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Castor oil:the best care for skin and hair?

Castor oil is said to have beautiful skin, a well-groomed body and ...
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Castor oil is said to have beautiful skin, a well-groomed body and natural hair growth. But the effect is really as excellent as many voices claim. Are there any side effects The uses of castor oil are just as diverse as the effects that are said to be of the oil of the tropical wonder tree. Anyone can easily buy the oil in the drugstore. But which one has real quality. It is used for eyelashes, skin, hair and even the digestive tract. Ingredients, effects and areas of application, however, are known to very few people in detail. This article should therefore deal with the origin, production, application and effects of castor oil. As a component of care products, castor oil also has a special meaning, which is to be examined in more detail here.ll.


  1. Castor oil cannice skin promote and have a positive effect on the skin.
  2. Castor oil provides active ingredients for shiny hair and better hair growth.
  3. Castor oil is also classically used as a digestive / laxative.


What is castor oil made of and how is it made?
For which applications is castor oil suitable??
What is the chemical composition of castor oil?
The history of oil

What is castor oil made of and how is it made?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil made from the tropical wonder tree. The miracle tree rizinus communis belongs to the so-called milkweed family and is poisonous plant of the year 2018. The tree grows in the tropical regions of Africa and is also known as the Christ palm, cross tree or louse tree. The plant blooms from July to October. Many gardeners also plant this beautiful plant in Europe. The plants, which grow up to 2.50 m high, are an eye-catcher for every garden. Also because of its bright red and prickly fruits, the annual plant is often used as an eye-catcher in the garden. The wonder tree is also divided into different varieties. The best known are Carmencita or Impala. 

It is the fruits of the miracle tree that serve as the basis for the production of castor oil. The plant, especially the peel of its fruit, is actually very poisonous. They contain the poison ricin. The poison is in the seed coats and should be kept away from children or pets. Ricin is a special protein compound whose presence cannot be tasted. As little as 0.25 milligrams of this compound can be fatal to humans.

In addition to their use in cosmetics or the health sector, the fruits are also used for organic garden fertilizers. To do this, the fruits are pressed and heated. This is how you separate oil from the rest of the fruit. The heat is needed for the poison to decompose. About 40-55 of the seeds consist of oil. The oil itself is not toxic..


To obtain castor oil for further processing, there are two possible ways of extracting oil. A special quality of the product can be recognized by the fact that it was cold-pressed. The industrially more interesting variant because it is more economical is the more profitable hot pressing. The seeds, including their shells, are heated and pressed by a screw. A so-called press cake and an oil are created. 10 of the oil components remain in the press cake and are later chemically triggered by hexane or heptane. The rest of the oil is now up to 1 in the press cake. It is then used as fertilizer while the oil is further refined. This removes unwanted substances from the oil. The oil is degummed, deacidified and treated with steam. Then it is heated to around 70-80 degrees to remove protein residues. After further lightening and discoloration, it is then used raw or as part of care products.det.

For which applications is castor oil suitable??

Castor oil is suitable for various uses on and in the body. As early as 1552 BC Christ was recorded the application on an Egyptian papyrus roll. The seeds of the miracle tree were even found in Egyptian graves. The grains of the miracle tree have been used as a laxative since the 18th century. Today, medicine uses castor oil in a refined form as an additive for sex hormones or eye drops.The cosmetics uses castor oil in creams, mascaras, beard care products, hair care products and bath oils. We have summarized the most common applications in cosmetics here:

  • Skin: Castor oil works particularly well against wrinkles on the skin. It promotes the production of the skin's own collagen, which in turn makes the skin firm and soft. This effect is particularly appreciated by cosmetologists on the face.
  • Hair: The oil penetrates deep into the hair structure and also cares for the scalp. Hair becomes stronger, has a satin gloss and it becomes generally more elastic.
  • Eyebrows: Special care for eyebrows through regular use.
  • Eyelashes: Castor oil can be applied to eyelashes with a cotton pad before going to bed. It stays on the eyelash overnight and makes it supple.TIP: The application should be repeated for several weeks to achieve an optimal result.
  • Scars: The oil penetrates deep into the skin layer and can thus be used in the treatment of scarred skin. Therefore, this ingredient is often found in face creams.
  • Face: Castor oil kills germs and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It improves skin problems on the face such as acne, eczema, or redness and irritation.TIP: Wash the oil off with warm water after using it.
  • Digestion: binds water in the intestine and thus increases the laxative pressure. Be sure to speak to a doctor before using it for constipation.

Use: Castor oil is good for the skin

Castor oil is particularly rich in antioxidants. It has a positive effect on the skin not only as a home remedy, but also as a component of creams and cosmetic products. So-called free radicals accelerate the aging process of the skin. And this is exactly where castor oil has a positive effect, as the antioxidants it contains fight these free radicals.

