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Reasons and causes of hair loss in men: why you get bald

In the shower you will find more and more loose hair and the stems ...
Gründe und Ursachen für Haarausfall bei Männern: Warum Du eine Glatze bekommst

In the shower you will find more and more loose hair and the stems from YoursHead If you have hair loss, you should know how it came about. We'll look at the common reasons for bald heads and tell you what you can do..

First things first: What is hair loss??

Short answer: hair loss is when your hair falls out.

The not so short but more helpful answer: We lose hair every day. Around 100 hair corpses land e.g. while showering in the drain. And this is completely normal, because our hair roots produce hair cyclically: they let hair grow during the growth phase, loosen the hair slowly from the transition phase and then recover, in order to be able to start again from the resting phase.ephase).

This hair cycle usually lasts between 2 and 6 years and is repeated 14 times in a lifetime. Then the hair root says goodbye completely and leaves a bald spot. From here it is no surprise that we men get almost bald in old age.

However, if you lose significantly more than 100 hairs a day and are not yet 84 years old, there may be pathological hair loss, alopecia.

What are the common causes of hair loss? 

So why do you lose your hair? In the following overview we explain the typical reasons for hair loss::

Hereditary hair loss aka baldness caused by genes

The explanation:With 80 percent! Genetic hair loss is the most common cause of baldness on the head. Take a look at your grandpa's nonexistent hair and you can get an idea of what is blooming for you.üht.

The condition-related hair loss is related to the androgen or sex hormone testosterone: it forms the dihydrotestosterone, which in turn blocks the absorption of the messenger substance cAMP in the hair roots. However, the hair roots are urgently dependent on this messenger substance. The result is that the growth phases of the hair roots shorten and the hair density becomes chronically lower.

Because it is related to androgen testosterone, we also speak of androgenetic alopecia in the case of hereditary hair loss.

The treatment:With the help of Minoxidil or Finasteride medication, it is possible to counteract hair loss caused by the condition. However, they have their price and we mean primarily health risks. Check out our post for more infoan for the drug treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Diffuse hair loss due to stress

Living with pressure to perform and emotional stress can lead to hair loss. Stress is one of the most common causes, especially for women, at 40 percent. How does that relate??

The explanation:In stressful, exhausting situations, our body releases messenger substances that have a harmful effect on the hair roots. Through these messenger substances, the hair roots shorten the growth phase of the hair and thereby disrupt the hair cycle. The hair falls out prematurely and thinsdiffuse.That's why we're talking about diffuse hair loss.

The treatment:The good news is that if you have hair loss due to stress, you can fix the hair cycle again. The reduction of stress is the solution and relaxation techniques a good way of doing this. This includes breathing exercises, mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, muscle relaxation and, depending on the type, also autogenic training. There are now a number of apps that can help you relax.Headspace is e.g. one of which you can largely use free of charge.

What you shouldn't forget: stress is not just stress. Everyone deals with difficult situations differently and self-therapy via app is not the right way for everyone. If you suffer from stress-related hair loss, it is worth seeking medical advice.n.

Smoking and nicotine cause hair loss

Another reason to stop smoking. Cigarettes are not just thatcatastrophic for your skin, but also for your hair. Hair loss from smoking occurs in about 15 percent of men who have a genetic predisposition anyway.

The explanation:Tobacco and nicotine are related to unhealthy or falling hair for two reasons.

  1. With tobacco consumption, you worsen the blood circulation in your body, as a result of which the hair roots no longer receive sufficient nutrients. Your cycle is disturbed and hair falls out.
  2. The cigarette smoke surrounds your whole body and therefore your hair. On the one hand, the smoke irritates your scalp, on the other hand it lies down on the hair and makes it weak, dull and dull.

The treatment:Quit smoking. We know that few smokers like to hear this answer, but it remains the best way to do a lot for their own hair. If you want to continue smoking, you should seek advice from a dermatologist. He could provide some relief with medication and vitamin supplements, but not solve the real problem.

Hair loss due to poor nutrition and iron deficiency

The explanation:Are you part of the frozen pizza team? This could be one reason that you suffer from diffuse hair loss: A one-sided or deficient diet leads to the lack of nutrients in your hair roots. Then you can not work properly, the growth phase of the hair is shortened and, as a result, they fall out faster..

By the way, frozen pizza is not the only problem with nutrient-related hair loss: a one-sided diet can also occur if you avoid certain foods or follow a strict diet. For example, vegetarians and vegans often to fight with protein and iron deficiency, because here eggs, fish and meat sometimes fail to appear.

The treatment:Have you checked recently what is going to end up on your table? Are there ways to challenge unhealthy habits with a varied diet?n?

Because a healthy diet is related to both healthy hair and skin, we have already thought about it: check out oursTips for a healthy diet on.

Dysfunction of the thyroid gland as the reason for hair loss

Almost every second person with a thyroid dysfunction suffers from hair loss. Women are more often affected by this type of hair loss.

The explanation:The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones and is closely related to hair growth. If something gets out of balance here, it affects your hair.

With hyperthyroidism, the excess of thyroid hormones accelerates hair growth, but also leads to the resting phase of the hair root beginning prematurely. This will make your hair fall out faster.s.

The treatment:Your doctor will advise you best and take a blood count to find out more about your health. Because: If the thyroid doesn't work properly, hair loss will unfortunately not be your only problem.

Other causes of hair loss

Above we have presented the most common reasons for hair loss more intensely. If no one applies to you then you should speak to your doctor because other possible causes of hair loss are::

  • Certain medications or radiation therapies, for example for a treatment for cancer, but also remedies for high blood lipid levels can mess up the hair rootsn)
  • Infectious diseases like severe flu, typhoid, tuberculosis, or syphilis and scarlet fever are also includedu)
  • Poisoning by heavy metals arsenic, thallium, dental fillings mercury, palladium or toxins from paints, varnishes, household poisons, solventstteln)
  • Chemicals in yourshampoo,Hair care product or styling product

You can prevent hair loss or stop it?

If you look at the causes of hair loss above, you will notice: With a healthy and smoke-free one! Attitude to life and a balanced diet can counteract hair loss. This is even true in part if you will suffer from hereditary hair loss.t.

So: be good to yourself and #staysober


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