Apothekenkosmetik: Was spricht für pharmazeutische Pflegeprodukte?

Pharmacy cosmetics: What are the advantages of pharmaceutical care products?

Do you buy your grooming products for men in a drugstore or supermarket? There are some good reasons why you should also think about skin care products for male skin with your pharmacy. We tell you the 6 most important reasons for pharmacy or dermocosmetics.  

What is pharmacy cosmetics or dermocosmetics?  

In simplified terms, pharmacy and dermocosmetics are skin and hair care products that you can buy in pharmacies. The difference to conventional products is that pharmacy cosmetics comply with pharmaceutical specifications - this is not necessarily the case in drugstores or perfumeries.  

The high pharmaceutical standard is also the reason why the selection of care products in the pharmacy is smaller:  

Not every cosmetic is up to the demands of dermocosmetics. Almost every product can end up in the drugstore or perfumery, but you can only find the good care products in the pharmacy.  

This brings us to the six reasons why you should prefer pharmacy cosmetics over conventional cosmetics:  

6 advantages of pharmacy cosmetics compared to cosmetics from drugstores and perfumeries  

  1. Advice: In the pharmacy you speak to specialists  

If you go to the pharmacy, trained staff will advise you - and they usually know more than the sellers in a drugstore or perfumery: In 60 percent of the pharmacies, the employees even have a core competence in the field of cosmetics. That means they can tell you exactly what you need for your skin and hair - and they don't just sell you anything .  

Incidentally, this is also the reason why people trust pharmaceutical cosmetics: 75 percent buy care products in pharmacies because they want professional advice.  

  1. Product quality: Pharmacy cosmetics are of high quality

The staff in the pharmacy can not only advise you better, they can also recommend the better products. Dermocosmetics are produced according to pharmaceutical specifications, which also leads to higher quality. So you buy products that really bring something and not just consist of (empty) advertising promises.  

  1. Research: dermocosmetics come from scientists

If you want to meet the pharmaceutical specifications of pharmacies, you have to work according to scientific standards when formulating and producing them. With pharmacy cosmetics, you can be sure that researchers were involved. This not only ensures a good and safe feeling when you use the products: you can assume that care products from the pharmacy correspond to the current scientific status.  

  1. Effectiveness of pharmacy cosmetics: active ingredients instead of ingredients  

77 percent of people buy pharmacy cosmetics because they alleviate symptoms. In other words: skin care creams and anti-aging serums from the pharmacy have a proven effectiveness that is potentially higher than that of conventional care products.  

Pharmacy cosmetics work because they are formulated for dermatological occasions: not just any ingredients are put in, but real active ingredients that bring something to your skin. From the point of view of consumers, the most popular active ingredients in pharmacy cosmetics include hyaluronic acid (83 percent think that's important) and urea (63 percent).  

  1. Questionable ingredients: Not in care products from the pharmacy

In the drugstore, on the other hand, you will find numerous products that can contain questionable ingredients . In the pharmacy you will look in vain for silicones, parabens, harmful alcohols or mineral oils:  

Due to the high pharmaceutical requirements and the claim for efficacy, it is important for pharmacy cosmetics that it does without ingredients that are not necessary or questionable. Dermocosmetics should do the skin good and not harm it.  

  1. Safety: Suitable for sensitive skin types and allergy sufferers  

The most important reason for 92 percent of buyers of pharmacy cosmetics is that the products are well tolerated. But why is dermocosmetics more tolerable?  

Care products from the pharmacy meet pharmaceutical specifications and scientific standards. At the same time, pharmacy cosmetics rely on effective ingredients and exclude questionable ingredients. Thanks to the professional advice given by the pharmacy staff, you also know that the product is suitable for you.  

All in all, dermocosmetics are highly compatible for sensitive skin types and allergy sufferers.  

Small source note: The figures come from the study "Cosmetics & Care 2017/2018" by Aposcope.  

Which brands for pharmacy cosmetics are there?  

Well-known representatives for dermocosmetics include Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, La Mer or Nuxe. Many of the care products are aimed at women. The shelves with care products for men, on the other hand, remain empty for a long time. This is problematic, because men's skin in particular needs special care and needs cosmetic products that meet the high pharmaceutical standards and are effective.  

Anyone who knows sober knows that we develop our cosmetic products for men under the scientific leadership of the renowned pharkologist and toxicologist Prof. Dr. Michael Schirner. And because sober products rely on real active ingredients and do not contain any questionable ingredients, sober is also one of the representatives of pharmacy cosmetics:  

You can get sober care products in your pharmacy.  

Get advice from your trusted pharmacy. And #staysober



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Außergewöhnlich und klasse.

Bekommen, ausgepackt und sofort getestet; Einfach ein Traum. Ich liebe das Konzept. Super Qualität, eine Creme die genau auf meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist und dazu sehr ergiebig. Habe schon nach einer Woche erste Verbesserungen gemerkt: Weichere glatte Haut, morgens weniger Knitterfältchen und weniger Pickelchen im Stirnbereich. Danke, werde definitiv wieder bestellen.


Sichtbarer Erfolg

Mein Hautarzt hat mir geraten, mehr für meine reife Haut zu tun. Über das Internet bin ich auf Sober gestoßen. Seit 2 Monaten benutze ich die Hydra Defence Gesichtscreme. Mit Erfolg! Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Danke!


Hochwertige Ware

Timeshift Anti-Aging Serum - Ein tolles Produkt zur täglichen Hautpflege. Das Serum hat einen angenehmen Geruch, vielleicht durch den Grünteeextrakt der dort enthalten ist. Ich habe es täglich aufgetragen und es fühlt sich sehr angenehm auf der Haut an. Tolles Produkt und gerne wieder..


Best facewash I have ever used

Risking to sound too overexcited, this is really the best i've tried! My skin feels very soft already after the first use, and the effect never disappoints. Redness has considerably improved; pores, too. Additionally to daily cleaning, once a week i leave it on my skin for some minutes, and i can feel a good but gentle peeling effect. Simply everything is nice about it, including packaging, look, smell etc. One small space for improvement: the dispenser sometimes chokes or gives out very little, but it recovers after another push.


Begleitet meinen Alltag

Top Produkte zu einem fairen Preis, wenn man Menge und Individualität mit einbezieht. Schön das natürliche Inhaltsstoffe verwendet werden. Lieferung ging fix, Beratung war super und sehr freundlich. Definitiv empfehlenswert.