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This is how proper tattoo care works: 12 rules for you before and after the tattoo

They have long left their image as an assist temple and now every fourth young person under 30 years of age wears one thing: tattoos adorn our bodies, are a real eye-catcher and express individuality - at least if they look goodThe right tattoo care influences the quality of your tattoo enormouslyThat is why we have collected the most important tips for tattoo care for you.

Before we deal with the specific rules for tattoo care, a note:

The health risks of tattoos for the human organism have not been clarifiedBut what we do know is that the color pigments of the tattoo ink do not stay under the skinThey get into the body circulation and can be found in other placesThe tattoo colors are partly considered pollutants and only a few of them are prohibited for use in tattoos.

If you have any doubts whether a tattoo is right for you, take your time, think about it calmly and do not rush anything.

But if you are sure, then please note our skin care tips for tattoos before and after the lancing.

Why is proper skin care important for tattooing?

Whether a tattoo looks good depends on at least three factors:

  1. The choice of tattoo studio
  2. The preparation and follow-up
  3. Your desired motif

While the beauty of the tattoo motif is purely subjective ( apart from forbidden signs and violently funny tattoo failures), you can definitely influence the tattoo quality by choosing the right tattoo artist and the right care.

What can happen if you are not careful:

  • The tattooists work improperly and endanger your health.
  • You lose more blood than you should during the lancing.
  • The tattoo artists do not understand their craft and stab an inferior tattoo.
  • Your tattoo can catch fire.
  • The healing of the skin is slow.
  • The tattoo loses its color due to incorrect care and you have to have it examined.
  • The result of the tattoo does not meet expectations.
  • And more …

We want you to have fun with your tattoo and proudly show it offSo if you have decided on a tattoo and the motif, please pay attention to the following tips.

The preparation: what you need to consider before tattooing

It is absolutely critical to the success of a beautiful tattoo that you properly prepare for it.

It starts with the choice of tattoo studio and rule # 1 : Never (!) Get a tattoo anywhere out of a spontaneous moodBecause spontaneously you are always unprepared.

A spontaneous tattoo also breaks rule # 2 , after which you have checked the tattoo studio wellTake a close look at the studio, the tattoo artists and their works: do the results look good? Do you work clean, i.e. with clean tools, rubber gloves and is the studio as a whole well maintained? What do other customers say in online reviews, for example? Does the studio make appointments as it should or do you prefer to get a tattoo quickly and dirty?

Once you've found a trustworthy studio, rule # 3 is important : prepare your body properlyThat means:

  • Appear sober, without alcohol in the bloodThis will prevent you from bleeding heavily during the lancing and an embarrassing appearance.
  • You shouldn't have been in the sun before the appointmentFirst, you avoid skin irritation before the stingSecondly, the skin pores do not widen, which can otherwise lead to increased blood flow.
  • Clean yourself and your skin thoroughly before the procedureIn a decent studio, the skin area is shaved and disinfected, but you reduce the risk of inflammation by doing good preliminary work.
  • Depending on the size of the tattoo, the stinging sometimes takes several hours and is quite challenging for the circulationTherefore, bring some nerve food, such as nuts and juice.

After the sting: The right skin care for your tattoo

After stinging, you should leave the tattoo studio with a tattoo that is disinfected, creamed and wrapped in foilRule # 4 here is that you leave the foil on for at least three hours and at most one day.

You will see that blood and wound water collect under the foilThis is completely normal, after all, the stinging has severely affected your upper skin layersFollow rule # 5 to avoid inflammation: Carefully clean the tattoo with lukewarm (not hot!) Water and a pH-neutral soap that is mild and gentle on the skin - so it doesn't contain any artificial perfumes or skin-irritating substances .

To minimize further inflammation risks, you should wear fresh and loose-fitting clothes so that they don't stick to your tattooYou should also have freshly made your bed ( Rule # 6 ).

A tattoo is a wound that should heal as well and safely as possibleRule # 7 states that as little as possible crusts should form in the wound healing process, because in the end you also have a nicer resultThe right cream can work wonders hereTake a care cream for your tattoo that has the following properties:

  • Contains no fragrance or coloring
  • Moisturizes
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Does not contain any harmful or questionable ingredients
  • Contributes to wound healing with panthenol

For the first five to seven days after stinging, we recommend a cream that contributes particularly well to wound healing and moisturizesIt is best to get advice in the pharmacy about which wound and healing ointment contains plenty of panthenol and moisturizing substances.

Rule # 8 : Always, always, always clean your hands before applying a cream to your tattoo.

It can happen relatively early that you get an itch from your tattooRule # 9 is very clear: stay away and don't scratch.

And don't forget rule # 10 : avoid all possible forms of irritation and skin irritationThis means that for the first two to four weeks you have to leave some things that are otherwise part of your everyday life:

  • Keep your tattoo away from the sun.
  • Do not go to the swimming pool, solarium or sauna.
  • Reduce your sports program to just light exercise, where you don't sweat and don't rub your skin.

If you notice unusual redness or swelling, you should not start any experiments and you should definitely seek medical advice ( Rule # 11 ).

What does optimal long-term care for tattoos look like?

It usually takes two to four weeks for your tattoo to heal wellThis is related to how well your skin heals itself and how well you care for it.

As soon as you notice that the tattoo has healed to a certain extent, no longer bleeds and no longer produces wound water, you come to Rule # 12 : Support your tattoo with intensive skin careThis no longer needs such a high proportion of panthenol, which means that it has more space for nourishing oils, nutrients and moisturizing agents such as urea .

If you already care for your skin with sober after shave anyway , you can also use the lotion for long-term tattoo careThe cream contains various important vitamins, nutrients and oils that strengthen your skin during regenerationBecause it also contains panthenol and urea, we can confidently recommend it for tattoos care from the second week.

Good tattoo care leads to better tattoos

If you are getting a tattoo, correct preparation and follow-up is essentialThis is the only way to ensure that you get the best possible resultIt would be a shame to spend the rest of your life with a tattoo fail.

So pay attention to the rules above, do not rush and of course: #staysober