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Reduce stress for more beautiful skin:10 effective tips

You are often stressed and restless. Then let's get straight to the...
stress vermeiden haut tips

You are often stressed and restless. Then let's get straight to the point: Stress is one of the main problems when it comes to your skin health. We have 10 tips for you to help you find yourself and a healthy balance again. 

The fact that stress is not only noticeable psychologically but also physically is almost old hat. Stress leads to decreased sex drive and also leads to sexual dysfunction. But it also leads to cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems and, last but not least, skin problems! 

Acne, psoriasis, dry skin, but also hair loss are the visible signs of stress. We have already discussed theEffects of Stress on the Skin employed. That's why it's now going straight to the practice:

What can you do to reduce stress and keep your skin (and your body as a whole) healthy 

First of all: get to the bottom of the stress

Hardly any tip will be really helpful if you don't knowWhat Stress you. While for many it is work, for some the normal everyday life can cause stress symptoms.

This can include traffic, the household or frequent arguments with friends, family or neighbors. It can be unpleasant, upcoming tasks or concern for your own health. Maybe it's just your apartment that isn't furnished properly or is just too messy … 

What stresses a person is something very individual.

Before we share our anti-stress tips with you, we recommend:

  1. Create awareness: Go inside yourself and think about which situations make you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Analyze: Make a list of these things to give you an overview.
  3. Act:Think about which of these stress factors you can reduce and which tactics for coping with stress can help you in everyday life. 

And maybe a few of the following anti-stress tips will help you:

10 Stress Relief Tips: These Tactics Can Help You

1. Meditation

It can often help to take some time for yourself. In meditation you practice turning within yourself and finding peace. Because their own body awareness often comes to the fore, many today also speak of mindfulness exercises.

Ommm and cross-legged may be a start in meditation, but not the full program. Mindfulness and meditation are a matter of practice. It may take a while, but it's worth it.. 

Apps like Headspace or 7Mind guide you in this exercise and are usually free to get started. So you can feel your way around and find out whether meditation and mindfulness help you against stress.

2. Take a deep breath and count to 10

Sounds banal, but: If you notice that a situation is worrying and making you nervous, pausing is often a suitable means of inner peace at the push of a button.. 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to 10.

Incidentally, this not only helps in stressful situations, but also protects against rash actions, for example when you are angry. 

3. Eat healthy

Your diet can be closely related to your stress level. A lot of sugar, caffeine, tobacco or alcohol can make you restless. Checking your diet and adjusting it if necessary could be the key to more balance.

Incidentally, when it comes to eating, it's not just a matter of the WHAT, but also of the HOW. Eating too quickly increases stress levels. If, on the other hand, you are slow, chew properly and enjoy your food, you can treat yourself to a nice, healthy break.

Reading tip: Here you can find out more aboutwhat belongs to a healthy and balanced diet.

4. Do sports

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and also prevent it.

Through the physical exertion you focus your thoughts on yourself, you get your circulation going and you have the opportunity to exhaust yourself appropriately.

So if you notice that the stress is catching up with you: jog one or two laps around the park, ride a bike across the country or swim a few laps in the swimming pool.

Sometimes a simple walk is enough to clear your head!

The great thing about sport is that it not only helps you psychologically, but also physically: Your blood circulation is better, you train your muscles and all of this is also good for your skin, as we have already shown here.

5. Learn yoga

Yoga is a particularly good combination of exercise and meditation. And you shouldn't underestimate this sport: Yoga is very physically demanding!

With yoga, you get your body moving in a gentle, but also effective way: postures such as the downward facing dog or the standing forward bend train your muscles and help you to balance yourself internally.en. 

It is good if you include yoga in your regular exercise program. Perhaps a sports club near you offers such courses 

6. Take a relaxing break

Everyday working life can rob you of the orientation when you specifically take time off. When was the last time you took a vacation or just went on an excursion? 

Changes from everyday life draw our attention away from work and help us to recharge the inner battery. The following applies here: Everything that is fun and good for you is allowed. When the sports weekend is great! Or if you visit another city and discover fine too!! 

It doesn't always have to be the big journey far, far away. Many small portions of relaxation, on the other hand, can help you regain your strength and tackle everyday things in a more relaxed manner.

7. Put your cell phone and laptop away

Do you know the term digital detox?”? 

Digital fasting is about getting away from the things that keep us busy around the clock. Above all, the smartphone is closely followed by tablets and laptops. 

So cell phone off. Sounds easy, but it's not that easy. Some people do digital fasting for several days or even weeks, but it doesn't have to be that extreme. 

A first step, for example, is to switch off the cell phone in the evening and not have it in the bedroom. Or uninstall certain apps (for a certain period of time) that don't let you rest.

The good thing about the Digital Detox is its effectiveness: Our consciousness is almost continuously influenced by the smartphone in everyday life. We check our emails, Tinder, Instagram and whatever else is on the phone almost automatically. Often without any need. As a result, however, we are restless throughout.

Only when you really switch off your devices can you actually switch them off yourself.

By the way, digital detox hasstill a plus point: by reducing your screen time,You also reduce the amount of blue lightwhich can be partly responsible for the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

8. Treat yourself to a sauna and wellness

There are places that almost automatically ensure peace and quiet. Wellness oases and saunas are part of it. There are no cell phones here, but there are few disturbing conversations, but pleasant infusion rituals, soothing warmth and stimulation for your circulation. 

Perfect to switch off.

Going to the sauna is like a mini vacation for you. And for your skin: As with sports, you sweat a lot and flush impurities out of your pores. Immediately after the sauna, you will see that your skin is much cleaner and smoother.

You should keep your skin clean and smooth after the saunaa good moisturizer immediately afterwards treat. This way it doesn't stretch or dry out.

9. Keep your home and your mind tidy

Sometimes your own home can be stressful: the mountain of laundry is piling up, the bathroom is scruffy, the dishes are piling up in the kitchen 

For many, this can be a source of perceived stress and if you belong to this type of person, then only one thing helps: take a break from tidying up.

When you get your own four walls in order, you get yourself moving, reduce chaos and at the same time create some sense of achievement.

And when you've done that, you can treat yourself to another break with a real reward. For example with the next tip.

10. Immerse yourself in other worlds

Often our minds are full of things that we still have to do, that we have forgotten, or that make us wonder. Sometimes these thoughts linger for a while and become a burden.

Distraction is an important way of getting your mind off other thoughts. Diving into other worlds sounds a bit cheesy at first, but it describes exactly that: You forget everyday life and everyday worries.. 

So how can you effectively redirect your thoughts? 

For many, the answer is a captivating novel to keep your head busy and free your mind. Others can also switch off well by getting creative and painting or making music.

If stress is chronic, get professional help

Stress is a health problem, and not all of us have learned enough to deal with it appropriately. For some, the stress is so deeply anchored and chronic that the tips above cannot be of any real help.

If you suffer from chronic stress and nothing has really helped, please get professional support.

A first point of contact can be the website of your health insurance company. Many offer a search for this, with which you can quickly find the right psychotherapeutic help.An example of such a page is this one.

What helped you with stress Which stress tips do you have? 

We want to help you and other readers to lead a healthy and stress-free life. If certain stress tips have helped you now or in the past, please let us know and we will gradually add to this post.

Just send us your tipvia our contact form and help others with it. We say thank you and #TreatYourself

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