Weil Papa der Beste ist: Besondere Geschenkideen zum Vatertag

Because dad is the best: special gift ideas for Father's Day

If you think about it more closely, you will see: fathers are something very special! Hardly any other person shapes a man's development more - ideally more in the good than in the bad sense. If Father's Day on Ascension Day is getting closer (on May 10, 2018), the question arises: With what kind of attention to Father's Day do I express that the old gentleman did everything right for me as an educator?

And we already have a not entirely unknown problem: Father's Day gifts are not an easy thing. As is typical for men , there is also the challenge with one's own producer to give something to someone who either doesn't want anything or already has everything. As exemplary sons, who we are after all, we thought about what ideas we would use to impress our different types of fathers for Men's Day 2018. And we also have results:

1. For the emotional father

Imagine that you would stir your father with your father's day gift on the day of honor so that his chest bursts with pride and even a tear rolls down due to the spontaneous sentimentality.

Do you remember how your father initiated you into the secrets of shaving? An anecdote and homage to this very personal shared experience is to give him a razor. But it cannot be just any 3-blade system razor because your father will have taught you that shaving should be a process full of dignity.

Safety razor black

If you give your father a real safety razor, you show him that you understand being a man: it is about having an object for life that is made to last and appears as solid as it is noble. Heavy razors made of black stainless steel are suitable for this, as you can order them here .

2. For the cozy Mr. Papa

The homely, comfortable father is a type of connoisseur who truly appreciates a good barbecue with the right drink. Because he doesn't just drink something , but likes to try something new, it's worth taking a look at the world of well-kept drops. In our opinion, alcoholic drinks are completely ok, because the relaxed dad drinks in moderation and with pleasure.

Father's Day gift idea

Interesting for this class of fathers are gift boxes with a larger selection of beers from all over the world (like this one for example). If your father has a more exclusive, exquisite taste, it is also worth taking a look at a tasting set of special drinks.

A positive side effect: If your old gentleman is one of the more generous of his kind, he will definitely let you try it out.

3. For the buddy father

Traditionally, fathers and sons take to the streets at Ascension Day to armed with handcarts and beer crates to toast their intimate friendship and men's day. So if your father is good on foot and a real buddy, then this gift is of an ideal nature: Organize the tour for May 10, because the chances of good weather and a great day are good.

The effort and costs for this father's day gift are limited: depending on the size of the troop, you need one, two, three boxes of beer (ideally also a box of water for the fluid balance), a handcart and a route that will take you to unusual places and special experiences will lead.

Best gift idea for Father's Day

Professionals pimp the tour with special beer coolers - as we found them here - and bring "beer-proof" loudspeakers with a rich sound, such as those from JBL .

4. For the older, but always young gentlemen

With all due respect, would you be able to say about your father that he is a little vain? Sure, he still looks really fit, but one or the other wrinkle always offends his ego and doesn't let him sleep in peace anymore.

We assume that a voucher for the cosmetic surgeon would be a sub-optimal father's day idea (more precisely: a pretty bad insult). But what if you let your father into the world of modern personal hygiene so that he can do something good for his skin?

A moisturizer specially developed for men's skin helps your old man keep his face young: It provides valuable moisture and important nutrients that the skin of a young man - at least in the heart - can use well.

Also a good gift idea for future fathers! Because as soon as the children are there and deprive them of the sleep they deserve, the skin will need extra freshness. Small consolation by the way: One day the children will think about the Father's Day gift.

Have fun giving and #staysober