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Zinc for healthy skin:effective against pimples and acne?

The substance is related to our potency, healthy skin, hair loss, a...
Zink für gesunde Haut von Männern: Effektiv gegen Pickel und Akne?

The substance is related to our potency, healthy skin, hair loss, a strong immune system and much more: Nothing works without zinc. We take a closer look at the substance and check whether it really helps against pimples, blackheads and acne.

The essential trace element zinc

Zinc is a transition metal, as a pure substance with its bluish-white color rather inconspicuous and yet an essential trace element for all living things: As an essential component, it is indispensable for many enzymes, including RNA polymerase.

Why is it so important As an enzyme component, zinc plays an important role in the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein, but is also closely related to the structure of genetic material and cell growth. Through these basic biological functions, zinc is ultimately involved in a multitude of other processes and organs: the immune system, the hormone balance, the development of muscles, bones, eyes, liver and how else could the skin!ut!

Zinc deficiency with dramatic consequences

Since our body uses zinc in so many places, it is all the more important that the need for zinc is met. After all, the list of diseases and symptoms associated with zinc deficiency is long: those affected complain of lack of drive and fatigue as well as impaired sensory perception, have difficulty concentrating, suffer from signs of a weakened immune system such as skin infections, inflammation and poor wound healing. But also hair loss, brittle nails, growth problems, a reduced interest in sex or even infertility are the consequences of a zinc deficiency!

Nahrungsmittel mit Zink

The problem with this is that our body cannot store zinc - it processes it directly. That is why we have to keep supplying the trace element with a balanced diet. The recommended daily dose is between 10 and 15 mg for men and 7 to 12 mg for women. Good sources for a zinc-rich diet are red meats, seafood and cheese, but also vegetarian foods such as wheat germ, walnuts, mushrooms and yeast, lentils and even green tea..

Zinc in creams helps against pimples and blackheads

Taken orally, the essential trace element works from the inside and supports our body in many functions. But we also like to use zinc in creams due to its wound-healing effect, which is why it is particularly popular in medicine, for example for weeping wounds.

But zinc also has two important functions in the fight against pimples and blackheads:

  1. It inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause pimplesPropionibacterium acnes acnee).
  2. It reduces sebum secretion, i.e. the production of sebum.

In particular, by regulating sebum production, zinc makes an important contribution against blackheads and pimples, because excessive sebum production leads to the development of skin impurities. How sebum, blackheads and pimples are relatedwe explain here in more detail.

If your face cream contains zinc, you will automatically apply the trace element to your skin every day. This will reduce sebum production, inhibit Propionibacterium acnes and ultimately prevent pimples and blackheads.

But more than that: You support your skin in wound healing and stabilize it, especially if it is like oursHydra Defense Cream additionally contains panthenol, vitamin C and vitamin E. The face cream helps you against blackheads and pimples, at the same time promotes wound healing and the regeneration of the skin's own protective film.

If you want to have a clean and healthy complexion, you should use a face cream for men that, like the Hydra Defense Cream, takes the mix of zinc and nourishing substances into account. You get the creamhere in the shop.

Good luck in the fight against pimples, acne and blackheads! And: #staysober


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