Sport als guter Vorsatz für das neue Jahr: Geh es richtig an!

Sport as a good resolution for the new year: get it right!

How long do your good resolutions actually last? Especially when it comes to sport, some men show how successfully they fight their inner bastard - not so well. Movement is the best thing we should treat our bodies to. At the turn of the year, we therefore have a tip for you on how to stay on the ball (attention: bad joke).

Why sport is good for your skin and your body

In our magazine we have already spoken extensively about the relationships between sport, skin and body . The hard facts at a glance:

  • Clean pores : You sweat and clean your pores.
  • Younger appearance : Your skin is better supplied with blood and gets more oxygen. This leads to improved cell growth and a higher cell renewal rate.
  • Strong skin : On the one hand, you tighten your skin from the inside by growing your muscles. On the other hand, you strengthen your connective tissue: By moving you improve the collagen supply, which gives the connective tissue firmness.

But soft facts also ensure that you and your skin are well: Sport ensures that we are more balanced, feel better and perceive ourselves more attractively. This is only conducive to our self-confidence and resilience - and, of course, it benefits our skin in the end!

The problem: The well-intentioned intention to do more sports

First of all: congratulations! If you've read this far, you mean at least so seriously about the sport that you want to get it right this time. And that also means that you plan to do something good for your skin and your body!

But it should not remain with the pure declaration of intent. After all, how much money have men invested in gyms because they signed up in January and only trained three times at the end of the year?

We have to ask ourselves honestly: Why do we fail to do serious sports? The answers are often:

  • Just don't have time for it.
  • Something very, very important came between me.
  • Today is not my day, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Valid justifications? Let us not lie to ourselves, because these are all just lazy excuses!

Motivate successfully: Make a conviction out of the resolution

The good news is that exercise isn't just for professional athletes. Keep in mind that every little movement is better than none at all. And: With only 30 minutes of cycling, walking or light jogging every day, you are already in the framework that doctors recommend for healthy fitness.

But what about the inner bastard? You won't let anyone tell you about that! Follow these three rules for a fitter everyday life and a healthier, more masculine body:

  1. Get used to movement!

Try cosiness? Our problem is that we have become too comfortable in everyday life: We are giving away our fitness and health to cars, lifts and escalators. We have to get used to moving in everyday life again. So: do without a car, bus or train and take your bike or walk. Forget escalators and elevators, because you have a free fitness program with the stairs.

Why should you let machines take away from you to move yourself? Make yourself a free man and work your way! Every perceived possibility of exercise takes you one decisive step further towards a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Commit yourself!

The excuses mentioned above (... no time ... something came in between ... maybe tomorrow ...) all have one thing in common: They show how little serious we are. The solution is to tackle it consistently and commit.

Take your schedule and set up fixed sports times. You don't have to (and shouldn't) be running every day. It is more important that you develop a healthy routine and do not overdo it at first. You will notice: With every sports session it is becoming more and more natural for you to go to the studio or the sports club at fixed times.

At the same time, you should involve your buddies: talk to them about your sports plans. This is how you make things official and you are obliged to keep your word. Possible positive side effect: Your friends join in and you have real sports meetings with them.

  1. Reward yourself!

Sport is not meant to be torture or punishment. Find the activities that you enjoy as much as possible. There is no shortage of offers: there are numerous fitness studios with a huge selection of courses, numerous types of team sports, running groups and meetings for boot camp, martial arts and much more. Find out what your sport is. After all, it's about your free time and your well-being.

Don't forget to reward yourself for your fitness and achievements: watch how your body changes positively and let your friends admire you for it. Material rewards are also important from time to time - be it a new sports outfit or a sensible care product for men like the Hydra Defense Cream . Because: After exercising, you will want to take a shower and give your skin important moisture and nutrients. It comes down to facial care that was specially developed for men's skin.

Honestly, start today! And of course: #staysober