Sodium Lactate Kosmetik

What is Sodium Lactate or Sodium Lactate in Cosmetics?

Fermentation is not only a current trend for food, but also an important process to gain a small miracle ingredient: Sodium lactate. We say what it can do and whether it is harmful or good for the skin.

What are sodium lactate or sodium lactate?

Sodium lactate (INCI: Sodium Lactate) is the salt of lactic acid. In cosmetics, the ingredient maintains moisture, stabilizes the pH and helps remove dead horn cells.

Sodium lactate is vegan

Although it is the salt of lactic acid, sodium lactate is quite a herbal product. Because the chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele was able to detect lactic acid in milk for the first time in 1780, the name, which is very misleading today, came up.

Like other lactates, the ingredient is obtained by fermentation: microbial or enzymatic processes convert a source of sugar (e.g. corn or beet) into acid. This lactic acid is then neutralized. The sodium lactate is ready.

Food manufacturers use lactic acid salt, for example to regulate acidity, to keep moisture, to melt cheese or to give food a firm consistency. Because it is safe in food, it can be used as an additive E323 without hesitation.

So now you know what this E323 means. But what about cosmetics?

What is the function of sodium lactate in cosmetics?

In cosmetics you will always come across sodium lactate, but you will not find it with the following name under the ingredients:

As the INCI name, the sodium salt of lactic acid has the name sodium lactate and is also pronounced accordingly in English.

The advantage of sodium lactate in cosmetics is: It supports the natural moisturizing factor , in short: NMF.

It does this through two important characteristics:

  1. Sodium lactate keeps moisture

The NMF is composed of different substances. These include proteins, urea, lactic acid, sugar and inorganic ions such as potassium and magnesium ions - but also our sodium lactate.

A comparison between dry winter skin and normally hydrated summer skin has shown that sodium lactate creates a connection: the content of this substance was lower for dry skin. So if the skin lacks sodium lactate, it tends to dry out.

This is because sodium lactate is able to bind moisture. The active ingredient increases the water content of the skin and ensures that it remains soft and less wrinkled.

Sodium lactate is therefore an important component for anti-aging care.

  1. Sodium lactate stabilizes the pH

Skin care products should have a pH between 5 and 5.5, if possible, so that they do not attack the skin's protective acid mantle. The protective acid mantle is closely related to the NMF and ensures that the skin does not lose moisture and remains protected against bad bacteria and free radicals .

In care products, sodium lactate together with lactic acid regulates the pH. This allows cosmetics to take care of the skin instead of attacking it.

Bonus: Sodium lactate has a keratolytic effect

Some substances in cosmetic products support the skin in removing and removing dead skin cells from the horny layer. The properties of these active substances are keratolytic. Sodium lactate, like urea , has this property and has a descaling effect.

Does good cosmetics need the ingredient sodium lactate?

We say yes.

Sodium lactate is not just an endogenous and absolutely harmless substance - it supports the NMF significantly and helps to hydrate the skin.

Sodium lactate is therefore an important element for good cosmetics and also perfectly suitable for certified natural cosmetics.

Cosmetics manufacturers can easily use it in products that stay on the skin (leave-on products) or are rinsed off (rinse-off products). You can find sodium lactate in lotions, creams, shampoos and all kinds of care products. And also with sober products.

We use sodium lactate for sober products

In our skin care products for men, you will find sodium lactate where good moisture care has a positive effect on the anti-aging process.

The hydrating and pH-regulating properties of sodium lactate support the effectiveness of the Hydra Defense Cream , the Timeshift Serum and also the After Shave Repair Fluid .

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