to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

With the gift you make life easier for the recipient. Getting out the key was yesterday.


This gift goes well with this type of man:

  • Fans of the digital home
  • Security fanatics and hobbyists
  • First movers and digital natives

Costs: from 229.00 euros

Have fun and enjoy giving

Ho-ho-ho and as always: #staysober


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