Viel Müll und schädliche Inhaltsstoffe: Alternativen zu System- und Einwegrasierer

Lots of garbage and harmful ingredients: alternatives to system and disposable razors

Do you prefer to use razors with three blades for your beard and always use a disposable razor for intimate shaving? Then please read this text: We will tell you why system razors and disposable razors are a serious problem for the environment and skin - and which alternatives are good for what

System razors and disposable razors are real environmental sins

As is the case with all disposable products, disposable razors also consume a lot of plasticThe bad thing is that this plastic was only processed for a single application - and ends up in the trash far too quicklyDepending on the quality, a system razor is also made of plastic, but it has a slightly longer lifespan than a disposable razor - it can sometimes be a few months or years old

System and disposable razors, however, have another ecological disadvantage:

Different materials are closely intertwined with themThis gets even worse with the (really unnecessary) battery-operated system razors: Here, in addition to plastic and metal, there is also real electronic wasteWho disassembles everything neatly and then disposes of it properly?

disposable razors harmful to the environment

Bad for the environment: disposable razors from the drugstore

The razor heads on system and disposable razors are also tightly installed and have to be replaced very frequentlyWhy their durability is so low:

  • The blades naturally blunt
  • The razor heads clog quickly through the stubble
  • The blades are difficult to clean
  • The gel strip, if present, wears out very quickly

To make matters worse, the blades are simply expensive for system razors (not just for the environment)This is not only due to the high prices of the brand manufacturers such as Gillette® or Wilkinson®, but also to the complicated design and the frills such as the "nourishing" gel stripsThe latter lead to the next reason why you should stay away from disposable and system razors:

Razor blades with questionable ingredients in system and disposable razors

Do you know these blue-green stripes above the blades on a razor head? They should ensure that a shave is nourishing and smooth - at least that's what the manufacturers promise(The joke of the matter: if you use shaving soap or foam and an aftershave, this strip has no reason to exist anyway.)

gel strip razor bad

That's what it's about: the gel strips on most system razors

What you should take a look at are the ingredients that such a stripe brings on the razor blades:

We took a closer look at the interchangeable blades from a well-known brand for system razors - the Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive bladesThe manufacturer says: "... which was specially developed for men with sensitive skin and skin irritation after shaving." The word "Sensitive" appears on the front of the packaging - and on the back you will find ten (!) Ingredients for the stripe

Spoiler alarm: There is nothing sensitive about itBut on the contrary

These are the ingredients in the order of their proportion in the razor head:

  1. PEG-115m: A cosmetic ingredient that Codecheck considers to be of concern because it weakens the skin's barrier function.
  2. PEG-7m: A questionable ingredient for cosmetics that also weakens the skin's barrier function.
  3. PEG-100 Stearate: A questionable ingredient for cosmetics that, like the two previous substances, weakens the protective barrier of the skin.
  4. Silica: This is silica, harmless.
  5. Pentaerythrityl Tetra-DI-t-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate: A harmless ingredient for cosmetics that has a questionably long name.
  6. Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil: Is the oil from the grape seeds and is harmless.
  7. Persea Gratissima Oil: Safe for the skin, it is the oil of the avocado.
  8. Triphosphate: Used as an antioxidant in food and is harmless if not consumed excessively.
  9. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT): is also an ingredient for food, but is used again and again in cosmeticsMay cause allergies and is one of the substances whose effects have not been fully clarifiedHas a strong sensitizing and irritating effectIn our opinion, BHT is strongly discouraged .
  10. Glycol: This is a solvent suspected of being hormonally activeSo possibly questionable .

Conclusion on razor blades with gel strips: Many ingredients are questionable

There is nothing on the interchangeable heads with gel stripsWe think it is misleading to call a razor blade "sensitive", which weakens the skin's barrier function with numerous questionable ingredientsThis is a step in the wrong direction, especially when shaving

So do not be fooled by advertising promisesIt is time for alternatives

Alternatives to waste from system and single-use razors: razors and safety razors

System and disposable razors produce plenty of plastic and garbageIn addition, they do not ensure a better shave and can even do the opposite: the ingredients in the gel strips can damage the skin and the many blades also cause sensitive skin injuries rather than a clean shave

A real alternative are (and will remain) the forefathers of good shaving: the razor and the safety razorBecause handling the razor tends to be more difficult and more prone to injury, we are big fans of the safety razor, also known as the safety razorThe advantages of the planer:

  • Handle and shaving head are made of one material and can be easily disassembled
  • As a rule, it is made of stainless steel (no plastic) and therefore has a theoretically infinite service life.
  • The razor blades do not need plastic and are inserted directly into the razor headThe blades can be recycled and there is no plastic waste
  • The blades themselves are sharp and have a longer shelf life than that of the system razor or disposable razorThey are also easier to clean: you can easily remove hair so that it doesn't clog the shaver
  • These non-nourishing gel strips are eliminated because you use the right shaving soap orthe right shaving cream and a nourishing aftershave have everything that makes a good shave
  • The razor blades are significantly cheaper than the replacement blades on the system razorIn the long run you save a lot of money with the planer

It is not without good reason that we say: The safety razor is simply the better razor .

Don't make your shave a skin and environmental problem

It is always fascinating how complicated some manufacturers make the world: Tightly built-in individual parts made of plastic, metal, electronic waste and gel strips for razors are not only a real problem for the environment, but also for your skin health

If you also find this unnecessary, take a step back: Make your shave easier and safer with a safety razorAnd if you want to see a good safety razor that we can confidently recommend, then take a look at this magnificent specimen

Make the right decisionsAnd #staysober