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Oh dry skin, oh rough skin:we notice it's getting winter!

In terms of calendar, winter may begin on December 21st, but it is ...
Oh trockene Haut, oh raue Haut: Wir Männer merken, es wird Winter!

In terms of calendar, winter may begin on December 21st, but it is already noticeable on the skin: Freezing cold, icy wind and dry heating air are some of the environmental influences that do not leave us without a trace. But what can be done about skin problems in winter??

Skin killer winter: This happens to your skin in the cold season

Your body feels the start of winter especially on your skin! It is drier, more irritated and more brittle. Overall, you have an uncomfortable feeling on your outer layer, sometimes it even starts to itch and you would like to scratch yourself. To make matters worse, a look in the mirror says: Your face looked fresher. No surprise, because the weather conditions, the dry heating air and the lack of sunlight show their

In addition, we don't do ourselves big favors either:Our winter habits harm our skin.

As if we were preparing for hibernation, we not only eat more, but also subconsciously, much less healthily. We absorb an above-average amount of sugar with cakes, pastries and chocolate, the greasy festive roast and a few extra glasses of wine or beer do the rest. To compensateExercise for the skin? Nothing. Because of the darkness, all the food and the cold, it's not a big surprise.

Yes, the circumstances of winter are tough on our skin. But that's no reason to give up without a fight and let them down. On the contrary, we are now making the best of it!

Proper facial care, good nutrition, fresh air: what your skin needs in winter

With the right face cream for your skin, you will achieve more moisture and freshness. With a view to body care, you should use cosmetics that donate a lot of moisture and are specifically geared to the needs of men's and women's skin.

Especially in winter, urea is a perfect moisturizer and a mandatory component for a good care product. The ingredient is a natural-based moisturizing factor that is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a calming effect.

The skin cream should also have cell protection so that external environmental influences do not get to you and harm you. All the better if antibacterial agents support the protective layer against impurities and blackheads.

The proportion of essential fatty acids and amino acids as well as antioxidants and vitamins should be particularly high on sensitive facial skin: only with these substances will your skin function optimally and be able to repair itself.

Straightin winter it comes down to the right care creams Compilation. When we developed the Hydra Defense Cream under scientific guidance, we paid attention to an optimal combination of valuable components. After all, you should get through the winter with fresh and healthy skin. Take care of yourself through the winter: Get the Hydra Defense Creamhere in the shop.

Diet for Christmas?

Of course you could tell yourself that this year you will forego fat food, Christmas cookies and the few jugs of mulled wine. But we also admit that winter is less fun this way. For a first step, however, it is important to consume consciously: Not every day has to degenerate into gluttony. On top of that, it's worth focusing on the foods that are good for youand Your skin are.

At the top of the list is: Lots of fluids such as water or tea without sugar, of course. It can be two liters. With it you not only flush toxins out of your body, you help your skin to get more moisture and prevent wrinkles..

If possible, primarily eat healthy foods with a high vitamin content. You will find plenty of vitamin B in winter vegetables such as beetroot, rose or kale, but it is also found in legumes and whole grain products. Vitamin B helps with skin damage and also prevents sore corners of the mouth. And why not a hot lemon for more elasticity. The vitamin C it contains supports you in building up the structural protein collagen and helps the skin to become more elastic..

Avoid thick air

There is thick air every year: at Christmas in the family and in winter generally from the heating. Neither is good for your skin, but the heating air has a worse effect. It leaches out your skin and leads to real discomfort: it vaporizes the natural moisture on your skin, so that in the end there is drought and wrinkle potential.

Therefore: ventilate regularly! Open all windows for five to ten minutes two to three times a day. The rooms are fresh again without losing too much temperature. The profit is on your side: Better air to breathe for you and your skin and possibly also for your nose.).

Make sure that the humidity in your rooms is 40 to 60 percent, as experts recommend. You can help with simple means: A bowl of water on the heater or, if you have a green thumb, a few indoor plants will make your skin feel good again.t.

How else do you escape the thick air? Go for a walk! Dress warmly, a protective cream for the face apply and take a deep breath in the park!

Get through the winter safely and #staysober



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