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Trendy unisex perfumes:why fragrances have no gender

Have you ever asked yourself why some perfumes are female and some ...
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Have you ever asked yourself why some perfumes are female and some are male? The truth is: there is no such thing as a fragrance for men or a fragrance for women. And when we take a closer look at the topic, we notice that that is a good 

For women and men and non-binary: What is unisex perfumes all about? 

Can you imagine that in the 50s it was frowned upon for women to wear pants or that it was taken as a provocation when men's hair was longer than 5 centimeters?? 

“Everything was better in the past certainly does not apply to expectations typically male ortypically female. We know better today: These are all just constructs, it only takes place in the head. 

And we learn (and have learned) to break these constructs: women wear short hair, men have nail polish. It no longer depends on what others expect from a person - it's about wellbeing, style and diversity. 

A person's gender is often no longer what constitutes or should constitute identity. Many people question it or completely refuse to think in terms of man and woman. This is also evident in the world of perfumes: 

Unisex fragrances are trendy.

A unisex perfume doesn't want eithermasculine stillFemale be. It is made for all people instead of just for men or just for women. But how do you distinguish a unisex fragrance from a perfume for men or a perfume for women? 

To do this, we first need to understand male and female perfumes.

What are male and female fragrances 

The gender of a perfume depends on the ideas we have learned. It's like our stereotypical color mappings, blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Different people have told us that, and that's why it's true.ahr. 

These assignments are purely arbitrary and the world has not (until now) exploded because men wore pink shirts and women blue pants. 

It's the same with perfumes: Hugo Boss Bottled is male because Hugo Boss says it's male. La vie est belle from Lancôme is feminine because Lancôme says it is 

Perfume manufacturers: use existing stereotypes to present a fragrance as male or female:

What defines a feminine fragrance 

The stereotypes are for example:

  • often fresh-floral-flowery scent
  • ornate bottles, ornate packaging
  • soft and rather bright colors in the design

What defines a masculine fragrance 

Assumptions are for example:

  • often woody scent with fresh or oriental notes
  • simple to masculine swanky packaging
  • Color choice: subtle color choice, preferably blue tones and also darker

What is a unisex perfume 

You can already see: Whether a fragrance is male or female depends on your own thinking or on what the perfumeries say.

Calvin Klein was one of the first producers to break away from the more conservative mindset in the 90s: ck One is one of the first official unisex fragrances and a famous evergreen.. 

For Calvin Klein, the idea behind the genderless perfume was not only to be a contribution to equality between the sexes, but also between peoples and age groups.

This is first noticeable in the design: it is clear and straightforward and thus avoids typical attributions of female and male. The scent is a mix of: 

  • Bergamot
  • Amber
  • vanilla
  • papaya
  • musk
  • violet
  • nutmeg

By the way, at sober we have one with Atlas in 2021minimalist as well as iconicUnisex fragrance created by leading French perfumers. Atlas is already a classic and shows with its fragrance composition that men can also wear fruity notes (vanilla) and women can wear spicy accents (incense, cedar).

The fragrance composition is not the reason why ck Oneunisexis.

The truth: all fragrances are unisex

… At least if you want to: the gender of a perfume is ultimately a matter of the head.

Fragrances for women have had wooden notes in the past, just as fragrances for men have used fresh floral accents. The gender of a perfume depends primarily on the weighting of the fragrance components, the gender assumed behind it and that is also part of the manufacturer's marketing statement: inside.. 

If you have any doubts about this statement, do a gender test for perfumes: deal blindly with different fragrances and consider whether they are male or female. You will notice: if there are limits, they are very fluid.

And that fits our time: the world is not black and white, blue and pink or male and female. This is also reflected in new language habits, dear readers: in, but also in lifestyle: clothing and cosmetics have become more diverse and gender-independent.

The same goes for perfumes.

The best way to test perfumes: Samples for unisex fragrances

In the end, it doesn't matter whether a perfume should be male, female or unisex. It's about that it suits you and that you feel comfortable with it. It's about your scent type, not your gender.

Perfume samples are a good start if you are unsure about your own fragrance type: You do not buy a whole bottle for a good perfume, only small sample samples. This has advantages:

  • The samples cost little and you can decide in peace.
  • The design of the small perfume samples is mostly neutral, so you don't have to be too distracted by the packaging: you can concentrate on the smell.
  • If you don't like the sample, you can give it away to friends: maybe you like it better! 

We see it this way:

When it comes to perfumes, don't do what others ask you to docould. Do what is good for you. #treatyourself


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