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6 facts:How to shower properly and avoid skin problems

Summer is here and we smell it in the subway, in the office and on ...
6 Fakten: Wie Du richtig duschst und Hautprobleme als Mann vermeidest

Summer is here and we smell it in the subway, in the office and on ourselves. We sweat. We call the obvious solution showering, but it has one major catch: We dry out our skin with it, especially if we overdo it. Fortunately, you don't have to do without refreshment in the bathroom entirely. We'll tell you what you can do about dry skin by showering.

The fact is: showers stress our skin.

Our top layer of skin is of onefine fatty acid coating which contains bacteria and mixtures of substances that are important for us: it defends our skin against foreign bacteria and thus protects against inflammation, acne, pimples, eczema and more. However, this natural skin barrier also keeps the moisture in our skin because it prevents it from evaporating as quickly.

So what happens when we shower?

We rinse off this skin barrier and attack our own defenses, leaving us defenseless against germs, fungi and viruses as well as dehydration. The consequences: Wrinkles from dry skin and a higher risk of skin inflammation and even eczema.

Showering better for better skin

… or less bad. By showering, we inevitably harm our skin and ourselves. But you can't do without it either. That's why you should consider a few donts when washing your body::

1. Don't shower too often

The good news is: our skin barrier usually regenerates itself if we give it the chance. In the opinion of dermatologists, showering three times a week is sufficient for personal hygiene. You should only wash your sweaty parts of the body gently every day: penis and testicles, buttocks, armpits, hollows of the knees and if there are deeper wrinkles such as on the stomach.h.

If you now say that you have to shower every day in order to be a whole person: we understand. But then ideally do without shower gel or aggressive soaps. More on that in a moment.

2. Don't shower too long

It's not like a single drop of water destroys the entire protective acid mantle. But the more water there is, the more we wash away our own natural protection. So: According to the experts, it should be less than four minutes.

3. Do not take a hot shower

From 35 degrees Celsius it gets bad for the skin. The horny layer swells up and the self-protection loosens. Why not take a cold shower? Because we are secretly warm showers. But:er:

If the temperature is too cold, the blood vessels contract and try to retain body heat. However, the skin blood circulation continues shortly afterwards and so does the sweating. The fun starts all over again..

A short, lukewarm shower is the answer: you put less strain on the horny layer and you don't shock the blood vessels from the cold.

4. Don't use too much or wrong soaps

The formula is simple: the more soap and foam you use, the more fat-dissolving agents there are on the skin, the more you leach it out. Less is more! UseSoaps without surfactants which are nourishing and moisturizing at the same time.

5. Do not rely on bad shower gels

Don't let yourself be seduced by shower scrubs, they only damage your skin barrier. You should also keep your hands off cleaners that like fragrances, dyes and preservativesBHT or microplastics andSilicones contain.

Shower products that support the pH of the skin are good. That is 5.5. This means that you are less likely to attack your skin barrier. Does your shower gel also contain moisturizing substances such asurea orhyaluronan, you support the moisture balance of your skin in the shower. For a gentle cleansing of your face with these two substances, we recommend theGentle Facial Cleanser from sober.

6. Don't dry the skin dead

After the shower, you don't want to have wet skin, so you dry yourself off. Only: if you rub too hard with the towel, you will also remove flakes of skin that belong to the acid mantle. That's why dabbing off is sufficient and the skin feels much better afterwards!!

Facial care after the shower is mandatory against wrinkles

You won't be able to avoid it entirely. When you shower, you are drawing moisture from your skin. That's why it's all about giving it back moisture afterwards. Especially in areas that dehydrate quickly, it is all the more important to help with moisturizing.

We therefore recommend the Hydra Defense Cream for the face, which we have specially developed to hydrate the skin. It uses the effects of urea and hyaluron and cares for your face after the shower. You get the face creamin our shop.

Get through the summer safely. And #staysober


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