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In addition to its positive effect against the aging process, castor oil has anti-inflammatory effects and soothes the skin. It is also recommended for use with neurodermatitis and acne. Regular and especially long-term use can combat and alleviate inflammation in the skin.

Castor oil can be used well against wrinkles?

A particularly effective component of castor oil, however, are the fatty acids it contains. Their effect is also particularly visible due to the low water content. They ensure the improvement of the moisture reserves in the skin. The oil penetrates deep into the skin and the application leads to a firmer and younger complexion. But despite the positive effects, the medical effectiveness of castor oil on wrinkles has not yet been sufficiently scientifically investigated and researched in studies.

Are there any side effects of castor oil

Little known side effects of using castor oil on the skin. In any case, it is advisable to test how well the respective products are compatible with the skin before using them. Apply the care product to a less receptive and less visible area and let it work for 20 minutes. In the event of intolerance, reddening occurs, otherwise the product with castor oil can be used without any problems. Gastrointestinal complaints such as cramps and nausea are sometimes reported when using castor oil as a laxative. Here, too, the package insert for the respective product is the source of information of choice and should be read carefully. The side effects for the skin and the side effects for the hair are unknown. Often there are also combinations of substances that react negatively to individual users. The castor oil is not always to blame for an intolerance, but the other components of a product. The quantities in use should also be well-dosed and always correspond to the instructions on the package or package insert.

What is the chemical composition of castor oil?

Castor oil is scientifically also known as castor oil. It is a vegetable oil from the plant of the miracle tree, which belongs to the so-called milkweed family. Also known as castor oil in English-speaking countries, the colorless to slightly yellow oil is used in technology, pharmacy, cosmetics and as a lubricant. It comes from pressed seeds and is processed several times after pressing before it gets its familiar appearance. The end product is then used for cosmetics and personal care products, for example. The density of the oil is 0.955 to 0.968 kg / l. It has a viscosity that is a term for the viscosity of an oil of 935-1100 mPa at 20 degrees Celsius. The melting point is -12 to -18C. The oil itself consists of 80-85 triglycerides and other glycerides of various fatty acids. These include ricinoleic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. The proportion of water is less than 0.5.,5%.

The history of oil

According to tradition, the use of the oil of the miracle tree is already known in the time of Herodotus in ancient Egypt. At that time it was mainly used as an ointment and as a fuel oil for lamps. The ancient Greeks knew the miracle tree as croton and used its fruit as a laxative and as an oil to act on the skin. The cosmetic effects of castor oil have been known for centuries. After the plant was forgotten after these epochs, it was rediscovered in the middle of the 18th century and used again as a laxative..

But castor oil only became widespread in the western world from the 1960s, when the USA subsidized the production of castor oil and the cultivation of the miracle tree plant in order to be less dependent on foreign oil imports. Later, however, industrial breeding and changes to the plant failed, which is why the cultivation of the miracle tree plant now mainly takes place in countries where harvesting is done by hand. The H-22 variety used there was originally developed by the Israeli Weizmann Institute and is now widely used. The most important countries in castor oil production are India, Brazil and China. The USA has produced practically no castor oil for the world market since 1990. In Germany, 30,000 tons of castor oil are imported annually, while more than half a million tons of oil are traded worldwide.

Buying and using castor oil

Using castor oil is very easy. The oil itself is free from chemical additives. Creams and cosmetics often complement it in a positive way, which is why it is often more worthwhile to use products with castor oil instead of using it raw. The only important thing is that you pay attention to the quality of the products. Cold-pressed oil is of higher quality than industrially hot-pressed products. Here are some use cases and recommendations:

  1. Eye wrinkles: Massage the products into the affected areas in the evening before going to bed and leave them on overnight. Please make sure that nothing gets into your eyes. You can wash off with clean water early. A face cream also has a positive effect after use.
  2. Face: A good application can be guaranteed with a face mask, in which the applied products with castor oil can act long-term, again preferably overnight. Sleep masks are also suitable. Just be careful not to let the oil drip onto sheets and pillows. Removal during washing is laborious.
  3. Wrinkles: Massage in the care products and let them work. After about 20 minutes soaking time, the oil can be removed with water and a face wash cream. After that, we recommend applying a face mask again.

Overall, the applications should be carried out over several weeks, at least 2-3 times a week in a row, in order to achieve a result. Hair care products can be handled in a similar way. To achieve silky soft hair, the application should be repeated. 


Castor oil is harmless in its use, despite the toxicity of the plant and especially the seed coats. Cold-pressed oils are of a higher quality than industrially processed products. After pressing and processing, the oil from the miracle tree has a positive effect on skin and hair. It makes skin supple and penetrates deep into the pores. As part of care products, it makes hair soft and resilient and provides a positive holistic effect on skin and hair. Castor oil can be bought raw or processed. We recommend using it in care products. The application time should be chosen generously so that the components of the oil can work.

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