haare richtig waschen

Washing hair properly: 7 rules for men's heads

Those who have it are happy: hair makes men attractive. It would be a shame if you make mistakes in hair care that lead to broken hair or hair loss. Or that you have to hide your greasy hair under a hat.

We have the 7 basic onesRules for you, so that you have a long head of hair.

Rule # 1: Find your rhythm

Sad but not surprising news: your hair is dead!t!

Nevertheless, the horn material absorbs moisture and fat and gives it off again. So it can dry out or get greasy. Due to the sebum production of the scalp and the sweat, your hair has its own rhythm, which you can disturb by washing your hair too often. Because: Water and shampoo have an effect on fats, the scalp and sebum production.

Some people go so far as to say they don't use shampoo at all, No Poo Movement; others recommend shampooing every second or third day.g.

Rule # 2: Use a good quality shampoo

If your hair and scalp have no special needs, we recommend onemild shampoothat does not contain harmful ingredients such as silicone, BHT, microplastics you can check whether your shampoo is questionable or not. You should do the same for other hair care products(hair conditioner, Do conditioner, balm..

Rule # 3: Prepare yourself properly for the big moment

Before you hold your hair under the shower head, you should gently brush it through from a medium length. This will loosen small knots that you brought from bed and prevent your hair from becoming tangled while washing. This is the basis for having fewer problems with the brush after washing your hair and fewer problems with the brush also means: less torn hair..

Rule # 4: set the right temperature

The problem with water that is too cold is that it is not so good at removing excess grease and dirt.

The problem with water that is too hot: It not only dries out the hair, but also the scalp and thus excessively stimulates the production of sebum.

It's a bit of a balancing act. The water must not be too hot or too cold. Just lukewarm. The advantage of lukewarm water: You are also doing something good for your skin, because you preserve its natural fat and acid layer!

Rule # 5: Treat your shampoo like an adult

Do you know those scenes from advertising or films in which guys spray the shampoo directly on their heads?

Not only does that look overly cool, it's fundamentally one thing: wrong.

Just take a hazelnut-sized amount and massage it gently onto your scalp. We say:Juston your scalp! Because: Hair ends tend to be dry, which you can intensify with a shampoo. If you only lather the scalp, the important part of the hair apparatus is served and the tips come into contact with the shampoo when rinsing out.

Rule # 6: Rinse your hair long enough

It would be bad if the residues of the shampoo or hair care products continue to dry out the hair and scalp. It becomes particularly critical on the scalp, because residues can clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing. This automatically leads to higher activity of the sebum glands and thus to greasy hair. So: rinse with plenty of lukewarm water!

Extra tip: Finally, rinse your hair briefly with cold water. This gives the tips extra shine.

Rule # 7: Let your hair dry relaxed

One thing we all get wrong: We mistreat our hair by rubbing it dry with a rough terry towel. We loosen our hair roots or even tear out our hair.

It's better like this: You gently press your hair dry with a towel and don't make any aggressive movements. Then you let them air dry. Thats it..

If you want it to go faster and you need to use a blow dryer, set it on a low temperature and keep it away from your hair. Heat damages the hair, dehydrates it and then stimulates the sebum glands again.

All right?

Hats off! #staysober