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Help, blackheads! With which means and cleaners you really remove impurities and pimples

Black dots adorn your face and T-Zone Not much longer! There are re...
Hilfe, Mitesser! Mit welchen Mitteln und Reinigern Du Unreinheiten und Pickel wirklich entfernst

Black dots adorn your face and T-Zone Not much longer! There are remedies for combating blackheads, some of which you already have in the kitchen! Remove our do's and don'ts from blackheads.nen.

Sebum, graft, bang: How blackheads arise

In our skin, especially on the face, there are hair follicles, in the area of which there are also sebum glands. If the sebum production increases, for example especially during puberty, and the hair follicle becomes keratinized, the overproduced sebum cannot drain away. A plug forms and the sebum gland enlarges: a white blackhead, also known as a whitehead, has formed.n.

However, this whitehead can burst: the mixture in the pore of sebum and horn cells is exposed. The melanin, a product from the sebum, reacts with the oxygen and turns black due to the oxidation. The first bad news: you got a blackhead blackhead. Second bad news: the bacteria in the pore can inflame the area and provoke further

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The T-zone on your face, i.e. your nose and forehead, is particularly affected by blackheads. But they can also form in the rest of the face as well as on the ears, on the neck or on the back and shoulders.

Prevention is better than aftercare: this is how you prevent blackheads

Blackheads, also known as comedones, are particularly common on oily and blemished skin. That means: a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, Sports,Abstaining from drugs) and good, balanced care are the first step in setting clear limits for the occurrence of blackheads.

The right facial care with an effective formula that is also gentle on the skin is crucial here. Wave the fence post: OursHydra Sensitive Cream is your perfect companion for daily facial cleansing to actively prevent blackheads. Especially because it provides plenty of moisture: If the skin is well hydrated, the glands produce less sebum, so that the basis for blackheads is missing.

Getting rid of blackheads: why not just squeeze out blackheads?

If so, then only with caution! Anyone who proceeds in an unclean manner does not push the plug of sebum, horn and bacteria out, but into the surrounding tissue. Or you damage your skin with aimless violence. All of this can have devastating consequences.

To remove blackheads, there are special blackhead removers in pharmacies that are more hygienic and precise than your fingers. Before you carefully start with this, you should prepare your skin:Clean Your face and do a facial steam bath. Alternatively, a moist, warm compress can be used on the face. This softens your skin, opens your pores and makes your work easier. After carefully removing the blackheads, you should clean your face again with a disinfectant. The Hydra Defense Cream is also suitable for this because it has an antibacterial effect.

As already mentioned, mechanical intervention on blackheads is not without risk: You are safer on the road if you hire a beautician who is familiar with it.

Daily facial cleansing should be the alpha and omega of successfully removing blackheads. If you tend to have blemished skin with pimples and blackheads, you should clean your face with clear water in the morning and evening. They are particularly effective in preventing blackheadsCleaning products which contain coal. Not only do they rid your skin of dirt and bacteria, they also fight clogged pores, blackheads and, of course, oily skin..

Fight the comedo! Which care products help?

Do you remember the advertisement in which the young woman pulls the blackhead strip from her nose and says that it looks like a cactus. If your skin is fundamentally sensitive, it will look like it afterwards. Because the strips are nothing for dry, sensitive skin that is also prone to acne..

On the Internet you will find various interesting approaches on how to deal with the impurities with the simplest home remedies. Some work with protein masks, some with a mixture of lemon, honey, salt and yogurt. Many ways drive away the black dots and for the sake of clarity, we present three promising methods to you:

  1. Facial steam bath: A bowl, chamomile, boiling water, towel and you're done you have a facial steam bath. The steam gently opens the pores and excess sebum and dirt can escape the effect you may know from the sauna. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the steam to take effect.n.
  2. Baking soda: Mix a paste of baking soda and distilled water in a ratio of 1: 1 and apply it to the affected areas. The baking soda removes dead skin cells as well as the excess oil and dirt that are responsible for the formation of blackheads.
    Alternatively, you can use for the same effect Salt water Procedure: Mix three tablespoons with a little warm water and stir well until the salt crystals have completely dissolved and cannot damage your skin. Use a cotton pad to dab the areas with the brine and let it take effect for a few minutes.
  3. Lemon: Citric acid is considered a miracle weapon against skin blemishes. It has a disinfecting and cleaning effect; and is easy to prepare as a blackhead killer: take four drops on a tablespoon of sugar, no kidding! and apply the mass to the appropriate places.f.

The following applies to all methods: proceed cautiously! Especially with sensitive skin, you should first carefully test how your skin reacts to baking soda, salt or lemon.

And: after each of the three measures there is one effective moisturizing is essential! Because without them your skin dries out and the game with blackheads starts all over again. We therefore advise you to use oursGentle Facial Cleanser for daily facial cleansing and finally forHydra Defense Cream. Both care products are specially formulated for the special requirements of sensitive skin: They bring with them the active ingredients that bind moisture, gently cleanse and optimally care for them.

Good luck in the fight against blackheads and as always: #staysober!!


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