Intimpflege und Rasur beim Mann: Kratzerfrei zu glatten Kronjuwelen

Intimate hygiene and shaving for men: scratch-free to smooth crown jewels

We are big fans of the safety razor: it is the true-to-style classic among beard trimmers, its blades are sharp and shave precisely. In terms of price, too, it leaves nasty system razors far behind. But there is one question that makes our hair stand on end: How well does he do for our Blessed Sacrament?

From original grooming to Manzilian

Visually, it's a matter of taste and the time we live in. The ancient Egyptians found whole-body shaving really chic - the original form of grooming, so to speak. Today many shave around the best piece because they find it more hygienic. Many want to do your sex partner (s) a favor when their head is heading south. And others are just curious and want to try it out. The why is entirely up to you.


It is important that you do the intimate shave properly. If you ignore a few important tips, you will cause shaving stress on your skin. The result is called razor burn and ends in: pimples, pustules and itching. Also unsightly: a careless movement and you cut yourself.

For a clean shave down under clearly good tools are required. We recommend the safety razor, which is also called safety razor for a reason. And because there are a lot of hairstyles possible below (landing strip, manzilian or little heart - whatever you need), you should resort to it all the more: the plane is precise, you can rightly call its blades razor-sharp and the razor from sober is also located well in hand.

Another challenge is body odor :   When men sweat, special sweat glands are involved, many of which are located in the genital area. The sebum secretion is a good breeding ground for bacteria. This creates an annoying smell of sweat, which men should tackle with the right intimate hygiene.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start!

Well equipped is half shaved

What you need:

  • A safety razor with fresh blades and shaving brush (you can get everything here in the shop )
  • Shaving foam or soap
  • If necessary, a bowl or bowl of water to rinse off the blade
  • A good after shave for the body without drying alcohol to prevent razor burn, irritation and redness

1) The preparation in the pubic area

  • How much comes off If you haven't done any hair removal for a long time, you should prepare yourself with scissors. Because firstly you don't want to get lost in the jungle of your excesses and secondly a plane is not a long-haired razor.
  • Ideally, you take a shower afterwards and carefully clean your genital area with warm water and soap. This is how you remove the cut hair, dandruff, sweat and other dirt. After all, no germs should come into contact with your skin when shaving. Another important side effect: You soften the hair and the warm water opens the pores, so that the next steps are more relaxed.

2) Always nice and careful: This is how you shave the genital area

Basically, you should shave with the direction of growth, i.e. with the stroke. This way you avoid skin irritation and redness.

  • Make sure you keep the skin taut when you shave it. Conveniently, you have a free hand to pull up your best piece and make room for the crown jewels. Some professionals leave it alone.
  • Work your way carefully: let the safety razor slide over your skin. Do not apply pressure because you do not want to cut yourself.
  • Always make short, centimeter-long moves and rinse the blade every time.
  • Depending on the area, it is worth raising your leg or crouching. If in doubt, you shouldn't be too decorative and use a mirror so you can see where you're shaving. And who knows what surprises you will discover then.

3) Done? Not quite. The follow-up:

  • What to do after a thorough shave with cold water. This closes the pores and removes the remaining shaving cream.
  • Your skin will be a bit upset. You will have to calm her down. Use an antiseptic after shave or a mild moisturizer . Whatever you prefer!
  • Boxer shorts: If you don't want to display your perfect work for several hours, you should choose airy rather than tight when it comes to clothing. After all, you want to avoid friction and thus further irritation. That also means (unfortunately): no sex. No sport. At least not right afterwards.

You have to decide whether you like it now. The main thing is that everything went smoothly! Remember: Always be twice careful when shaving (whether on your face or anywhere else) - and #staysober!


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