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The perfect active ingredient for fresh, firm and wrinkle-free skin:hyaluronic acid

Granted, everyone has to practice pronunciation at the beginning, b...
Perfekter Wirkstoff für frische, straffe und faltenfreie Haut bei Männern: Hyaluron

Granted, everyone has to practice pronunciation at the beginning, but then people don't want to go without it: We explain to you why hyaluronic acid is a mandatory component for healthy skin and an indispensable partner in the fight against wrinkles!!

Hyaluron: sexy wrinkle killer and moisturizer

It is endogenous, super compatible and extremely effective: Without hyaluron, nothing works when it comes to skin. The substance is a polysaccharide and occurs naturally in connective tissue. There it has a hydrating effect by binding moisture in the skin. With excellent results: Your tissue is well padded, smooths out and you look fresh and fit overall. Hyaluronic acid is therefore also an anti-aging factor, because well-hydrated skin with a lot of elasticity also means fewer wrinkles.

It is also practical: Hyaluron works against free radicals and thereby supports your collagen structure (more on this below). In addition, the substance is not only good for the skin, but is also found in other parts of your body; for example as a lubricant and insulating material for eyes and joints.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen: Joint power performance

They only develop their full effect when they work together: Hyaluronic acid and collagen work hand in hand against dry skin and wrinkles. If hyaluronic acid is missing, however, it damages the collagen balance. And if the collagen structure is in danger, the elasticity of the skin is bad.

We state: hyaluronic acid and collagen are essential for a healthy, young andtight skin. And: We have good news and bad news.

The good news: our body makes hyaluronic acid and collagen itself

Our connective tissue cells produce the long sugar molecule chains (polysaccharide) by themselves. We also help the production of collagen, the structural protein, with a balanced, protein-rich diet. From this point of view, everything is great: We continue to pay close attention to what is on the table and we are happy about smooth skin. But:

The bad news: From the age of 25, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases

Just as our cells renew themselves more slowly over time, the body's own production of hyaluronic acid also declines. The unpleasant side effects: The collagen structure becomes more unstable, the elasticity decreases, we get the first wrinkles.

But don't panic unnecessarily: You can add hyaluronic acid to your body! We want to refrain from injections at this point, because the punctures are invasive for your skin and so we only get from the rain into the eaves. There remain two options: pills and creams.

We don't think that's great: hyaluronic acid via capsules

It is good that hyaluronic acid can be obtained artificially from wheat: it helps patients suffering from rheumatism or arthritis. Finally, hyaluron is also important for joints, tendons and ligaments.

For the skin, however, there is a catch: the oral intake distributes the hyaluronic acid throughout the body, so it worksnot directly on the skin! In addition, hyaluronic acid capsules have a long start-up time. Weeks and months can easily pass before you see an effect on the skin. The effect can therefore also be waited for.

By the way, we don't even need to talk about collagen capsules: our body breaks down the structural protein in the stomach into its individual parts in the small intestine at the latest. Effect: Nothing.e.

We think it's better: Direct hyaluronic acid effect with face creams

You will have a faster result if you apply hyaluronic acid topically, i.e. with a cream on the skin. The fabric acts directly on the upper layers of the skin and binds moisture, cushions, tightens and supports the collagen structure. Hyaluronic acid effectively prevents wrinkles there..

But what about collagen? Some ointments nowadays incorporate pure collagen as an ingredient without it doing much: The protein molecules are too large to penetrate the skin and build up the collagen framework..

It is better to stimulate your own collagen synthesis. This works with creams on the one hand with the body's own moisture binders, i.e. also hyaluronic acid! and substances that fight free radicals; First of all: vitamins!e!

With the right skin care for firmer skin

It is no coincidence that we designed the Youth Infusion Cream to contain hyaluronic acid and plenty of vitamins. After all, you should be able to care for and strengthen your skin with it every day. Specifically: Hyaluron hydrates your skin and, together with vitamins and antioxidants, creates a strong collagen structure. It's best to try it yourself: You get the anti-aging face creamhere in the shop.

Help your skinagainst wrinkles – and as always: #TreatYourself



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